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  • Graduation: MBA, BSc
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  • Languages: English (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 18.01.2020
Profileimage by Kenny Oyejola Certified IT Professional from CALGARY
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databases, IBM, Maximo, SharePoint, SAS, Power BI, data center, quality assurance, data integrity, test scripts, form fields, API, ServiceNow, Client script, java script, JIRA, Remedy, SOAP, System integration, requirement gathering, MS Visio, IT Security, SPLUNK, data loss, VPN, Juniper, RSA, LDAP, user stories, Java, script, UAT, Data Protection, backup, CMDB tool, CMDB, SOX, database tool, Linux Enterprise servers, HPUX, Oracle Sun Solaris, IT governance, MS Windows7 OS, Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, MS Outlook 2010, MS Lync 2010, Exchange 2010, MS SharePoint 2007, Blackberry Handheld devices, VOIP, TCP/IP, DNS, QNAP NAS, SAP Finance, SCCM, laptops, SMS, SCCM Server, DHCP, IP address, sensor, LAN, WAN, Routers, Switches, Ethernet adapter, WINS Configuration, Voice over IP
  • 01/2019 - 12/2019

    • Gibson Energy
  • Business Systems Specialist
  • * Coordinate all communication in relation to Business Matters. Assist with the development of
    technical procedures and standards.
    * Carried out the monitoring of network devices installation and configuration in the data
    * Provide guidance and feedback to Senior Management and advise them on all matters of
    * Monitor and report on changing regulatory or client requirements with external databases
    based on client requirements
    * Supported and maintained EH&S Management System and programs (Internal and External),
    providing direct support in implementing IBM Maximo 6.5 for cases, the Safety Action System on
    SharePoint and transitioning from the existing Safety Action System. (SAS) to Maximo.
    * Prepared the monthly scoring of leading and lagging metrics: Total Recordable Incident
    Frequency (TRIF), LTIF, RVIF, RSIF and ensured KPI's are accurately communicated via Power BI

  • 07/2017 - 12/2018

    • Suncor Energy
  • Business Systems Specialist
  • * Monitored network infrastructure, e.g. Troubleshoot and replacement of the EMC Standby Power
    Supply (SPS) in the data center.
    * Developed Business Unit reports using key metrics identified for each of different group areas
    * Ensured system quality assurance and data integrity through Systems Testing, Defects and
    Enhancements management
    * Carried out Classroom training and Completed different testing and update the test scripts.
    test scripts and results are managed through HPQA
    * Configured the views, layouts and form fields in the applications. Monitored the interfaces
    between applications and ensured the smooth running of the API's.

  • 12/2016 - 06/2017

    • Farms Credit Canada (FCC)
  • Senior IT Specialist (ServiceNOW)
  • * Attended to all tickets in ServiceNow to closure and configured the tool as requested. Carried
    out customized configuration of tables and forms on Asset, Incident and Change management
    modules using Client script (java script), and Business rules. Monitored integration points
    between ServiceNow, JIRA and Remedy.
    * Administered incident, Release, Asset management, IAM, change managements and configured
    systems integration using SOAP outbound/ inbound policies between Remedy and SNOW.
    * Supported User, Process, and System integration. Understood business needs, communicate
    organization strategic action plans to major stakeholders. Interpreting and providing input to
    conceptual and logical data models.
    * Actioned clients' requests in Dev environment, moved to test and finally completed work in
    production environment
    * Worked with Domain Owners to understand the business need behind demands to create user
    stories and acceptance criteria (including technical requirements) for delivery to developers
    and testers.
    * Facilitated business process design. Managed requirement gathering process, business process
    mapping and modelling using MS Visio.

  • 05/2016 - 12/2016

    • Shaw Communications
  • IT Specialist- (IT Security)
  • * Integrated all case management tools with ServiceNow. Defined requirements for applications.
    Migrated security case management tool from Archsight to SPLUNK and integration of SPLUNK with
    * Delivered Insider threat project, incident and risk management software- Using ServiceNOW.
    Reviewed, analyzed, and correlated logs from data loss prevention tools to identify insider
    * Implemented Fraud and Investigation management using ServiceNOW. Fraud
    * Migrated VPN platform from Juniper Pulse Secure to Cisco ASA. Deployed hard RSA token to soft
    RSA secure token devices. Configured policies on LDAP for AD groups.
    * Directly involved in managed security service (MSS) Project: Third party vendor selection and
    management of security logs. CISCO ASA selected for the MSS and ServiceNOW selected as the
    security logging tool
    * Completed root cause analysis of incident trends. Recommended preventative action to
    monitoring events, collating and analyzing data to develop recommendations for continuous
    service improvement
    * Generated reports from security & data loss prevention tools. Created overall roadmap for
    implementation of detailed plan.
    * Created process flow diagrams to help illustrate complex requirements and concepts. Validated
    the intent of the user stories
    * Facilitated business process redesign workshops and developed metrics to measure process
    * Elicited the current state and future state diagrams with description documents.

  • 06/2014 - 07/2015

    • AHS Calgary
  • Enterprise Managed operations Lead
  • * Administered Data Protection Advisor (DPA) reporting tool to report daily backup status and
    failures which include missing servers in backup field in CMDB tool, Offsite tape movement
    recording and reports on Backup infrastructure.
    * Delivered the enhancement upgrade of Data Domain (DD) Server and Networker Server Backup
    optimization (Networker/DD backup). Maintained the backup recovery & retention policies,
    annual tape audit and CMDB reports for backed up application. Supervised SOX restore testing
    and evaluate capacity licensing.
    * Reviewed & evaluated the output of security Health Checks (Scans), identified and documented
    the actual and false positive deviations. Created exemptions where necessary while referencing
    the security document. Prepared training documents and standard Operation Procedure for
    technicians and support analysts
    * Carried out post implementation review of all emergency & non-successful changes. Check team's
    activities with audit/compliance requirements related to change management process; internal
    audit and risk management to provide evidence of SOX governed activities as required.
    * Updated the configuration database tool for new, pre-production and retired configuration
    items (CIs). Review Compliance, Issue, Risk and APAR (Authorized Program Analysis) process
    * Maintained IT compliance framework and general security documents on Linux Enterprise servers,
    HPUX and Oracle Sun Solaris patches.

  • 01/2014 - 06/2014

    • Husky Energy
  • Enterprise Managed operations Lead
  • * Supported network operations infrastructure; providing solution architecture and support for
    various Husky's projects and operations team; reporting and remediating non-policy-breaching
    behavior in support of service excellence and operational efficiency.
    * Design and implement ITSM processes for incident, problem, change and capacity management,
    using the tools necessary to support those processes
    * Assist in the planning, monitoring and implementation of changes to the IT production
    environment in an effective, secure and verifiable manner, working in tandem with the Change
    Coordinator to prepare and circulate agendas for CAB meetings.
    * Review emergency change requests, post implementation review of all emergency & non-successful
    changes. Check team's activities with audit/compliance requirements related to change
    management process; internal audit and risk management to provide evidence of SOX governed
    activities as required.
    * Perform routine security and SOX compliancy monitoring tasks and report issues that are
    uncovered by various internal monitoring tools. Report anomalous security incidents; conduct
    targeted analysis of suspect areas. Recommend and implement process and reporting improvements
    as directed.

  • 09/2012 - 12/2013

    • Husky Energy
  • IT Managed Service Operations Lead- ITSM
  • * Suggested improvements in IT services and making short- and long-term IT operational changes
    using change management tools and techniques. Provided objectivity, clarity and sustainable
    solutions to IT services across a broad spectrum of functional responsibilities which allowed
    all facets of business and operational requirements to be addressed.
    * Played a significant role within the network operations management organization (NOMO) in the
    design, configurations and implementing an integrated IT service management tool (ServiceNow).
    * Documented specific requirements within the domain of operations, leveraging on culture and
    business context to achieve the business objectives and capture significant benefits.
    * Developed and maintained relationships with decision makers (IT governance group),
    stakeholders (business representatives) and steering committee members to contribute to
    proposal development efforts including innovative approaches and methodologies.

  • 09/2011 - 07/2012

    • BP
  • Service Delivery Specialist
  • * Lead IT&S Services, Project delivery team, ensuring that technology requirements, reliability
    and performance are met. Monitored all IT&S Services (Incident, Change and Request),
    * Reported to the senior IT program managers on availability and capacity management, identified
    performance issues and trends, ensuring timely interventions in case of any bug and
    identifying resulting workarounds, root cause or remediation actions (Problem management).
    * Facilitated the improvement of processes including clarifying, identifying issues and
    facilitating changes using change management process to attain the highest levels of customer
    service, efficiency, control and compliance.
    * Platforms & Technologies supported include MS Windows7 OS, Windows Server 2008 Active
    Directory, MS Outlook 2010, MS Lync 2010 and Exchange 2010, MS SharePoint 2007, Blackberry
    Handheld devices and other App phones, BES 5.0, VOIP, TCP/IP, DNS, QNAP NAS, SAP Finance, SCCM
    and Geo Applications. Support HP and Dell hardware.

  • 11/2009 - 08/2011

    • London Organizing Committee for the Olympics
  • IT Service Lead
  • * Deployed all UPS within technology spaces to provide backup power to a variety of
    technologies, monitoring the network devices from Technology Operation Centre (TOC).
    * Rollout migration and build of laptops and desktops to company standard. Boot media build base
    image deployment. Installation and upgrade of applications on SMS/SCCM Server.
    * Monitored server performance, availability and disk space utilizations on file and mail
    servers, acted as a technical liaison by coordinating vendors, third parties in regard to
    hardware/software procurement and licenses. Configured dry ports on switches for DHCP to get
    an assigned IP address. Installing monitoring devices within the Technology equipment rooms.
    * Carried out the installation of office admin strategic environmental security monitoring
    devices (e.g. Environment base unit (cisco switch), combined temperature/humidity sensor, rope
    water sensor, smoke sensor, vibration sensor and Panasonic video camera) for all competition
    and non-competition Olympic venues. Devices maintenance during the Olympics test events for
    communication and operational recovery with regards to business continuity and disaster

  • 04/2001 - 10/2009

    • Shell
  • * Supported all network, data &Telecoms equipment's (LAN and WAN) - VSAT, Routers, Switches and
    Hubs at the Remote Field base using all available software or monitoring tools to maintain
    awareness and control.
    * Supported live link and SharePoint 2007collaborative tools. Troubleshoot issues on Ethernet
    adapter, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, WINS Configuration issues. Trained Service Desk analysts on the
    use of newly introduced Soft phone using Voice over IP (VoIP).