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Abhijit Mukherjee

SAP MM Functional Consultant,

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  • Graduation: MBA, BTECH
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: English (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 26.04.2020
  • 04/2020 - 04/2020

    • ITC Infotech India Limited
  • Associate IT Consultant
  • Roles & Responsibilities:
    * Worked as part of team with variable roles in different phases of the project.
    * Worked in MM areas of Direct Purchasing, Indirect Purchasing, Subcontracting, Services,
    Consignment and External Procurement.
    * Managed and resolved end-user issues/concerns on application incidents
    * Resolved and analyzed role authorization and access related issues.
    * Configured MM Organizational Elements like Purchasing Organization, Plant, Storage Location
    and also hands experience in configuring Material Master, Vendor Master, Partner Schema,
    Purchasing Requisition, Purchase Order and also have good concept in Purchase Order Release
    * Also involved in configuring of Pricing Calculation Schema for Condition Table, Condition
    Record and Condition Types.
    * Set up Warehouse Structure with Storage Types, Bin, Sections, TR/TO, Placement and Removal
    Strategy, Batch Management, SLED in WM, PCN
    * Doing Functional Specification with proper logic and also discuss with technical Team as per
    the Business requirement.
    * Raise OSS for the support purpose.
    * Supporting different types of scenario from the Client.
    * Implementation experience in all the phases of a life cycle, including blueprinting, gap
    analysis, mapping, design, configuration, testing, Go-live, end-user training and post
    production support in MM, WM Modules
    * Expertise in Managing Special Stock such as Plant-to-Plant Stock Transport Orders (STO),
    Consignment, Subcontracting, Pipeline.
    * Mapping of warehouse structure in SAP WM, developing strategies for put away and picking and
    Configured warehouse management (WM) settings with various Storage types, Sections, Storage
    bins and quant's and Configured Control parameters for Transfer Request/Transfer Order (TR/TO)
    in WM
    * Configured Handling Unit Management (HUM) and Radio Frequency (RF) scanners for different
    * Experienced in Inbound/Outbound Logistics, Logistics, Delivery and Supply Change Management
    * WM related activity and support like TR/TO creation, Bin to bin transfer, creation of storage
    * Used LSMW extensively for Material Master Data, and inventory load after configuring new
    * Defined bin strategies and stock removal strategies for SU types.
    * Designed sourcing strategy after new warehouse setup that included maintenance and
    configuration of Scheduling agreements/lines, Subcontracts, STO.
    * Heavily worked on TR's and Lean TO related data issues.
    * Created various interim storage Bin for staging material in new warehouse.
    * Project & Responsibility
    * Project Name : Implementation of HHT Device in Warehouse
    * Details : SAP WM End to End Cycle with HHT Device
    * Client : ITC Limited

    * System Go-Live
    New Storage type introduced in the Warehouse
    * Details : New storage type along with storage sections and storage bins have been
    introduced in the warehouse for perfume and non-perfume materials and blocked the
    existing storage types in the warehouse