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Francisco Javier Casanova Mata

Networking and Communications Manager, Systems Coordinator, System Analyst Level III.

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  • Last update: 05.04.2020
Profileimage by FranciscoJavier CasanovaMata Networking and Communications Manager, Systems Coordinator, System Analyst Level III. from
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Administración de red, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Windows Server Migration 2012 R2, Windows Server, antivirus, Office 365, enrutador, 3COM, LAN / WAN, WLAN, Windows server R2, Virtualización, Hyper V, VMware 5.5, UTM, firewall, enrutadores, impresoras, VoIP, impresoras de red, computadoras portátiles, Sophos, Fortinet, TCP / IP, Windows, GNU / Linux
  • 10/2002 - 04/2020

  • Junior Support Analyst
  • employed in the company. Perform corrective and preventive maintenance on workstations.
    Provide technical assistance to users. Detecting faults in systems applications in both
    hardware and software, take inventory of parts and pieces to replace. Test, evaluate and learn
    about new technological trends. Pay attention to the requirements from people without
    expertise in the area. Network management services (Active Directory, GPO, DHCP, DNS). Windows
    Server Migration 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2016 - 2019. Implementation of corporate-level
    antivirus ESET Security Management Center. Printer Setup. Office 365 management.

  • 04/2018 - 12/2018

    • CENTRAL Madeirense, CA Exercising Fee
  • Networking and Communications Manager
  • both in headquarters and all its branches in the country. Installation, configuration and
    management of network equipment switch and router CISCO, 3COM and HP. Maintaining the
    security of the system according to the established parameters. Continuous monitoring of LAN
    / WAN / WLAN using tools such as HP IMC and Check-MK. Manage data links and connection
    equipment guaranteeing service availability and operational continuity of the organization. Check
    and resolve failures related internet links directly with the various service providers
    (ISP). User support experience.

  • 09/2015 - 10/2017

    • PROGENTE SERVICES, CA. Exercising Fee
  • Systems Coordinator
  • update the information security system. Coordinate and assist in the activities of technical
    support, preventive maintenance and updating information systems to meet the requirements of
    hardware and software to business users. Provide support systems, while preserving reliability
    and continuity of administrative and operational processes. Set in accordance with management
    policies, standards and procedures directed to the use of technological resources, to provide
    the optimum use of them.

  • 01/2015 - 05/2015

  • System Analyst Level III.
  • platform. Restructuring of structured cabling. Creating and managing servers under Windows
    environment (Windows server R2 2003-2008-2012). Virtualization (Hyper V, VMware 5.5). Network
    management services (Active Directory, GPO, DHCP, DNS). Installation and configuration of
    security systems such as UTM firewall are Fortine and SOPHOS including various functions such
    asantivirus, anti-spam, network firewall, content filtering and intruder prevention systems,
    all to provide a layer of security to the network. Configuring CISCO switch and routers.
    Monitoring and control
    security systems such as biometric and CCTV. Configuration and printer management. Remote user
    support and face.

  • 10/2013 - 08/2014

    • NGS TELECOM SERVICES, CA. Exercising Fee
  • Technical Support Analyst Level II.
  • users and extensions. Allocation of permits required for internal and external calls using
    either direct or authorization codes. Configuration vectors for call setup according to an
    announcement and route the call according to digits entered by the user, check faults and see
    the solution that they are settled. Check and resolve failures related to telephone trunks
    directly with different service providers (ISP) and (CANTV, TELEFONICA,). Support and Remote
    users face both in Venezuela and in other countries where the service (Argentina, Colombia,
    Chile) lent

  • 03/2014 - 05/2014

    • NGS TELECOM SERVICES, CA Engineering department
  • Outsourcing Printing Operator
  • configuring network printers. preventive and corrective maintenance. Control and inventory of
    equipment and supplies (barrel and paper).