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  • Graduation: not provided
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  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional) | French (Limited professional) | Romanian (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 21.04.2020
  • 02/2004 - 04/2020

    • withIBM
  • 2006SAP Consultant (BW &SD)
  • Project : BW Electrica (02.2004-04.2006)- implementation of SAP Business Information
    Warehouse with integration to SAP EP Portal at Electrica - the Romanian national power
    supply company (full life cycle implementation, 2 projects in parallel - FDFFE and SISE
    model), Teamlead BW
    Activities :
    * system configuration according to established customer requirements with appropriate
    testing (Data Modelling; Extraction,Transformation and Loading, Data Analysis and
    Presentation, Web Reporting, Portal Content Adiminstration)
    * training the project team
    * designing the strategies to be used, with all steps to be followed
    * leading the project team to the accomplishment of established objectives
    * requirements analysis and business blueprint
    * issue of required deliverables

    Project : SD Inform Lykos(05.2005-04.2006)- roll-out of SAP R/3 application from Inform
    Lykos Greece to Inform Lykos Romania (fiscal forms printing company) - SD Module
    Activities :
    * training the project team
    * business processes and requirements analysis
    * issue of As-Is documentation and of Business Blueprint
    * preparing technical specification for development of interfaces and for data migration
    * system configuration with unit and integration testing

    Project : SD Electrica (02.2004- 07.2004)- Support
    Activities :
    * assimilating and testing of the developed functions and customizing settings in SAP
    R/3 Sales and Distribution functions implemented at Electrica
    * solving problems reported by the key users
    * analysis, design, implementation and testing of newly added functionalities

  • 02/2019 - 03/2020

    • PETROL d.d. (slovenian oil company)
  • SAP Retail Consultant
  • implementation at PETROL d.d. (slovenian oil company)

    Activities :
    * Scope definition (analysis and structuring of all processes within the company plus
    new requirements that have to be covered with new implementation of SAP S/4 Hana Retail
    + CAR)
    * Training the project team
    * Prototyping of different functionalities in SAP S/4 HANA (article master data,
    pricing, assortment, procurement, sales inbound, promotions, retail allocations)
    * Demos based on S/4 HANA model company
    * Participation in designing the strategy for implementation of SAP S/4 HANA with CAR
    functionalities (POS DTA, OAA, PMR, OPP, UDF)
    * Analysis + structuring of as-is functionalities, collecting requirements related to
    article master data
    * Analysis + structuring of as-is functionalities, collecting requirements related to
    In-Store processes + Fit/Gap analysis vs. standard In-Store Fiori applications
    * Drafting of implementation solutions for the article master data with assessment of
    all processes that will use retail articles
    * Preparation of blueprint and functional specifications for article master data

  • 02/2017 - 02/2019

    • KING ICT Croatia
  • SAP Retail Consultant Freelancer
  • Projects : SAP Retail implementation at Crodux Derivati (croatian oil company)

    Activities :
    * Training the project team
    * Business process design
    * Preparation of blueprint and functional specifications for all retail functionalities
    * Customizing, development and testing of required functions (all retail functionalities
    * master data, procurement, POS sales, promotions,pricing, assortment )
    * Customizing, development and testing of interfaces related to the above functions
    (interfaces between SAP and POS system), EDI interfaces

  • 09/2011 - 08/2016

    • Delhaize Group; Delhaize; Mega Image Romania
  • SAP Retail Consultant Freelancer
  • functionalities only)
    Activities :
    * Business process design
    * Preparation of functional specifications for new developments and interfaces
    * Customizing & development of new functions
    * Conducting testing and training sessions
    * Migration activities and post go-live support

    * Main focus on master data (assortment and listing, vendors, customers, sites,
    articles, BOMs, promotions) and occasionally on orderto-cash and procurement processes
    * Integration with planograming tool (JDA)
    * Integration with legacy systems, EDI Communication

  • 07/2006 - 09/2011

    • myCON GmbH
  • SAP Retail Consultant Freelancer
  • Project : OMV IRIS-V (09.2008-08.2009)full lifecycle implementation, roll-in to IRIS
    template for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia, Teamlead of the SalesProcesses
    implementation team within Retail NOB area
    Activities :
    * Structural assessment with identification of GAPs
    * Preparation of functional specifications
    * Customizing & development of new functions
    * Integration with master data and promotions
    * Unit testing and support for bugfixing
    * Cut-over activities and post go-live support

    Project : PETROM/OMV Support after implementation IS-Retail NOB (11.2007-09.2011)
    Activities :
    * Supporting customer in solving various issues (3rd level support)
    * Implementing new functionalities & developments
    * Customizing, testing, cut-over &go live for new functions

    Project : PETROM/OMV Logistics "Fit Together" Project(07.2006-11.2007)-full life cycleimplementation
    of SAP R/3 with IS -Retail and IS-Oil (project managed by Cap Gemini Austria), member
    of Retail NOB implementation team.
    Activities :
    * prototyping functional processes, alignment with IRIS project already implemented for
    other countries
    * customizing and testing of business processes (mainly master data and procurement
    processes, promotions, assortment)
    * documenting customizing within business process documents
    * writing functional specifications for developments (including EDI interfaces)
    * testing of developments
    * cut-over activities
    * support after go-live

  • 09/2003 - 12/2003

    • EDEKA
  • anSAP R/3 Retail Consultant, Order Processing Department
  • Project : EWIS (in Heddesheim) - implementation of SAP R/3 Retail functions at the
    wholesale units of Edeka

    Main activities :
    * processing and designing of all business processes related to Order Processing,
    especially the process of Delivery;
    * assimilating and testing the developed functions and customizing settings in SAP R/3
    Retail, related to order processing;
    * preparing presentations for end users;
    * customizing interfaces between SAP and other systems using the EDI / ALE technique

  • 06/2000 - 09/2002

  • Project Manager
  • SOFTWARE A.G.", Germany (producer of ERP solutions for middle- and largesized
    companies on the German market), in the Controlling Dept., as:
    03/2002- 09/2002 - Project Manager

  • 06/2000 - 03/2002

  • Business Consultant
  • Main activities :
    * analysis of functional specifications from the german partner;
    * business consulting for programmers, respectively establish the aimed functionality;
    organising internal Controlling courses;
    * project management;
    * quality assurance;
    * voluntarily involving in designing, programming, bug-fixing activities, as an Application