Senior DevOps - Site Reliability Engineer available

Senior DevOps - Site Reliability Engineer

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  • Last update: 09.11.2020
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Linux, AWS, Github, Bitbucket, Ansible, Terraform, Cloudformation, Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipeline, CircleCI, Docker, Kubernetes, Packer, Bash, Python
  • 04/2020 - 08/2020

    • DHL / Deutsche Post IT Services
    • >10.000 employees
    • Transport and Logistics
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • The responsibility of this project was to migrate from a Centos 6 environment, using Puppet and monolithic applications to move ahead to a containerized and automated environment using Docker for the container, Kubernetes for the orchestration of the containers, Terraform for the infrastructure as a code and Packer for the Centos 8 images.

  • 11/2019 - 03/2020

    • Ströer SE & Co. KGaA
    • >10.000 employees
    • Media and Publishers
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Joining the t-online finance team working on creating the infrastructure and CI/CD environment for the application and connectivity to third parties.
    Also, working alongside with the infrastructure team to build up the AWS landing zone to provide the organisation with the possibility to create AWS environments quickly with security and company standards and migrate Kubernetes hosted in the Datacenter to AWS using EKS.

  • 04/2019 - 09/2019

    • Football Index
  • Senior DevOps Consultant
  • Responsibilities
    Working for the start-up, in a small team moving the applications from Heroku to AWS and Kubernetes
    to enable the developers are similar working experience.


    Working on this project, I wrote terraform code to create and manage the infrastructure within AWS to
    migrate the applications. That included services such as EC2 instances, SQS Queues, Elastic Search,
    RDS, EKS and also services such as Kibana.

    Skills Used

    We were using Gitlab and Gitlab Pipelines for the version control and CI/CD. We migrated Heroku to
    AWS as a main platform to make the scalable and multi-region with Kubernetes containerised
    infrastructure and Terraform with Terraform for the infrastructure as a code.

  • 01/2019 - 03/2019

    • Scape Technologies
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Responsibilities
    Working for the start-up, keeping the costs as low as possible is crucial. Therefore I was responsible
    to implement an effective scaling and monitoring for the API so the application is not using a vast
    amount of resources when it is not necessary and on the other side the customers have a smooth
    experience even during peak times.


    Working on this project, I implemented a scaling of docker instances on AWS ECS with Lambda,
    SQSQueues and Cloudwatch Events using Terraform and Cloudformation. Also monitoring the
    availability of the service for the best possible customer experience via Cloudwatch and Grafana.

    Skills Used

    We were using Gitlab and Gitlab Pipelines for the version control and CI/CD. AWS as a main platform
    to make the scalable and multi-region containerised infrastructure and Terraform with Cloudformation
    for the infrastructure as a code.

  • 06/2018 - 12/2018

    • Solera - Autodata Group
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Responsibilities
    Working within a DevOps team assigned to different groups. My group was responsible for the API's.
    As the first contact for the developers and management, it was my responsibility to enable a smooth
    deployment and high availability of our API's to the customers.


    Using services for the infrastructure such as an RHEL cluster in an own datacentre and AWS
    infrastructure rolled out with Puppet and Ansible. Enabling smooth deployment into all environments
    using Jenkins pipelines for a new project. The application was deployed into Docker containers
    managed by Kubernetes.

    Skills Used

    Creating Jenkins pipelines for new Docker containerised applications managed by Kubernetes within
    a data centre running on RHEL and the AWS cloud service.

  • 12/2017 - 05/2018

    • NBCUniversal
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Responsibilities
    The IT infrastructure moved into AWS. Part of my responsibility was to mature the infrastructure as a
    Code. Managing the containerised applications in every environment and implementing monitoring to
    identify issues ideally before occurring and the ongoing optimisation of the environment. Working
    together with the Developers and standardise and automate the Pipelines including tests code and the
    repeatable execution and possible rollback of deployments.

    Using AWS and multiple services as the ALB (Application Load Balancer), Auto Scaling, ECS
    (Elastic Compute Cloud), Lambda, Cloudwatch and other provided services we were able to
    accomplish a stable containerised platform enabling scalable and redundant applications. The
    deployment of the applications with Bitbucket Pipeline and Jenkins allowing rollbacks to any
    previous version.

    Skills Used
    Taking advantage of the AWS provided services to enable a scalable and redundant platform.
    Optimising the Infrastructure as a Code using Terraform and AWS Cloudformation to implement best
    practices. Avoiding mistakes by automating of recurring tasks with pipelines.

  • 07/2016 - 12/2017

    • Equal Experts
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Project: Portal Rehoming in August 2016 to October 2017

    Working as a DevOps Consultant for the HM Revenue & Customs project. To realise the successful
    migration and containerization of the applications into the cloud. Furthermore, the implementation of
    infrastructure as the code was essential to use the benefits of the cloud like the scalability and
    enabled a continuous pipeline to allow the developers smooth deployments.

    As a DevOps Consultant, it was my responsibility to work within an environment of DevOps
    and developers to optimise the code, to provide a faster feedback loop and creating a resilient
    infrastructure to get the best possible product.

    Skills Used
    Implementing and configuring of the new OpenStack and AWS cloud environment using tools like
    Terraform and Ansible to roll out and maintain the Linux based (Ubuntu) environment. Using Packer
    to create individual images and Docker to containers the applications. For the code, we were using
    Github and Jenkins for the continuous testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

    Project: Migration Away from Datacentred in August 2017 to September 2017

    Working as a DevOps Consultant on a crucial project within HM Revenue & Customs. The project was
    created to bundle all resources to move before a deadline from a previous supplier to AWS.

    Bundling all available DevOps, we managed to move within the given timeframe from an
    OpenStack environment managed with Puppet into AWS using Terraform. During this
    migration, we had to write the code for the infrastructure within AWS, creating images with
    Packer and test those with Kitchen. Creating a pipeline with Jenkins to automatically build the
    images, test the configuration of the images, feed AWS with those and to create auto scaling
    groups which created the single Linux (Ubuntu) instances.

    Skills Used
    Migration of existing Docker containers from OpenStack into AWS. Using Terraform for the
    infrastructure code. Packer for the image creation. Jenkins for the test, integration and deploy
    pipeline. Kitchen to check the image configuration and Github for the code.

  • 03/2016 - 07/2016

    • Forest Technologies
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Responsibilities
    Working as a DevOps Consultant on different projects for the implementation of a continuous
    integration and continuous delivery. To realise those projects, I was using and gathering experiences
    in Windows and Linux based (Debian) environments with technologies like Jira, Confluence, Git,
    Filefactory, Jenkins, Cloudbees, or Microsoft Team Foundation Server and also cloud services as

    As a DevOps Consultant, it was my responsibility to install and configure the Automic products
    at first hand on customer site and to manage our testing environment in AWS.

    Skills Used
    Installing, configuring and working with the Automic products Automation Engine and Automic
    Release Automation, I used the implement Continuous Delivery processes into existing
    environments. Due to the implementation into the existing environments and using the existing
    services, I worked with products like Git, Jenkins and Microsoft Foundation Server.

  • 05/2015 - 03/2016

    • Interactive Intelligence
  • IT System Engineer
  • Responsibilities
    Supporting the contact center solution product. That includes the maintenance of the Windows Server
    and Client (Performance, Issues), Network (Troubles, Analyze) and the troubleshooting of Failover
    environments by analyzing the Logs. To make the work more efficient, I create scripts automate
    processes, Second- and Third-Level-Suppor to customers.

    As a System Engineer, I am part of a team taking care of a smooth and stable key functionality of our
    software in the server environment.

    Skills Used
    Working with Windows based Server and Clients, I am working to solve troubles with our product on
    the server site. To address those problems and to understand the behaviors of the system and
    software I need to analyze the logs and server statistics.

  • 05/2014 - 05/2015

    • Yapital GmbH
  • Linux Engineer
  • Responsibilities
    Installing, configure and fixing the Linux and MacOS server based environment. The MacOS server
    has services like DHCP, VPN, File-sharing, and OpenDirectory. The Linux servers are using, for
    example, Jira, Confluence, Fisheye, Crowd, Endian Firewall, Kerio E-Mail Server or Oracle

    As a Linux System Administrator, I am working with the Linux server environment and help our
    developers to keep the server running fast and stable.

    Skills Used
    Working with MacOS based clients and installing, configure and fixing the Linux (CentOS, pfSense)
    and MacOS (10.8-10.10) based server. Maintenance and repair the server environment and services
    of Atlassian products (Jira, Fisheye, Crowd, Confluence), an Endian based Firewall and Kerio based
    e-mail server. Also, I configured MSSQL and Oracle Database.

  • 02/2014 - 04/2014

    • Ifap Syke
  • IT Administrator
  • Responsibilities
    Moving Windows XP infrastructure with Windows Server 2000 to Windows 7 with Zentyal as Server
    Active Directory (based on Ubuntu and Samba).

    The company hires me to migrate the old Windows Server 2000 and Windows XP environment to
    a new Windows OS and a low-cost Server solution.

    Skills Used
    Installing and configure Zentyal as Active Directory, Backup Server, Firewall, and DHCP.
    Installing and connecting new Windows 7 clients to Zentyal as a domain.

  • 10/2010 - 01/2014

    • neusta GmbH
  • IT Administrator
  • Responsibilities
    I was working with ticket systems like Jira and OTRS for mainly second level support. The
    support included maintenance of servers, support of colleagues and external clients.

    As a Junior System Engineer, I supported our developers in-house with their client or server problems.
    That contains installing, configuration or fixing Linux and Windows based server mostly. Furthermore, I
    was working on projects. This projects consist of projects like the company wifi in a new office or
    building a new office IT infrastructure for clients.

All around Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne.