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Last update: 16.02.2020

Doron Raifman Software engineer Deliver Complex R&D projects, Quality Fast and cost effective Dev.

Company: Knight Dev's
Graduation: Deliver Complex R&D projects, Quality Fast and cost effective development.
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Our scope is on outsourcing projects development.
Company CEO, Mr. Doron Raifman, is a hands-on man, focuses most of his time in developing complex projects by himself.
In the recent past, he managed an analytics team that deals with image processing and deep learning.
In another position which ended two months ago (10/2019), the preoccupation was in signal processing and data science.
Savvy, experienced with  IoT, Embedded, Raspberry pi, Arduino, Algorithms and work with software-hardware machines.  a.g, Electro-Mechanics, Electro-Optics, Hydraulic, Analytics, Large scale systems. 

Our company is elastic in terms of professional manpower. Doron has a group of professionals friend who has been with him for years. They set up development groups together and execute complex projects successfully.

You can find here our one-pager. You can also take a look at some of the projects he managed and executed on our site:

Python, C# .Net, Aspx, Java, C++ MFC, WEB, SQL data-bases, MongoDB, Linux, RTOS. Education Technion, Haifa Israel, Software development, deep learning, Scikit-learn, AWS, IOT, firmware, Computer vision, Machine learning, C++, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, CUDA, CudaNN, Operating systems, C#.Net, server side, Android, Linux cloud servers, Amazon, Apache Servlet, signal processing, algorithms, sensor deployment, video capture, ATMEL, TCP/IP Message, backup, RFID, real-time system, GPS, GIS

We deliver on Time & Budget - Air, Land, Sea (and Under) Complex R&D projects Development.

Project history

01/2020 - Present
Image processing, Automation
A city mapping company that provides service to all municipalities in Israel (10-50 employees)
Mapping and image recognition allow easy transition from manual drawings to software. In addition, automation and manpower savings.

01/2020 - Present
Develop Radar software including Image processing , YOLO, computer vision, deep learning
classify (>10.000 employees)
Automotive and vehicle construction
We just got an invitation for ~100k$ for the first step.

10/2019 - Present
We deliver three steps MAT LAB to Python change architecture of water leaks + algorithms with 4 versions of software
Aquarius (10-50 employees)
Energy, water and environment
IoT system to discover municipal water pipes leak.
mobile, cloud, >20,000 sensors.  We are doing two steps project. We finished in one month the first step, We got invitation for the second step. yesterday we got another request for another project in that company to automate all the processes with unit-testing among the rest..

Time and spatial flexibility

Remote prefers. If needed, We make fiscals meeting at significant miles stone.


We deliver on Time & Budget - Air, Land, Sea (and Under) Complex R&D projects Development.
Hands-on brilliant CEO wich is also our  VP R&D. 
Python lovers. 
As we say in Pythonic "If it is hard or complicated, you are doing something wrong..."
Love to do complicated and interesting projects, 
Well document and clear Code and reviews.

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