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Profileimage by Jan Bodenheim Projektmanager & SAP PLM Experte from Frechen
SAP R/3;

Lifecycle Data Management (LDM, also PDM)
- Material Master (LO-MD)
- BOM Management (PP-BD-BOM)
- Document Management (CA-DMS)
- Classification (CA-CL)
- CAD Integration (CAD Desktop)
- Engineering Change Management (LO-ECH)
- ProNovia PLM for SAP

Life Cycle Collaboration (LCC)
- cProjects
- cFolders
- cRooms
- Portal Collaboration

Program & Project Management (PPM)
- Project System (PS)
- xPD
- xRPM
- xCQM

Implementation Tools:
+ Ascendant Implementation Method and Toolset
+ RWD InfoPak Documentation Tool
+ SAP Solution Manager
+ HP Mercury Quality Center Test Tool
07/2014 - 02/2015 Application Manager SAP PLM
RUAG AG, Emmen, Switzerland
Globally Operating Technology Corporation
Advanced development of a PLM solution for RUAG Space, RUAG Aviation and RUAG Aerostructures based on SAP extensions supplied by ProNovia AG
RUAG has been a heavy user of the ProNovia enhancements for SAP PLM since the beginning. After an organisational restructuring the previously independency managed solutions were supported by a cross-divisional IT service organisation. Besides elimination of errors this organisation was also asked to deliver small projects for further solution development and harmonization.

• Customer support in the subject of SAP PLM, DMS, ProNovia
• Change Request response
• Effort estimations and project quotations
• Involvement and coordination of suppliers
• Solution design
• System customizing
• Specification of enhancements and developments
• Testing and coordination of  approvals
10/2011 – 04/2014 SAP Deutschland AG, Walldorf, Germany – Service Portfolio Management Implementation
International Software & Consulting Company

Project Description:
Implementation of a consistent process for development, storage and sales of service packages in Field Service Business (Consulting).
The complete lifecycle of a service product including its revisioning and retirement had to be reflected in a solution built from SAP standard components in ERP, CRM, and PPM. SAP eCommerce was used to present the data to consumers in a user friendly way. In later deliveries the solution was extended with SAP Variant Configuration and SAP IPC to also cover configurable services.

Senior Solution Architect (project overall)
• Cross-Area design of solution aspects
• Management of cross-system development activities
• Data migration concept
• Go-life and cutover planning
• Interface conception

Stream Lead PPM:
• Conception of the service creation processes based on SAP PPM and ERP
• Specification of interfaces and interface extensions
• Solution Customizing PPM and DMS
• Specification of functional extensions in PPM and DMS
• Definition of test plans

Project Manager
• Scope definition and management
• Task management for a team of up to 12 consultants and developers
• Reporting to program management

05/2010 – 10/2011 Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Eindhoven, Netherlands – SAP PLM Implementation
International Electronics Manufacturer

Project Description:
Process and system harmonization in the area of Product Data Management targeting towards SAP PLM 7.0x as PLM tool.
From a total of four different solutions in the area of PDM the requirement for a new, integrated PDM system to be used by all Philips CL business groups emerged. SAP PLM was set and available in releases 7.01 and higher for extensive prototyping. Two further leading PLM systems were evaluated as alternatives. Modeling of the harmonized processes took place in the ARIS toolset (EPC and BPMN). The project followed an agile project management approach in its later phases.

Process Consultant and Functional Consultant SAP PLM
• Elaboration and Execution of process workshops
• Definition of common processes in the area of PLM
• Elaboration of new Concepts and appropriate use cases
• Reflection and arrangement of project organization and roll-out planning
• Prototyping for the subject of product data and configuration
• Gap analysis
• Evaluation of alternative PLM software packages (Windchill, Teamcenter)
• Process Design for subjects of Organization Administration, Project Administration and Consumer Care (Service)

12/2008 - 7/2009 Philips Healthcare, Eindhoven, Netherlands – Agile IS Implementation
International Medical Equipment Producer

Project Description:
Implementation of Agile Product Collaboration as a central PLM solution embedded into a SAP system landscape for different plants of the Imaging Systems division of Philips Health Care.
To enable the “Design Anywhere – Build Anywhere“ concept (DABA) it became necessary to establish a common data basis for product master data in design and engineering departments. The Agile PLM solution, which was already used independently in some of the Business Units, was chosen to fulfill this need. During the roll outs into the different Business Units product data (materials, BOMs, documents and associated changes) had to be taken over from different source systems (mainly SAP). At the same time interfaces were required to serve the central SAP logistics system permanently with data from engineering.
Next to the individual production BOMs of the plants an engineering BOM copy was implemented on the SAP site to gain transparency and ensure a continuous process.

Consultant for SAP Integration
• Optimization of the interface functionality
• Specification, test and implementation of tools to support the engineering change management process (in SAP)
• Concept to validate migration and interfaces
• Error analysis and corrective actions for future the roll outs

06/2007 - 9/2008 Infineon AG, Munich, Germany – DEAL_TL Replacement
Globally acting High Tech Company in the Semi-Conductor Business

Project Description:
Implementation of a SAP solution for creation and management of technical purchasing specifications as a replacement for a legacy system
With the goal of a deeper integration of purchasing specification into the subsequent processes in purchasing (SD) and incoming goods inspection (QM) the client aimed for a SAP solution. This solution based on the SAP component SAP DMS (CA-DMS) in conjunction with the SAP Classification System (CA-CL) should reflect a complete purchasing specification (including general terms and conditions, supplier agreements and technical aspects).
The possibility of integration into the procurement processes as well as the QM planning had to be considered in this.

Functional Lead (acting for Integrium GmbH)
• Lead of a team of four consultants and programmers
• Planning of activities and deliverables
• Preparation and execution of meetings with key users for requirements gathering
• Definition of solution approaches and concepts based on CA-DMS and CA-CL
• Set-up and presentation of a prototype
• Creation of blue-print documents, such as process descriptions, system configuration settings as well as functional specifications for system extensions
• Evaluation of non-standard SAP functionality and realization of SAP enhancements with ABAP developers
• Definition of test program and data migration procedures
• Key user training and initial go-live support

06/2007 – 10/2007 Qimonda AG, Munich, Germany – PLM Roadmap
International Manufacturer of Memory Chips and Modules

Project Description:
Development of a roadmap for projects to realize Product Lifecycle Management in SAP
In a heterogeneous SAP system environment it became crucial to have all product information centrally available, to build a foundation for a globally planned and distributed manufacturing of goods.
The most important aspect here was to ensure that the product and process structure was captured and mapped appropriately in the system. An improved integration of different kind of product data should further avoid data redundancy. At the same time cost benefits should be realized by replacement of various legacy systems.

Executive Consultant (acting for Integrium GmbH)
• Planning of roadmap development activities
• Preparation and execution of interviews in the analysis phase as well as processing of the results
• Redefinition of data, data generation processes and objects
• Development of replacement concept and roadmap

03/2007 - 04/2007 Electrabel, Brussels / Antwerp, Belgium – STAR One
European Provider of Energy Solutions

Project Description:
First phase of a program to build and establish one integrated and harmonized ERP system for the three European countries Belux, the Netherlands and Germany
Electrabel, the largest power company in the Benelux, decided after almost 10 years of SAP experience to put its business on another level foundation. Simplification, integration, and SAP supported business processes implemented in a harmonized, corporate wide solution were the guidelines to achieve this goal.
In the IT Service Delivery department this should take place by implementing new processes and tools to manage projects and services. After a technical analysis the well fitting SAP xRPM / cProjects 4.0 solution dropped out of scope for the first release due to the non-availability of some required SAP components.

PPM Track Lead (acting for Cap Gemini)
• Responsibility in PPM: xRPM, cProjects, PS integration
• Preparation and conduction of workshops with SME for business process analysis and solution validation
• Active participation in integration workshops with other streams, like Human Capital Management, Plant Maintenance and Finance
• Definition of the business process master list (BPML) for Demand Management, Resource Management and Project Management
• Technical analysis of the proposed SAP xRPM 4.0 solution and comparison to other tools

06/2005 - 12/2006 Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, USA – Global Process Transformation
Leading Industrial Automation Company

Project Description:
Multi-phase, enterprise-wide business transformation and ERP implementation project including mySAP PLM
The ultimate goals were improvements in customer delivery performance, a reduction in costs and a reduction in working capital. Thereto it was targeted to build a new holistic SAP business solution with common global processes. These processes span CRM, Order Management, Logistics, SCM, SRM, PLM, Finance, HCM, Quality, Product Configuration and portals. Also covered were related infrastructure design, master data management and change management activities.

Team Member (PLM), Lead for xRPM track
• Scoping and definition of business processes in the areas of PDM (Product Data Management) and PPM (Project and Portfolio Management)
• Responsibility in PDM: Product structure, Engineering Change Management, CAD Integration, and Collaboration (cFolders)
• Responsibility in PPM: xPD, xRPM, cProjects
• Preparation and conduction of workshops with SME for alignment and validation
• Prototype build and demo scenarios
• Definition of gaps and functional specs for workflows, reports, interfaces, conversion, enhancements, forms
• Assistance in MDM and Idea-to-Offering end-to-end process definition
• Lead in realization of xRPM solution to successful go live, including test program definition and cutover activities

10/2004 - 03/2005 Tetra Pak International, Lund, Sweden – PLM Strategy
International Manufacturer in the Packaging Industry

Project Description:
Development of a PLM strategy in response to four running process optimisation projects affecting PLM based techniques and technologies
The purpose of the strategy was to bundle all current and future PLM related activities into one coherent approach. This examination should point out benefits for all process areas during the lifecycle and cover three business areas within the company.
Further on the strategy was matched against the PLM solution of SAP (mySAP PLM).

Team Member (Process & Organisation)
• Review and evaluate the clients global process map
• Preparation and performance of interviews with the Business Area Owners and Global Process Owners
• Elaboration of detailed process actions and role models
• Deduction of PLM tool requirements from the “To-be” picture
• Evaluation of SAP PLM against these PLM tool requirements

11/2004 - 12/2004 Tetra Pak International, Lund, Sweden – Easy Design Proof of Concept
International Manufacturer in the Packaging Industry

Project Description:
Technical support in a proof of concept for a new solution for packaging design collaboration
For an efficient and straightforward coordination in the development of a packaging design a solution the customer was looking for a solution based on standard software. This should enable the different parties (OEM, customers, suppliers, service providers) to receive and process documents in a controlled manner. After initial evaluation, setup and configuration of a cFolders system and appropriate workflows according to the customers need were provided.

Engagement Lead
• Initial Evaluation of client’s requirement
• Definition of the consulting service work package
• Planning of efforts, resources, timeline
• Set-up of contract and acceptance protocol
• Preparation and performance of PoC presentation

08/2003 - 07/2004 Universal Pictures International, London, UK – Pre-Release Planning System
Major International Media Company

Project Description:
Implementation of a pre-release planning process for product launches (DVD & VHS) using SAP cProjects as a enabling tool
For global product releases the main goal was to enable an integration of the different activity schedules of all regions as well as achieving transparency of critical paths in the integrated schedule. The project focused on the non-US Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Home Entertainment products with operating companies in 13 countries covering all major consumer markets and Licensees covering remaining markets.
The project was aligned with other initiatives to define strategic sourcing and distribution channels. A number of newer SAP products (SEM, APO, CRM, PLM, Portal, BW) were used to establish a fully integrated IT architecture for the first time.

Process Consultant
• Preparation and performance of design workshops with the client
• Identification and design of project templates that are according to the business processes as well as the system factors
• Delivery of process and technical input for the business blueprint
• Set-up of a test pilot in the new Pre-Release Planning system
• Match of Pre-Release Planning process and solution with concepts of other teams
• Definition of solid system processes to support the full lifecycle of a title launch
• System set-up (customizing)
• Definition, creation and review of functional specifications for interfaces and system enhancements
• Successful planning and documentation of system and process testing
• Support in creation of training materials and delivery as subject matter expert
• Deployment of pilot and wave 1

04/2002 - 03/2003 Siemens Transportation Systems, Krefeld, Germany – Rolling Stock Applications for an Integrated Logistic in R/3
Leading International Vehicle Manufacturer

Project Description:
Transfer of two complete business areas (SAP R/2) onto a running system of Siemens TS (SAP R/3)
Affected were the business areas Light Rail and Heavy Rail, comprising various modules like FI/CO, PS, PP, QM, SD, and MM. The key challenge was to implement processes for project execution and logistics of former independent plants and companies (Uerdingen, Munich, Vienna, Graz), but at the same time realising the processes based on the existing model for line production. Further cross-plant data harmonization and data cleansing needed to be done.

Contribution :
Team Member (Engineering Team)
• Creation of detailed operating sequences for engineering processes in SAP (Master Data, BOM, Engineering Change Management)
• Definition of trans-sectional data processes in harmonization with manufacturing
• Development of programs and reports according to client needs
• Creation of test plans for programs, modules and processes
• Assistance and execution of organization for operational readiness
• Course and exercise conception for engineering related trainings
• Performance of trainings on SAP basics (incl. CATS) and engineering topics (Creation of Material Master, BOMs, Documents, Engineering Change Management, Order Change Management)
• Execution of workshops for multipliers and specified user groups
• Upward feedback to the team and integration in solving different problems
• Hotline-Service and troubleshooting after Go-Live

12/2001 - 03/2002 PWC Consulting, Duesseldorf, Germany – mySAP PLM Business Development
Leading Management Consultancy Firm

Project Description:
Development and build of a service offering in the area of mySAP PLM
According to SAP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s new alignment on solutions instead of modules PWC Consulting as a leading SAP implementer had a need to develop sales materials as well as knowledge and manpower on those topics. The mySAP PLM Business Development team developed an applicable and demonstrable show case as well as several documentations on functions and customizing settings. Additionally SAP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s collaboration tool \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"cFolders\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" was not just one of the researched elements but also used for cross location team collaboration.

Team Member responsible for SAP Project Management and SAP Configuration Management
• Formulation and documentation of functionality and processes of automated network generation (Assembly-to-Order)
• Integration of cost estimates (Easy Cost Planning) into various SAP components and processes
• Use of project data transfer to MS-Project (Open-PS) for test purposes
• Structuring of project elements, documents, materials, BOMs by life product life cycle phases (Configuration Management)
• Documentation of deliverables, comprehensive tasks
All assignments out of Europe only under managable travel options.
Job-bezogene Aktivitäten Aufbau und Durchführung von R/3-Praktika „Vom Materialstamm bis zum Fertigungsauftrag“ für Studenten in den Modulen LO-MD, MM, PP, und SD (als Studentische Hilfskraft, 1999 - 2000)
Fachlicher Lead für mySAP PLM bei IBM GBS Central Region (2003 - 2007)
Sonstige Aktivitäten Vorstandsmitglied bei der Segelfluggruppe Wershofen (1997 - 2006)
1. Vorsitzender der Segelfluggruppe Wershofen (2003 - 2006)
Fluglehrer für Segelflugzeuge und Motorsegler (seit 2003)