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Rafal Beldzikowski

not available until 06/30/2022

Last update: 15.05.2022

Remote contractor - Full Stack Web Developer (Kotlin / Java)

Company: Mestwin Rafal Beldzikowski
Graduation: M.Sc. Applied Computer Science
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Polish (Native or Bilingual) | Russian (Full Professional)


I provide full-stack web development services.

I'm focused on delivering well-crafted web applications, following clean code and agile principles during my work. I work successfully as a globally distributed team member.

I strongly believe that communication is the key to a successful project, so I do my best to understand your needs and the business domain.
Currently involved in EdTech startups projects.

Working with Kotlin/Java for back-end development and SPA frameworks such as Angular for front-end development.

Technologies I use for back-end development:
✅ Kotlin / Java
✅ Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security), JHipster, REST API, microservices/monolith applications development
✅ Databases: PostgreSQL / MariaDB / MongoDB
✅ Cloud: AWS (Amazon Web Services): Lambda, S3, Firebase: FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), EC2
✅ CI / CD, Git, Maven / Gradle, TDD (JUnit)

Front-end & hybrid mobile apps:
✅ JavaScript / TypeScript
✅ Angular
✅ Thymeleaf / HTML / CSS / Material Design / Bootstrap, Leaflet
✅ Cross-platform mobile apps development: Ionic Framework

In addition to my everyday duties, I develop side projects and support the community by sharing my knowledge and code, writing a technical blog on a regular basis.
Every day I learn new things and improve my software development skills.

If you'd like to work with me, please send me a message with the project description.

Time and spatial flexibility

I'm working remotely from Poland with the ability to travel to European locations (Germany (DACH) / UK / Netherlands) occasionally.


Remote only. Available for part-time projects. EU VAT registered company.

Based in Poland with the ability to travel to Germany / UK occasionally.

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