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Semiconductor| Embedded Systems| Product Engineering| IoT

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We are U.S.A based semiconductor company. Our design center is in Ahemdabad, India. We deal with embedded systems, product engineering, chip design and IoT. We have experience of more than 10 years.

Our engineers are experts from product idea to product design. We provide service in chip design, PCB design and manufacturing, embedded systems and IoT.

Our USP:
-10+ Years of experience in the field of electronics and embedded design
- We have done work on more than 100 projects
-Our engineers experienced in the field of PCB design and FPGA-SOC-ASIC services
-We work on embedded systems and internet of things
-Ability to complete project within deadline
-Well established organization in the India
-We accept challenges of the new projects
-Ability to meet targets and full fill all needs of clients
We believe in delivering best quality of work to our clients.
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Dainik Patel

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