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  • Last update: 04.04.2020
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I am a FullStack Web Developer with over 5 years of experience. My primary skill set includes Angular on the client and NodeJS (Express) on the backend. I have a strong expertise in Software development life cycle from modeling to deploying.

I worked with: - NodeJS, Express - React, AngularJS - Telegram API - PHP, Laravel, Symfony - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch - Docker, Vagrant - Nginx, Haproxy - Various AWS services - Git, GitHub, Bitbucket - Teamcity, Travis, Jenkins - PHPUnit With these and other technologies.

I've worked on about 7 projects of various complexity. During the last period I was mainly involved into a number of projects related to Inventory Management systems, High Load systems and Advertising industry. On recent projects I was assigned as Senior Developer or Tech Lead. I have experience mentoring team members, developed education program and managed developers working through it, prepared lectures for our department developers. I will ask you a ton of questions to clarify the requirements and this way I will save your money otherwise spent on the afterwards fixes or rewrites. Here is what I can do for you: - Create app from scratch to enable your businesses - Develop new features for your existing apps - Fix buggy apps - Optimize your apps I would be more than happy to offer you my services,

so feel free to contact me for an interview. Look forward to hear from you.
  • 04/2020 - 04/2020

  • Moblie App Develeper
  • I had completed some projects athat URL's are given below:  

we can develop the android and iphone app customized to your needs for your business. We am experienced android developer with loads of experience in developing complex apps including that of school management, dating, e-commerce, test-prep apps, taxi-app etc. We can handle web-services part-well of the app. Our experience with PHP and MySql helps in taking care of the backend part of the app.