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Software Architect, Technical Development Lead, Developer - Java/Kotlin, JS/TS, Kafka Streams, Vuejs

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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional)


PHP Java Spring MVC REST kafka Spring Boot RabbitMQ activeMq IBM MQ AMQP Json JWT XML / JSON YAML kubernetes Security Architect Architekt GRPC protobuf Cassandra Scylla Redis ELK Stack ElasticSearch Kibana MongoDB Memcache postgres Postgresql MySQL MSSQL MSSQL Server ES6 ES7 Javascipt Typescript Reactive Streams Spring Security API Integration Microservices microservices architectures micrometer JSF JSF (PrimeFaces) activiti VueJs Nuxt.js Koajs express Express.js NodeJS AWS & GCP AWS (Amazon Web Services) GCP nginx Python Go GO Lang Prometheus Grafana Unix shell scripting Bash Scrum Kanban agile GraphQL Couchbase DB CockroachDB citus HTML CSS TailwindCSS LESS SPA PWA UML Docker





Tech Lead, Architect, Full-stack Software Developer. Significant hands-on experience through the full development life-cycle, including: requirements analysis, technical design, implementation, code-review, testing, documentation, go-live, maintenance and support. Special interest in distributed systems, cloud native software & infrastructure, security, microservices and modern web technologies. DevOps & DBA on the side. 
Has a strong track record of taking the lead in design, engineering and implementation of applications in order to deliver robust industry-leading solutions for greenfield projects as well as legacy systems. Encourages development in an agile environment, experienced team leader who is fully capable of leading and motivating both in-house and external development resources.
Brings a broad range of skills gained with organisations operating in a range of business sectors and industries.

  • Java/Kotlin :: Spring (boot, data-jpa, web, security, amqp, cache, mail, actuator, cloud, flux 2.0.Mx), Hibernate, JPA, Reactive Streams (Spring Reactor, Rx), HikariCP, Dropwizard, Micrometer, Activiti BPM, Jax-WS, JUnit, Mockito; EJB, Portlets, Liferay, JSP, JSF, Primefaces
  • JavaScript, Web :: ES6, ES7; Node.js; SPA/PWA/SSR with Vuejs, Nuxtjs; Koa, Express, mocha, chakram, swig, nib; HTML5, CSS3, Sass/SCSS, Less, Bootstrap, jQuery; Handlebars, Blade, Twig
  • RDBMS :: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL 
  • NoSQL & Key-value :: Cassandra, Scylla, Redis, Elasticsearch (+Kibana), MongoDB, Memcache
  • Queue/Events/Streams :: Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, IBM MQ; AMQP; JSON, XML, YAML, gRPC, Protobuf
  • Administration, Monitoring & Metrics :: Unix/Linux & Windows-Server environments, Bash; Docker, Kubernetes; AWS, Vagrant; Prometheus, ELK, Alertmanager, Grafana; Sonar; Apache, Nginx, Varnish; Tomcat, Wildfly
  • Misc., CI, Tooling    Scrum, Kanban; UML; TDD, BDD, Cucumber; Git, SVN; Maven, Gradle, Ant, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp; npm, yarn; JIRA, Redmine; MVC & similar; JWT; Jenkins, Travis CI
  • Other/Interests :: Python, Go, PHP (Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Doctrine); Couchbase, CockroachDB, Distributed Databases & Data Partitioning; GraphQL


Architect, Tech Lead. Adept at designing reliable future-proof system architectures to fulfil business requirements, assessment & evaluation, strategic + creative thinking, decision making, identifying problems, attention to detail.
Developer, DevOp: Diverse hands-on developer & system administrator with strong design and coding experience in different technology stacks. Strong focus on security, performance, resilience and scalability.
Communications: Acts as the main point of contact with the customer for project delivery. Possesses excellent communication skills in English and German; maintains effective communication and co-ordination with development and management teams.         
Business Understanding: A strong background of working on business related applications and fully capable of analysing business requirements and translating these into practical technical designs and codes providing the required business solution.
Project Management: Provides pragmatic leadership to manage the full project life cycle and to plan, resource and deliver projects in full compliance with specification, cost and schedule and in line with company strategic objectives.
Stakeholder Management: Outstanding ability to engage effectively with the leadership team and key stakeholders to establish and maintain total confidence in achieving positive outcomes.

  • As a Platform Architect for HSBC on Trade Transformation worked as lead architect of back-office integration. To support the re-platforming and global rollout was responsible to provide a flexible yet robust, reliable, secure, performant and scalable solution to connect the trade platform to core banking and local HSBC systems in 54 countries. Led, guided and developed engineering teams (70 people) in UK, Hong Kong, China & India.
    ¶ HSBC is world’s #1 trade bank, operating in 54 countries. $740bn of trade facilitated annually (2018).
  • For Fintech NEX Group worked on MiFID II APA trade reporting in a hybrid lead role acting as architect, developer, data engineer + DBA and DevOp. Delivered resilient services and components forming a solution for real-time financial data processing, FCA reporting, client and public web portals handling up to 50m messages per day. Played a crucial part in successfully delivering the project in time on a hard deadline.
  • In a lead role for cloud native architecture and infrastructure for cybersecurity startup Post-Quantum (PQ Solutions) designed and built a microservices backend from scratch – along with Kubernetes for container orchestration. The cloud native infrastructure reduced hosting costs by ¾, enables high availability at low maintenance, resilience, scalability and the agility critical for a startup. Worked on a number of projects e.g. remote on-boarding, tokenised ID, biometric signing and non-repudiation, multiparty authorisation.
  • Working as a Full-stack Software Developer for Maple Syrup Media Group on 'Quidco/Shoop' took an active part in an entire system re-design, architecture and development of a new RESTful micro-services backend (AMQP for internal communication) and SPA front-end with focus on multi-branding, overall page response time optimisation, resilience and scalability. Enabled gradual migration from the monolithic legacy application.
  • In collaboration with Elitim GmbH, Berlin created a product ‘E-Commerce MAS’ acting as Solution Manager, System Architect and Developer. The product integrates with an ERP backend-side & multiple sales channels & 3rd party services, fully automating sales processing, pricing, automated price adjustment, item details and inventory synchronisation, fulfilment and drop-shipping among others. 
    Further realised multiple online retail Magento stores incl. front-end design, custom module development and integration with ERP software. Established staging, CI, deployment process and HA hosting on AWS.
    ¶ The automation project was initiated in 2010, annual turnover: 6.2M EUR (2015). 
  • As Head of Project working on ‘Value Bridge’ managed the full lifecycle of the development of this web based financial Java EE application taking an idea all the way to a fully-fledged product in production. Undertook detailed requirements analysis with key stakeholders, application design, implementation.

Project history

01/2019 - Present
Lead Architect Integration - $1B Transformation Program
HSBC Bank plc, London (>10.000 employees)
Banks and financial services

HSBC CMB Global Trade and Receivables Finance – Digital & Trade Transformation Program

  • Defined and endorsed strategies, principles and patterns to ensure consistent, durable and idempotent integration.
  • Worked closely with infrastructure and system administrators to deliver highly available solutions and service continuity.
  • Provided expertise and hands-on knowledge to drive technology stack and toolset.
  • Developed architecture and technical designs around key releases and milestones to align to the platform replacement roadmap.
  • Conducted impact assessments, balancing tactical/interim and strategic solutions to allow a smooth and fluent transition and migration of customers, transactions and products.
  • Ensured future state architecture aligns with digital transformation, cloud strategy. Took decisions, recorded tech debt, risk management & mitigation.
  • On a regular basis presented solutions and designs to technical design authority (Commercial banking chief architect, team of 20 platform and solution architects).
  • Led, guided and developed engineering teams (70 people) in UK, Hong Kong, China & India.
  • Wrote technical documentation, architecture & UML diagrams.

Java Microservices, Spring Framework (Boot, Data JPA, JMS, Kafka, Quartz, Cache, Micrometer), Apache Camel, Mulesoft, REST WebServices API, JSON, Gradle, Maven

DB & Messaging:
Oracle, DB2, Redis, Caffeine, IBM MQ, Kafka, Couchbase

Infrastructure & DevOps:
GCP, GKE, on-prem, Docker, Jenkins, ELK; Unix (RHEL), Nginx, Bash Scripting, Cron, Mulesoft

Tooling / Other:
JIRA, Confluence, MS Visio, Mulesoft

11/2017 - 12/2018
Senior Architect & Developer + DBA + DevOps, Infrastructure
NEX Group (former ICAP), London (1000-5000 employees)
Banks and financial services
Fintech, MiFID II Trade Reporting (APA)
  • Took a leading role in driving the application (software) architecture as well as the overall microservices architecture of high frequency financial real-time trade reporting services, handling up to 50m messages per day. 
  • Worked on the full development life-cycle: stakeholder management, analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment & release, go-live, support & maintenance. Later hand-over to 1st and 2nd level support. Wrote technical documentation and managed project hand-over to a permanent developer team in Atlanta for long term maintenance.
  • As a developer worked on multiple Java and Python services: scalable resilient REST API, reporting, ETL & streaming applications among others. 
  • In sole responsibility for the database, real-time data stream ingestion and satisfying various query requirements for FCA reporting, aggregations, client portal and public website - chose a database (pg10), provided partitioned DB schema and indexes supporting long term storage and performant queryability for volumes of up to 1bn monthly messages. Applied schema migrations and performed maintenance tasks (monitoring & keeping table & index bloat under control) on the production database.
  • Initially supported a dedicated DevOp with the infrastructure setup and getting the prod environment ready, later took over support and maintenance (alongside one other team member). Contributed to setup centralised logging, app and infrastructure metrics, monitoring and alerts. 
  • Prototyped a v2 re-design of the main app with simplified architecture of a fully reactive and asynchronous stack with 40x performance improvement.
  • Lead and mentored Junior developers.
  • Played a crucial part in successfully delivering the product in time on a hard deadline (MiFID II). 
  • Initially worked 100% on-site in hot-phase with London team; later 100% remote in collaboration with teams in Atlanta, Bristol, London and Tel Aviv.

Kotlin, Java & Python Microservices, Spring Framework (Boot, Data JPA, Redis, Kafka, Cache, Micrometer), Dropwizard, REST WebServices API, JSON, Gradle, Maven

DB & Messaging: 
PostgreSQL 10 (RDS), Redis, Caffeine, Kafka, Kafka Connect, Mirrormaker

Testing & Tooling: 
TDD, Unit, Functional & Integration Testing with JUnit, Mockito, testcontainers

Infrastructure & DevOps: 
AWS (EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, S3, ELB, Route53, SES), Terraform, Docker, Jenkins, Chef, InfluxDB, Telegraf, Grafana, ELK; Unix (RHEL), Nginx, Bash Scripting, Cron

08/2016 - 11/2017
Java Architect & Developer + Lead Infrastructure
Post-Quantum (PQ Solutions), London
Cyber-Security, Fintech & Encryption
  • Contributed on a various of projects (remote on-boarding, tokenised ID, biometric signing and non-repudiation, multiparty authorisation among others) maintaining legacy products as well as building greenfield projects, designed RESTful APIs, implemented new features.
  • Worked in agile Scum/Kanban teams to match tight deadlines, took part in rapid prototyping and building POCs & MVPs.
  • Had a major influence on the company’s technology stack. Following comprehensive requirements analysis - initiated, prototyped, designed and built a cloud native microservices infrastructure with an intense focus on Security. 
  • The microservices architecture allowed bringing different projects together by splitting functionality into reusable modules - at the same time operating under an API-Gateway abstracting multi-tenancy, a solid layer of security, authentication & authorisation. Overall further facilitates adding new reusable features and rapid prototyping.
  • Introduced Kubernetes for container orchestration, planned, designed and built high availability clusters, dev, QA, staging and production environments. Containerised & migrated existing apps onto the new infrastructure – as well as expediting cloud native service and application design for new upcoming projects and solutions.
  • Established resource and health monitoring & multi-channel alerts, log-management, metrics and analysis tools.
  • Mentored Junior developers, made cost-benefit analysis for infrastructure refactoring. 

Microservices, Java 8/9, Spring Boot (web, security, data-jpa, cloud, session, cache, redis, amqp, test), Hibernate, JPA, Junit, Protobuf, Mail, Mobile Push, REST WebServices API, JSON, Gradle, Google FCM

DB & Messaging:
PostgreSQL, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Ehcache, Caffeine

Testing & Tooling:
Node, Javascript, Mocha, Chakram, JUnit, Mockito

Biometrics & Security:
OAuth2, CORS, CSRF, Bearer, Neurotec MegaMatcher, Nuance, Google Speech Cloud API, Quorum Encryption

Infrastructure & DevOps:
Kubernetes, Docker, Travis CI, AWS (EC2, RDS, EB, S3, ELB, SES, CloudFront), Terraform, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK; Ubuntu, Nginx, etcd

01/2016 - 07/2016
Solution Architect & Java, PHP Developer
E-Commerce Multi-Agent-System v3.0, WebUI Admin v2.0 & Online-Shop
Own product in collaboration with Elitim GmbH, Berlin

Technologies E-Commerce MAS: * Provided analysis, consulting, cost estimates and technical solutions to
Java 8, Spring 4.2, Hibernate 5, JPA, tackle issues with semi-automated processes.
ETL (XML, XSLT, JSON, CSV, Mail, * Faced with emerging issues with the steady growth of the item inventory
BMECat), MSSQL, SOAP & REST (and their synchronisation to various sales channels) tracked down bottle
WebServices, Maven necks in process chains, optimised critical parts, provided and
Admin WebUI: implemented new strategies. Managed to improve overall performance of
Spring Boot, embedded Tomcat, critical process chains by approx. 9500%.
Spring Security, Hibernate 5, MSSQL, * Set up a Magento CE instance to host multiple stores to meet client's
Servlets, JSF, Primefaces, HTML5, specifications. Hosting, CI, staging and deployment on an AWS
CSS3, Bootstrap infrastructure to allow dynamic vertical and horizontal scaling along with
Online-Shop: cost efficient full backup & restore mechanisms for database, environments
Magento CE 1.9, PHP 7.0, HTML5, and store assets.
CSS3 ; Varnish 3, Nginx, SOAP API, * Provided hosting with contemporary web technologies like CDN, load
ElasticSearch; AWS (EC2, RDS, balancing, caching with low maintenance costs and additional performance
ElastiCache, S3, ELB, CloudFront), monitoring.
PHP-FPM, Ubuntu 14.04 * Managed the full lifecycle and oversaw the 'go live' and launch.

10/2014 - 01/2016
Senior PHP Full-Stack Developer, SOA Architect
Maple Syrup Media Group, &, Maple Syrup Media Group, London

Technologies micro-services: * Maintained large scaling web applications; debugging, profiling, SQL query
PHP 7.0, Laravel 5.1, Lumen 5.1, optimisation, problem solving for existing code base, improving public
Eloquent, Symfony 2, MySQL, libraries to accommodate tech department needs. Worked in
Memcache, AMQP, RabbitMQ, REST Scum/Kanban teams and Continuous Delivery culture doing production
API, PHPUnit, Behat releases on high traffic web applications on a daily basis.
Technology Legacy App: * Took part in technical architecture design and gradual migrating from a
PHP 5.6, Symfony 2, Zend monolithic application to a Microservices based architecture. Ensured that
Framework, MVC, DBAL, MySQL, the development complied with overall technical strategy and architectural
Memcache, REST API, PHPUnit, principles.
HTML5, CSS3, Less, jQuery, * Built RESTful API web services and implemented responsive HTML5 front-
AngularJS, Gearman end layouts and components. Introduced AMQP via RabbitMQ for inter
Methodologies, Other: micro-services communication and event broadcasting.
Scrum, Kanban; TDD, BDD, JIRA, git, * Collaborated with key stakeholders to ensure that the application met
Composer, Puppet, Vagrant, functional requirements.
Homestead, Unix, AWS, S3, EC2, * Responsible for replacing an in-house built Helpdesk-System with
Docker, CD with Jenkins, Zendesk, Zendesk. Made optimal use of caching and job queuing systems to handle
nginx, Google API, OAuth 3rd party API throttling limits. Built integration via REST API and managed
life data migration without any down-time.

01/2013 - 10/2014
Senior Java Developer
MVV Energy AG
Web Application 'Value Bridge' for Financial Controlling Department
MVV Energy AG, Mannheim, Germany

Backend: * Worked with business stakeholders to gather requirements and develop
Java EE6, Spring Core, Spring concepts for a new web application designed to provide accurate reports
Security, Hibernate, c3p0, LDAP, of a company's financial performance.
Oracle RDBMS * While being the only developer carried out Scrum as the agile
Front-end: methodology, held regular planning and review meetings with PO and
Servlets, JSF, Primefaces, CSS, manager. Working very close with PO enabled to build a complete product
jQuery, Apache POI with very limited initial known specification, to adapt quickly to constantly
changing requirements and designing the UI on the go.
Other: * Designed and developed the DB scheme, Java back-end and the GUI to
Scrum, SOA, JIRA, git, Maven, provide Excel-like data acquisition and drag & drop support.
Jenkins CI, Tomcat * Created a fully flexible and customisable 'five-dimension' navigable UI for

fast and comfortable data acquisition of data for Financial Controlling.
* Designed and developed a complete administration dashboard to provide
a simple user interface.
* Managed the full lifecycle and oversaw the 'go live' and launch.

07/2014 - 09/2014
Solution Architect & Java, PHP Developer
E-Commerce Multi-Agent-System v2.0
Own product in collaboration with Elitim GmbH, Berlin

Technologies E-Commerce MAS: * Migrated the mutli-agent-system JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment
Java 8, Spring 4, Hibernate 4, JPA, Framework) to a spring application using Quartz scheduler & connection
ETL (XML, XSLT, JSON, CSV, Mail, pooling to scale horizontally.
BMECat), MSSQL, MySQL, SOAP & * Introduced CI, staging + built up permanent QA system environment.
REST WebServices, ERP Sage * Extracted property configuration and task scheduling to facilitate
OfficeLine interface maintenance by non-technical staff. Introduced multi-client capabilities.

07/2014 - 09/2014
Javascript/Web Developer
Website, Ann-Kathrin Föll, Artist
Website, Ann-Kathrin Föll, Artist, London

Technologies: * Designed an animated single-page web application.
Node.js, Express, Swig, npm, * Developed a site that was suited for both desktop and mobile clients.
MongoDB, nib, HTML, CSS3, Less, * Created an 'easy to use' content management environment with full on-
Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, git page SEO support.

08/2013 - 06/2014
Lead Java Architect & Head of Project
Soluvia IT Services
Customer Self-Service Portal 'myIT' + Java middleware
Soluvia IT Services, Mannheim, Germany

Self-Service Portal: * Established a customer self-service web application built on a Liferay
Java EE6, EJB, Servlets, JSF, Liferay, portal with SSO to integrate with the company's AD/LDAP user base.
Portlets, JNDI, Jax-WS, Primefaces, * Executed sprints as scrum master, held regular scrum meetings,
SSO collaborated with key stakeholders and trained POs to improve backlog
Middleware: quality, epic/feature breakdown to shorten iteration periods and improve
Java 7, Spring, Spring MVC, throughput and quality.
Hibernate, JPA, Jax-WS, SOAP & * Ensured that the development complied with overall technical strategy and
REST WebServices, Activiti BPM architectural principles.
Platform, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL * Designed and implemented a Java middleware to provide centralisation of
Other: functionality and access multiple back-end systems and databases.
Scrum, SOA, JIRA, git, Maven, * Introduced fully integrated BPM workflow engine to allow easy
Jenkins CI, Pair Programming, maintenance and expandability by BPMN standard, linked with API to allow
Selenium, Tomcat, Wildfly (JBoss) secured control of workflows by third party applications.

07/2012 - 06/2014
PHP Developer, later Head of Project & Team Lead
Soluvia IT-Services
IT Services Management, Backend & Web UI
Soluvia IT-Services, Mannheim, Germany

Technologies Backend: * Played a key role in a new team brought in for maintenance and further
PHP 5.5, Zend Framework 1 & 2, development work on a 12-year-old business critical legacy system.
Doctrine, ZF2 Cache, PHPUnit, Unix * Initially hired as PHP Developer; promoted to Head of Project, Team Lead
Bash/Shell & Scrum Master after 13 months.

DB, Communication: * Introduced Scrum as software development methodology to improve
MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SOAP & efficiency and to facilitate the creation of additional product features and
REST WebServices functionality. Assigned clearly defined roles and responsibilities on dev &
Front-end: client side, managed to point out and integrate multiple POs representing
HTML, JavaScript, CSS different departments to request, discuss and prioritise features.
* Integrated contemporary PHP frameworks, started to build an in-house
Other: well documented robust library and SOAP API to integrate with emerging
Scrum, JIRA, git, Jenkins CI, Apache, web-services of other departments and 3rd party applications.
Composer, TDD, ADS, LDAP, ETL, * Built up a staging environment and established CI, iterations and planned
Integration release cycles to get feature development and delivery back on track.
* Conducted a security audit of the legacy system testing for SQL injection,
XSS and session hijacking among other vulnerabilities. Outlined and
implemented counter measures to close all detected flaws.
* Mentored Junior developers, made cost estimates for new features + costbenefit
analysis for infrastructure refactoring.

* Single Contract via Ploin GmbH, Mannheim. Multiple projects for client MVV Energy & subsidiary Soluvia IT-Services

10/2010 - 06/2012
Solution Architect & Java, PHP Developer
Elitim GmbH

11/2011 - 04/2012
PHP Developer & Web Designer
Atelier A-K

03/2009 - 03/2010
PHP Developer / DB Architect
Online News Portal

09/2008 - 02/2009
Java Developer
Whitestein Technologies
GreenWave Distributed Traffic Intersection Control

Time and spatial flexibility

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