Peter Roberts not available until 05/31/2021

Peter Roberts

Projekt Manager, Consultant, Service Delivery Manager

not available until 05/31/2021
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  • 18+ years in the corporate IT World covering several roles in the time, from Engineer to Service Delivery and Project Manager
  • Excellent knowledge to Drive and Promote CSAT scores across the department and Customer facing businesses
  • Good Risk assessment skills and the willingness to push back to my company or to the customer to ensure expectations are set correctly and eager to seek alternatives to find a mutual ground for progression
  • Very good Technical knowledge in the Storage, Cloud, Bigdata and Server Infrastructure areas, with a deep understanding on how to Design and Implement these solutions into new Environments or existing ones
  • Outstanding customer Relation skills, dealing with several Enterprise level customer with over 50+ mil dollar investments in my Employers business, the include Companies such as Daimler, VW, BMW, HSBC and Vodafone
  • Reporting and Presentation of both Manager and Executive level with Native language skills in both English and German
  • Key Technology experience:
  • Cloud consulting and Migration planning and design for several different solutions, including AWS, Google Analytics and Oracle cloud.
  • Identifying customer requirements for all aspects of the Business and the technology to see if pure cloud would be the best solution or if a Hybrid solution would be more Effective (generally raised through Data security concerns)
  • Trust analysis of Cloud Vendors to ensure all aspects of the Data protection would be in place, including Retention, rollback and failover incidents
  • Design if DC internal connections to the cloud, including connection between DC and Cloud and also Bandwidth and cost requirements.
  • Implementation of Cloud infrastructure with Engineering teams (79 engineers from different departments)
  • Extensive SAN and NAS knowledge from multiple vendors from Small business to Enterprise Scale Solutions
  • Big Data / Datalake design and Implementation, both within DC and as a cloud based solutions for systems with Requirements of up to 74 Petabytes (Next Gen 5G project)
  • Service delivery Manager Experience:
    Manager at Symantec, AV and Information foundation department:
  • Managing a team of 56 Engineers focused on addressing Technical issues of Enterprise customers in EMEA.
  • Core Mission Critical customers included BMW, Daimler, HSBC and RBS, with an overall invest of over 100+ Million Dollars in Symantec Products across their infrastructure
  • Continuous focus form Executive level to drive CSAT scores, which my teams succeed first and within six months to push overall CSAT score for our department from the company average of 62% to a constant 85%+ for the next 12 months, this set a new standard within the Group and many of the changes I implemented were passed on to other teams to install.
  • Active communication to both customer, and internal teams, such as Technical account Managers, Sales, Pre-Sales and Finance teams to pre-empt concerns of the Customer and to provide new Opportunities that came from regular meetings with key Stakeholders on the Customer Site.
  • Conflict and Escalation Management on multiple levels, including CTO and SVPs on the customer side, during Major incidents (System failures, Mass Threat outbreaks etc.) and providing consistent updates on a sometimes-hourly basis to these individuals on the current progress.
  • On site Visits to Enterprise customers, to discuss new Concepts of their next Project and providing advice and solution from our side on how we can assist to make them a reality and what would be required from the security aspect to ensure a smooth transition
  • Addressing Staffing issues daily, while also Managing workforce Budget.
  • Active in outsourcing projects, and establishing new Support office in Warsaw, Poland, while supporting the team for the first 6 months
  • Project Manager Experience
  • Design and negotiate costs and Budget for both fields and implementation stages, and Presenting budget requirements to Budget control team and Senior management (SVP of Security)
  • Discussion with Vendors reading system requirements to look for a means to make new Environment scalable across the next decade (HW required to be identical for all nodes to work, virtual seemed the more likely approach but was not officially supported at the time) and to align the Design and demand of Equipment to these changes
  • Continuously follow up on Reports and meetings with all stakeholders to ensure progress is moving forward and to address any challenges that came up and to propose solutions for the issues.
  • Present on a two-weekly basis on the progress of the deployment to Senior Management of GTS (VP and CTO)
  • Cloud and Big Data Negotiations on Cost and Technical level to align supply and Demand for this solution, and to make sure the needs in term of security and integrity were to both sides’ satisfaction
  • Implement and design a solution to store C4 Security Data in house, to maintain best practice and regulations from GTS and Vodafone Standards
  • Managing the Critical Path of the Project and interacting with over 63 Engineers in 14 teams and consulting with 50 Local Markets to clarify GTS requirements for the Platform to be integrated into the different businesses.
  • Risk Analysis and Management on every level, during the Project and designing concepts for Post Deployment security (Redundancy, Storage, scalability)
  • SLA Negotiations with Cloud Service providers
  • 03/2014 - 06/2019

    • Vodafone Group
    • >10.000 employees
    • Telecommunications
  • Project Manager, Consultant, Escalations Manager for Group Technology Security Group
    • Budget and Design Analysis for new Project including dealing with Vendors for Price negotiations and timeline management for the Delivery scope
    • Consultation on new Technologies to Senior Management to propose new approaches and with it, ensuring performance per dollar improvements on both CAPEX and OPEX
    • BI Analysis of several services within the GTS group, and design and presentation of new concepts and modifications to current systems to improve overall Quality of life for the infrastructure in the short and long term to VP and CTO level.
    • Actively working with CRM applications to ensure flows between multiple Project designs (mostly ITIL and Agile) were in line with multiple teams spread across several countries
    • Kick off and war room meetings with all stakeholders, to brief the current progress and also to address any matter or escalation that came up during Deployments
    • Ensuring all timelines were met and communicated to both customer and Engineering teams to prevent any surprises during deployment, which could negatively impact next steps on the Critical path from triggering on time.
    • Offer Proposals on critical timeline projects to display means of invest to receive more dedicated Engineers for mission critical Parts of the Project, which were known to be areas of concern in past deployments, due to the sometimes-unusual demands of GTS requirements
    • GTS VSECA (Vodafone Security Analytics, approved Budget of over 300 Million EUR in the 10 Year Deployment period) Tech refresh and next gen expansion (my core Project for the past 4 years)


      Upgrade existing infrastructure of the current Implementation with additional Compute, to ensure resources are adequate up until the time the New environment will be ready for go live.

      Design and build new Infrastructure for the next Gen implementation of the Analytics platform, which consisted of two Analytics solutions (Arcsight and Splunk), an ingestion layers in house which then delivered the Data to a Datalake (in concept were AWS and Google analytics) while ensuring the critical security data was filtered and archived in house.

      Prepare interfaces for Next Gen AI analytics (Included BigData and Cloud implementation and Migration Design

Willing to Travel at any time, Available immediately