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  • Last update: 05.12.2019
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  1. Front-End:
    1. Implementing the website design using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSP or JSF. 
  2. Back-End:
    1. Developing RESTful API with JAX-RS/ Jersey or Spring Boot:
      1. Implementing POST/ GET/ PUT/ DELETE methods.
      2. Making sure appropriate data and status code are returned.
    2. Using ORM tools such as JPA and Hibernate to work with the database (MySQL, MS SQL Server):
      1. Getting/ modifying data.
      2. Managing transactions. 
    3. Securing application by implementing Spring Security.
      1. Checking user authentication based on different types of identification: email and password or JWT.
      2. Grant specific authorities to specific users based on their roles.
    4. Testing application by using JUnit.
  3. Mobile development: 
    1. Implementing the UI design using Android Studio and Xcode.
    2. Coding application using Java/ Kotlin/ Swift:
      1. Organizing codes using MVP or MVVM architecture.
      2. Working with RESTful API from remote server by implementing GET/ POST/ PUT/ DELETE methods.
      3. Using to build a chat application. 
      4. Using Gradle/ Cocoapods to implement some third party API such as PayPal, Socket.IO.
    3. Making sure the development process cannot affect the stable branch using Version Control such as GitLab.
    4. Testing the application using Unit Testing in Android Studio:
      1. Testing after completing a module.
      2. Testing before coding (test-driven).
  4. Database:
    1. Creating database and tables.
    2. Creating stored procedures and triggers, and managing transaction to keep the data consistently.