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  • Graduation: BSc. Computing and Information Technology
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  • Languages: English (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 21.05.2020
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Experienced Solutions Oriented Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working with numerous clients on various industries. Skilled in WordPress Development, Web Project Management, Web Design, and Digital Marketing.
  • 12/2013 - 01/2020

    • Contemporary Orthopaedics and Spinal Specialist
  • Operations Manager
  • Company: Contemporary Orthopaedics and Spinal Specialist
    Responsible for the supervision, direction and coordination of the day-today operations of the
    clinic including but not limited to:
    * Overseeing the ongoing digitization of all patients' records
    * Assisting in the development and implementation of long-range plans
    * Participating in the selection, training and supervision of all clinic staff
    * Resolving problems, both administrative and operational (including the maintenance of clinic
    property, computer systems and installed software applications) and ensuring compliance with
    regulations and standards
    * Ensuring regular backups of all digital patient files.
    * Assisting in the development\implementation of cost-effective policies and procedures for all
    administrative and operational areas
    * Ensuring the effective implementation and administration of benefit programs, wage scales, job
    descriptions, personnel policies and payroll practices
    * Assisting with day-to-day accounting matters including preparation of cheques, bank deposits,
    bank reconciliations and the control of all matters pertaining to Accounts Payable and
    Accounts Receivable
    * Serving as a liaison between clinic and external agencies
    * Working with medical staff to ensure quality patient care and services are provided
    * Gathering and reporting data for fiscal, statistical and analysis purposes
    * Serving as Project Manager for all business-related projects

  • 02/2013 - 01/2015

    • (
  • Wordpress Developer
  • Company: (
    * Provided technical Wordpress support (troubleshooting and Wordpress development) for various
    * Worked on 63 projects during the period.

  • 05/2008 - 12/2013

    • The Institute of Jamaica
  • Management Information Specialist
  • Company: The Institute of Jamaica

    * Updated, developed and maintained the Institute of Jamaica, Natural History Museum of Jamaica
    and the Jamaica Clearing House Mechanism websites and respective national databases.
    * Installed and implemented database management systems and management procedures including
    weekly full and incremental backups of all databases and financial information.
    * Conducted several training programmes for various computer systems users.
    * Provided technical support for outreach programs, recommendations for hardware and software
    upgrades and implementations.
    * Liaised with vendors, IT consultants, ISPs and solicited specification-based quotations.
    * Handled helpdesk requests, performed general trouble shooting, basic computer repairs, printer
    installation, network devices installation (switches, wireless devices, firewalls).
    * Conducted needs assessment and provided recommendations for improvements.
    * Created new active directory user profiles and outlook email accounts.
    * Ensured up to date anti-virus protection of computers.
    * Constantly updated staff about changes in information technology at monthly staff meetings.

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