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Software Developer

Graduation: Bachelor of Computer Sciences.
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


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Development of graphical interface, apis and in diferent operative system.
The test tools were developed mostly in Java, Python, C++.

Operatives Systems
Linux( Yocto Bitbake, Embedded, Debian, Ubuntu, lUbuntu, kUbuntu, LFS (basic), DSL, Puppy). 
Mac (Yosemite, Capitan,Sierra,High Sierra).
Windows (xp,win7,win8,embedded)

TS-4800, Touch Screen Panel

Protocols comunication

Programing Languages
ANSI C,C++,Java, Python, C#
Swift, Objetive-C, Android.

Programing ID
Eclipse, Netbeans, Xcode, Android Studio, Arduino

Project history

03/2008 - 09/2019
I n g . o f S o f tw a r e
INAOE,CeIn (250-500 employees)
Development of graphical interface to the project of
navigation system,using the protocol NMEA and a protocol developed
in CeIn,with ARM TS-4800 architecture under Linux embedded using
ssh, socat, api DIRECTFB in ansi C for development of the GUI.
Instalation of operatives System embedded CeIn,compiled in Yocto;
configuration and instalation of SOCAT in a PC104.
Programing of aplication in C++ for reception and sending of comands
NMEA through the serial ports RS232 and RS422;emulacion of serial
Products for muscle therapy by CeIn
Development of the api ENRES(Breathing training) of CeIn for teraphy using BLE and
Bluetooth for the comunication of heard rate monitor (HRM) sensors
of excercise, Mindwave in IOS using Swift and apis of Objetive-C.

Development of graphical interface in the project of
automation of the clean proces of tubes using ansi C in Linux
Embedded and DIRECTFB.Comunication protocol NMEA and CeIn ,
through serial ports RS232 and RS422 using ARM architecture.

Colaboration in the development of aplication for the control of
the actuators networkof the motion of the surface of the antena of the
Large Milimetric Telescope (LMT) based on the MODBUS and
TCP/IP protocols comunication.
Participation in the software development for the characteritation of
ALPs using MODMUS protocol.Development of the app for actuators
tunning, using Java in Ubuntu.

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Mexico
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