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Kerstin Hagenkord

Project Manager Change Management, Communications and Training

not available until 07/31/2021
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  • Graduation: Economics; academic degree: Diplom-Ökonomin
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Profileimage by Kerstin Hagenkord Project Manager Change Management, Communications and Training from Duesseldorf
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Change Management methodologies, stakeholder analysis & matrix, communication planning, training needs analysis, change agent network set-up and support;
Agile methodologies training;
Certification in Human Synergistics analysis and development methods for organizations, teams and individuals: organizational culture inventory, group style & lifestyle inventory;
Training for Project Management Practitioner certification (PMI);
Various facilitation and communication trainings; training skills courses; process analysis and optimization techniques
Experience in change management projects regarding ERP/SAP, Workday, Salesforce Service Cloud
  • 04/2018 - 08/2019

    • Energy and Lubricants (BP)
  • Change Management Lead Germany
  • Overview: Global project with the goal of HR process simplification, digitalization and line manager
    empowerment by self-services allowing live data access and self service start of HR processes across
    all business areas as well as more personal data control for employees by self-services; process
    harmonization across 67 countries; Workday and Salesforce Service Cloud system implementation
    Change Management: Representing Germany in the global Change Team, collaboration with the global
    team; adapting the global communications and training approach to German specifics and requirements;
    creation of additional country specific comms material such as presentations, videos, engagement
    interventions and their roll-out for HR and the business; initiating, setting up, engaging and
    supporting a German change network including representatives of all business areas and locations in
    Germany; supporting works council comms and negotiations; translation & QA of global training
    material and creation of additional material as required; go-live support and hypercare for HR and
    business; input and additions to global support solution

  • 07/2017 - 11/2017

    • Cruise Ship Building (Meyer Werft Papenburg &
  • Change Management Coach
  • Overview: The defined company strategy includes a comprehensive transformation program affecting all
    business areas which is supported by multiple big projects deeply influencing the known business as
    Change Management: Coaching and training a dedicated competence team in setting up a pragmatic
    company specific Change Management methodology and tools; operational support and coaching of
    multiple high impact projects at various stages of the project lifecycle with regards to Change
    Management methodology, activities and tools at locations in Germany and Finland; special focus to
    find an optimal fit given the different project goals, scope, functional areas and organizational

  • 03/2017 - 06/2017

    • Consumer Goods and OTC Pharmaceuticals (RB)
  • Regional Change Management Lead
  • Overview: Process Harmonization and ERP Implementation project across a region of three clusters
    (DACH, Poland/Baltics, Central Eastern Europe) covering twelve countries. Specific challenges were
    the very different business models and different stages of global implementation of the logistics
    model between production and markets.
    Change Management: Team building of three cluster change managers; adaption of global OCM
    methodology and tools to local fit including alignment with and reporting to global OCM team;
    planning/implementing/completing OCM deliverables according to the project lifecycle;
    training/supporting/coaching key users regarding identification and analysis of change impacts,
    change impact action plans & transition, user role mapping, user training
    concept/preparation/execution; project communication/stakeholder management; alignment &
    collaboration with global teams for user training (course structure, material, system) and role
    management; ensuring OCM alignment across the region and reporting for the region

  • 06/2015 - 09/2016

    • Medical Technology (Medtronic)
  • Generation Site Readiness/Change Management Lead EMEA
  • Overview: Post Merger integration of two multinational companies for the EMEA region. Implementation
    of harmonized business processes and system solutions with SAP backbone for 29 countries regarding
    the functional areas Customer Services & Pricing (Order Processing), Supply Chain Planning &
    Delivering/Order Fulfilment, Service & Repair, Finance in parallel to organizational integration
    including site and personnel consolidation and transition. Implementation of new solution third
    party system (ServiceMax) for Service & Repair.

    Change Management: Change concept set-up adapting Medtronic Site Readiness methodology with
    individual approach for the different functional areas taking the organizational changes into
    account; building and coaching Site Readiness teams in all functional areas;
    initiating/driving/supporting project communications, change impact analysis & process change
    implementation, role management & training, control plans for hypercare phase and drive/manage
    readiness reviews; close collaboration with business deployment leads and support of site leads
    (e.g. distribution centers) and country/regional integration leads; program/EMEA wide communication
    strategy; change management representation in program management

  • 06/2012 - 09/2014

    • Consumer Goods (JT International)
  • Change Management Lead
  • Overview: Harmonization of business processes, organizational structures and job definitions across
    six countries to a global model (Agronomy, O2C, P2P, R2R); transformation was driven by
    implementation of SAP in parallel to a bespoke system development interfacing to SAP in six Origins
    (Brazil, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Serbia, US) producing agricultural raw product; the bespoke
    system development bridges the gap to SAP regarding agricultural specifics, limited computer
    literacy of end users and poor connectivity in the Origins; the software development followed SCRUM
    methodology; the project was to support the harmonization of the six Origins.
    Change Management: Communication plan set-up and execution, support stakeholder management; driving
    and supporting communication activities project - local organization performed by the Origin
    Representatives; training and coaching of local Transformation Stewards who were to drive the local
    Change Management activities; development of global cross-system "job labels" = job based system
    authorization profiles based on harmonized HR position descriptions; leading the role mapping with
    Origin organizations; change impact assessment; initiating & supporting local transition planning;
    development of a Train-the-Trainer program with external global master trainer team and Origin
    trainers training locally with special respect to the particular end users clientele (training soft
    skills, emphasis on simple and hands-on); project team support regarding team building, personal
    development and workshop facilitation.

  • 01/2011 - 01/2012

    • Utilities Company Gas Wholesale (E.ON Ruhrgas)
  • Change Manager on Program Level
  • Overview: Intercompany program on replacing the existing IT landscape which is no longer suitable
    for the future due to instability, inconsistency and inflexibility by an SAP backbone architecture
    consisting of IS-U and CRM with interfaces to various gas business specialist systems
    Change Management: Change strategy aligned with the parallel sales project, development and
    execution of a communication plan, set-up and implementation of communication activities in
    cooperation with the Corporate Communications department, support of the line organization in
    organizational change activities, development and execution of a training and coaching program,
    training team lead

  • 07/2010 - 12/2010

    • Standard Software Provider (SAP)
  • Change Manager on Program Level
  • Overview: Corporate-wide program on SAP BI application and architecture innovations including the
    implementation of common governance structures as well as supporting organizational units and panels
    Change Management: global change strategy approach (approx. 14,000 users worldwide), Organizational
    Change Management (OCM) planning, coaching of OCM teams driven by individual projects,
    communications on program level, stakeholder management, facilitation, coaching on training
    approach, change impact analysis and transition support

  • 02/2010 - 03/2010

    • Automotive Supplier (Meteor)
  • Change Management Coach
  • As-is assessment and development of a project roadmap for a SAP R/3 system optimization including
    various organizational and process changes/enhancements; responsibility for the change management
    part and workshop facilitation

  • 03/2008 - 07/2009

    • Energy Supply Group (E.ON)
  • Global Change Manager
  • Overview: Process harmonization and integration of Market Units Central Europe, UK and Nordic into a
    common SAP HCM (Human Capital Mgt.) operating model and system
    Change Management: global Change Management approach, coaching and leading of local CM teams,
    communications program, stakeholder management, facilitation, project management coaching,
    development and execution of the training program supported by communication measures regarding the
    process changes, classroom training and e-learning for 23,000 end users, supporting the improvement
    of the international team cooperation

  • 09/2006 - 05/2008

    • Illumination Products/Automotive Supplier (Osram)
  • Project Manager Training
  • Transfer and country specific adaption of previously executed training programs for the SAP global
    template roll-out regarding Global Master Data, Sales, Logistics and Finance in Switzerland,
    Benelux, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and UK: Analysis of training
    requirements including country specifics, development of training structure, definition of training
    methods, language solutions, training material as well as organizational and technical requirements;
    staffing of the trainer team, scheduling, communications project/team management; controlling

  • 09/2004 - 09/2006

    • Automotive - After Sales (MAN)
  • Sub-project Manager
  • Development of a training concept for the employees in spare parts sales concerning the SAP R/3
    implementation including the connection to a third party warehouse management system (560
    Analysis of the training relevant business processes, development of the training structure,
    assurance of cross-departmental knowledge transfer, resource planning/ management, training/coaching
    of internal trainers, coordination of infrastructure (system + training rooms), super-vision of
    internal training administration/controlling, change management and project communication

  • 03/2006 - 07/2006

    • Automotive - Procurement for production (MAN)
  • Project Coach
  • Quality assurance of the training strategy for end users (500 participants), coordination of
    training preparation as well as production of training material by internal and external trainers,
    planning and organization of the training program, coordination of the technical infrastructure

  • 06/2005 - 04/2006

    • Illumination Products/Automotive Supplier (Osram)
  • Project Manager Training
  • Development and realisation of a training program for the SAP R/3 global template rollout in France
    based on the already existing training structure and material (600 participants);
    Involved business functions: Sales, Logistics, global master data; close communication concerning
    the training structure in detail and its realisation as well as infrastructure requirements with the
    local responsibles

  • 06/2004 - 01/2005

    • Management Consulting (HighQ IT)
  • Project Coach internal HR Development
  • Facilitation and coordination of an HR development process following a holistic and participatory
    Components: Definition of an organizational and career model consistent with the company strategy
    and its key success factors, development of a performance review and promotion system, development
    of qualification measures, organizational culture analysis incl. identification of primary needs for
    action, 360°-Feedback for executives concluding in improvement measures, development and execution
    of an educational workshop series for future project managers; trainer for change management
    methodology and tools

  • 07/2004 - 12/2004

    • Illumination Products/Automotive Supplier (Osram)
  • Project Manager Training
  • Development and realisation of a training program for the SAP R/3 global template rollout in Spain
    and Portugal based on the existing training structure and training materials; involved business
    functions: Sales, Logistics, Business warehouse (100 participants); close collaboration concerning
    training structure, execution, infrastructure requirements with local responsibles

  • 09/2002 - 07/2004

    • Illumination Products/Automotive Supplier (Osram)
  • Project Manager Training
  • Concept development and realisation of the training program for an international SAP R/3
    implementation of a global template including process changes for the head office, production sites,
    distribution centers and international subsidiaries; involved SAP modules were FI, CO, MM, SD, CRM,
    LE, APO, PP, PS, PM, BW, SEM, QM (2,100 participants): User survey and analysis, user profile
    development, target group specific course structure, user documentation, regional concept, set-up of
    external trainer team, train-the-trainer, coordination of training preparation & execution,
    adjustment of e-learning tools, set-up and maintenance of external training system landscape (R/3 -
    APO - CRM light), coordination of training rooms, admin and go-live support by floorwalkers

  • 01/1995 - 12/2003

    • KPMG Consulting
  • Senior Manager

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