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Amir Shahbaaziyan

Mechanical Engineer | Product Designer

Profileimage by Amir Shahbaaziyan Mechanical Engineer | Product Designer from Tehran
  • Tehran Freelancer in
  • Graduation: Mechanics B.Sc. - Solid works Design
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  • Languages: English (Elementary) | Turkish (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 20.05.2020
Profileimage by Amir Shahbaaziyan Mechanical Engineer | Product Designer from Tehran
CV - Amir Shahbaaziyan

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Designer and talented inventor and work on renewable energies and a dream to produce electricity and prevent from heating of the earth planet. Ability to calculate and designer machines and master softwer solidworks and a little Visual Nastran 4D.

  • Solidwork software
  • Visual Nastran software
  • Management and strategic
  • Expression technique and oration
  • Familiarity with manufacturing and production machineries
  • Familiarity with framing
  • Familiarity with thermoplastic machineries
  • Ability to run recycle of thermoplastic materials
  • 01/2005 - 01/2010

  • Design and manufacturing Barker Water Turbine – Design of Kaplan Water Turbine-Design for manufacturing the Tesla Turbine
  • Explanations(Notes): These projects have been private and has been aiming at producing power for my inventions




    Having a letter from professor confirming my collaboration with him for patent – Winning the second rank position in the Inventions Competitions – Honor diploma from Swiss , Winning silver medal of Swiss, Registering patent in Iran , Interviewing with Sabz(Green) Family Journal , Being appreciated as the top inventor by University.



    Further Explanations(Notes):


    My preoccupation as an inventor has been since my childhood on environment and the earth. It is always with me and desires a fresh air and an environment free from any pollution. This thought has been my driving force towards fulfilling my inventions. Today, I can state that it is possible to put aside the fossil fuels and use the conservative forces which exist for the sake of a healthier life.


    Now I can state with courage that it is possible to supply the electricity for the whole country in a very very low price.