Cloud Infrastructure, TDD and just getting things done., Scrum Master Software Engineer Data Scienti available

Cloud Infrastructure, TDD and just getting things done., Scrum Master Software Engineer Data Scienti

Profileimage by Anonymous profile, Cloud Infrastructure, TDD and just getting things done., Scrum Master Software Engineer Data Scienti
  • Freelancer in
  • Graduation: University of Oxford - Software Engineering
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 110 €/hour
  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Native or Bilingual) | French (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 25.11.2019
CV - Steve Crysteen

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LinkedIn, Cloud, TDD, Scrum, Kubernetes, CoreOS, AWS, DevOps, Programming, Test-Driven-Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Jenkins, Python, Webdriver, Selenium, Browserstack, Groovy, Bash, Angular4, TypeScript, SAAS, Apiary, iOS, Android, XCode, Slack, Jira, Confluence, Azure, Amazon S3, Codeship, Logentries, Ubuntu, NodeJS, bower, Jasmine, IntelliJ IDEA, Webstorm, Kanban, Trello, Big Data, Apache Spark, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Test-Driven Development, Mocha, Grunt, Git, UML, APIs, NoSQL Databases, Hadoop, mrjob, Amazon EMR, node.js, MongoDB, API, angular, SAP, Google DFP, Data Structures, Algorithms, visualisation, Yahoo!, analytics, Akamai, Content Delivery Network, DNS, Linux, reverse engineering, Java, Oracle Database, PL/SQL, SSL, TCP/IP, JavaScript, Intranets, MySQL, PHP
  • 06/2016 - 11/2019

    • Munich Re (Group)
  • Cloud Infrastructure, TDD and just getting things done.
  • Software Engineer and Servant Leader in a high-performance interdisciplinary
    and cross-company Scrum Team utilising
    Kubernetes, CoreOS, AWS, Scrum, DevOps, Rapid-Prototyping, Xtreme
    Programming, Pair-Driven Development, Test-Driven-Development,
    Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Jenkins, Helm, Python,
    Webdriver, Selenium, Apium, Leapwork, Browserstack, Groovy, Bash,
    Angular4, TypeScript, Ionic4, Node8, SAAS, PAAS, Swagger, Apiary, iOS,
    Android Nougat, BuddyBuild, AndroidSDK, XCode, Slack, Jira, Confluence,
    Azure, AWS, Amazon S3, Codeship, Logentries, Ubuntu, NodeJS, npm,
    bower, Jasmine, Karma, IntelliJ IDEA, Webstorm, PyStorm, Kanban, SCRUM,
    Retrospectives, Trello, SprintPlannings, Refinements, Leading, Serving,
    Whiteboards, Pen & Paper and Coffee.
    within constantly changing Regulatory Requirements in order to build the best
    Client- and User-Centered solution within the boundaries of financial laws for
    the customer and their world-wide Fortune 500-listed clients.

  • 06/2014 - 11/2019

    • RTL Group
  • Scrum Master Software Engineer Data Scientist at RTL Group
  • * Helping to create open spaces to shift awareness from ego system to eco
    * Creating High-Performing Teams, Hiring High-Potentials, Radiating
    * Fostering a bottom-up change process to Agile as Scrum Master and Part-
    Time Product Owner (CEO actually started asking me for project progress)
    * Big Data Analysis with Apache Spark and Python
    * Scalable Machine Learning, Predictive Data Analysis, Statistical Methods
    and Mathematics
    * Test-Driven Development Evangelist with WebStorm, Jasmine, Karma,
    Mocha, Chai, Should, Expect, Sinon, Grunt, Git Workflow
    * Systems Analysis: Providing measurable results from analytical efforts,
    especially in the realm of Software Architecture and Engineering with tools
    like UML, Data Modelling, Data Flow Diagrams, Use Cases, Function Point
    Analysis with ISO/IEC 20926:2003, Process Maturity and Capability Maturity
    Model Integration
    * Impact: Architecting APIs and redundand NoSQL Databases in high traffic
    Web architectures & operations, impacting 27 Mio Unique Users
    * Big Data: Architecting productive ecosystems with Hadoop, mrjob, luigi,
    Amazon EMR
    * Architecture: Engineering of a node.js and MongoDB-based API and
    angular.js architecture.
    * Training colleagues: In Test-Driven Development Methods and other
    * Databases: Connecting and mingling with a variety of data sources, e.g.
    MongoDB, PostgresSQL, SAP BO, Google DFP
    * Test-Driven Development: With Mocha, Jasmine, Sinon, Karma, Node.js,
    * Rapid-Development: Of Data Structures and Algorithms, real-time
    visualisation with Python
    * Continuous Integration: Continuously integrating new software features into
    productive use with Grunt, Git Workflow and Atlassian Bamboo (although I
    would not recommend it)

  • 04/2007 - 11/2019

    • Microsoft
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • I worked for Microsoft as an Technical Support Engineer hand in hand with
    IT managers of defense, banking, high-tech or the Government to solve
    increasingly complex technical problems, regarding, for example Certificate
    Stores, SSL, TCP/IP or JavaScript and UX issues. Ensured individual contract
    renewal worth over € 2 Mio.

  • 01/2002 - 11/2019

    • HDPnet GmbH
  • Web Developer
  • For 5 years I've been a Web Designer at HDPnet, designing Web sites or
    securing Intranets with JavaScript, MySQL and PHP for the Sparkasse Gruppe
    AG, GAH AG or Hengeler Mueller in order to visually and technically enhance
    these companies with individual contract vaules over € 100K.

  • 11/2011 - 11/2012

    • Yahoo
  • Software Engineer
  • * As a Partner Operations Manager I was appointed the Software Engineering
    remit of Yahoo! PartnerOps to enhance the on-boarding of partners like Aol,
    Dailymotion or British Telecom towards the Ad platform.
    * I implemented an ISMS (BS 7799) and developed search analytics software.
    * Individual contract values over € 1 Mio.

  • 09/2011 - 11/2011

    • Akamai Technologies
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer for Enterprise Customers of the Global
    Akamai Content Delivery Network, AdaptiveStreaming, EdgeComputing,
    CloudComputing, DNS, FastHTTP, Linux Server and various other products
    and technologies.

  • 05/2011 - 10/2011

    • Intel Corporation
  • Software Engineer Working Student
  • During my studies at the University of Oxford I've been a Software Engineer
    at Intel Mobile Communications to extend a reverse engineering information
    system in Java and secure user access via NTML authentication as well as
    analysing of the Oracle Database with PL/SQL.


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