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Experienced Software Developer for Desktop, Web and Mobile

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Flexitricity Ltd.

4 full stack dashboard applications for adminstrative portal.
Complete software design, development and delivery.
Microservices architecture with clear separation of frontend and
REST enabled backend.
Elaborate time series for business function reporting.
Core backend service for active resource management.
Database normalisation and overhaul.
[tech] REST, Python, Coverage, Flask, Swagger, Marshmallow,
SQLAlchemy, JSON, Git, Flake8, React, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, ChartJS,
Babel, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Webpack, Celery, Flower, Redis,
PostgreSQL, MS SQLServer, Docker, Make, Linux, Windows

Swarm Online Ltd.
Solution design for microservice architecture.
Resolution for specific problems faced by the team.
AMQ training of staff with RabbitMQ.
Demonstration of messaging with PHP.
Deployment of RabbitMQ on AWS with EC2 and ELB.
[tech] PHP, RabbitMQ, AWS EC2, AWS ELB, Docker, Linux, OSX

TV Squared Limited
Overhauled custom exports system for numerous data types
including graphs, images, pdfs, csv and excel reports and also
added support for metadata.
Delivered a new single page application, to create and include the
required widgets, a collection of graphs and data, as indicated by
the client.
Assisted on customer onboarding project.
Extended feature management system, to cover new and legacy
feature permissions and availability for users.
Managed stakeholders as directed by CIO, performed code
reviews, general codebase upkeep.
[tech] Python, Django, Javascript, Nodejs, AngularJS, REST, JSON, Git,
Github, Phabricator, TeamCity, Ansible, AWS, HTML5, CSS3, LESS,
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Fabric, Bash, Pycov, Flake8, Slack,
Linux, OSX, Agile: Scrum

Travel Nest Limited
Developed a backend imaging service to procure and store
customer images to the cloud for property portfolios.
Developed a backend proxy scraping service which integrated
third party API to collect property features.
Versionable infrastructure development to deploy required AWS
resources including s3, kinesis, firehose, lambda.
Assisted on customer onboarding project.
[tech] Micro-services, Python, Flask, REST, BeautifulSoup, XML, JSON,
Git, Github, Javascript, PonyORM, TravisCI, Docker, Terraform, AWS,
Boto3, Amazon SQS, PostgreSQL, Bash, CURL, PyCov, Flake8, Slack,
Linux, OSX, Agile: Kanban

Canon Medical Research (Formerly: Toshiba MVS Europe)
Planned various project releases with appropriate estimation, task
breakdown and expertise driven resource allocation.
Contributed significantly to the development of the company’s
enterprise product offering both at the frontend and backend.
Spearheaded the adoption of agile/kanab across numerous
Spearheaded the adoption and usage of new technologies for
various company processes including, Python, CI/CD,
investigations and testing.
Wrapped numerous modules and libraries into Python packages
using Python bindings.
Performed induction and mentorship duties.
Organised and scheduled program for team offsite days and
Architected and designed numerous modules and modules to be
integrated into various corporate products.
Tuned the performance of various components and libraries by
means of parallelism, intrinsics and simple refactoring.
Ported numerous libraries and components to 64-bit platform.
Ported numerous libraries and components to C#.
Brainstormed with team for new ideas resulting in a granted
[tech] C/C++, STL, Boost, Python, Django, Boto3, Managed C++, C#,
Java, Lua, SQLite3, Git, Mercurial, SVN, CVS, XML, CruiseControl.Net,
Hudson, Jenkins, AMD Code Analyst, Redmine, VersionOne, Trac,
Crucible, DICOM, PyDICOM, Nunit, Ncover, Cppcheck, CppUnit, Linux,
Windows, Agile: Scrum, Kanban

Health SMS POC
Developed a proof of concept health advice service that would
probe patient symptoms via web and provide a diagnosis via
[tech] Python, BeautifulSoup, CURL, XML, Linux, SMS Gateways

Vixo/Gordon Guthrie Ltd.
Developed numerous modules and components in Erlang.
Trained new recruits and introduced them to the codebase.
Implemented unit testing and delivery pipeline.
Refactored and reviewed code.
Managed hot swapped releases.
[tech] Erlang, Yaws, Mnesia, Linux

D.S.S. Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Designed and developed a clinic’s health management system
with various modules such as patient record, human resources,
prescription management, billing and payroll.
[tech] Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Windows

Clickmarks Pvt. Ltd.
Produced testing strategies and appropriate documentation.
Produced automated tests using in house scripting language.
Maintained and managed servers.
[tech] Scripting, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Studio Fork
Developed a video playback module.
Developed a 2D geometry module for a basic graphics engine.
Implemented a core feature which is currently pivotal to the
business of tuning live particle systems over a network.
Developed technology was integrated in a game called Urbz by
Electronic Arts.
Support CEO/CTO.
[tech] C++, Win32 API, DirectX 6, GDI.

Academic Projects
For my MSc. project I wrote an implementation of a hash based
peer-to-peer algorithm called Chord which was simulated over
bluetooth PAN simulator that I created.
[tech] XML, Java, P2P, Linux
For my BSc. project me and my team implemented a virtual
university supporting streaming audio, video and a complete test
and lesson dispersal mechanism.
[tech] Visual Basic, RealTek Media Suite, Microsoft Access, Windows

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