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Oleksii Bondarenko

Software Engineer, Drupal senior developer, Backend developer

Profileimage by Oleksii Bondarenko Software Engineer, Drupal senior developer, Backend developer from Kyiv
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  • Graduation: Master Computer science.
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  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 29.09.2020
Profileimage by Oleksii Bondarenko Software Engineer, Drupal senior developer, Backend developer from Kyiv
Senior software engineer

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̵ ̵PHP (professional drupal developer)̵̵Node, frontend, JS, ̵ Vue, React, JavaScript, jQuery ̵, API, JSON ̵, HTML5, HTL (Java), CSS3, LESS, SASS, SCSS, Flexbox, Grid, Bootstrap 3/4, SVG, BEM, Gulp, UX & UI design, ̵ ̵Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, ̵ MySQL, Neo4j, Mongodb ̵, Version control, ̵ GitHub, Bitbucket ̵, Scrum, ̵ Jira, Trello ̵, ̵ Drupal 7/8, CMS, ̵ WordPress, Joomla ̵, ̵ SEO-optimization (speed optimization, mobile-first, ̵ Drupal Commerce, Magento ̵, ̵ ̵English, HTML, CSS/JS, Redux, Saga, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple, Storage Service (S3), Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, Network Protocols, REST, PHP, NPM, Node Package Manager, drupal, Open Source, PhpStorm, docker, PHPUnit, chrome, Drupal 8, Markdown, web-based, APIGEE, web project, mobile application, backend, Symfony, bugs, Angular, mysql, Visual Studio Code, Windows, Unix, Microsoft Office 365, Yammer, Skype, Jira, Confluence, Drupal modules, + React developer, RAWPIXEL, Taxamo + Stripe, Terraform, Aws, Amazon Cloud Elasticsearch Drupal 8 Drupal 7 React Amazon SQS Queue, magento, Drupal Drupal 6, Drupal 7, OysterLabs, Refactoring, Elastic, Active directory Drupal 7, Capistrano, Google, JSON, text files, backbone, database, JSON API, PHP db queue
  • 07/2020 - Present

    • Sceel.io
    • 10-50 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Software Engineer
  • Customer support service for Drupal8 based website.
    Fixing bugs.
    Environment customisation to enhance performance and scalability.
    Developing new features.
    Migration implementation.
    Onhold activitt: Contributing to drupal.org community.
    Increase tests coverage.

  • 12/2017 - 07/2018

    • ̵EPAM Systems
  • Software Engineer
  • Customer: Life Sciences & Healthcare ̵

    Project: Care4Today Patient Engagement Portal is a web-based tool used across locations to ̵
    automate pre- and post-surgical workflows between medical teams and patients. My part of
    responsibility was drupal 8 based website which contained workflows entities synked by APIGEE
    over all parts of information system.

    Team Size: +20 person ̵

    Project Role: Drupal developer ̵

    Tasks performed:
    * Act as team player in long term decoupled web project for health-industry

    * Build a mobile application with infrastructure based on php backend (Drupal, Symfony,
    * Fixing bugs.

    * Developing features.

    * Writing tests.

    * Code reviewing, triggering deployment.

    * Environment: Drupal8, Symfony, Angular, Apigee

    * mysql,

    * PhpStrom, Visual Studio Code, Windows, Docker, Unix, Microsoft Office 365, Telescope,
    Yammer, Skype, Jira, Confluence. Coworking
    * Drupal 8 JsonApi Custom Drupal modules Contributed by open source community Custom
    modules contributed by own

  • 04/2017 - 12/2017

    • ̵; RAWPIXEL
  • Drupal senior developer + React developer
  • Customer: Photomorphic ̵

    Project: Photo bank ̵

    Team Size: 5 member: - 2 backend - 1 frontend - 1 designer - 1 product owner ̵

    Project Role: Backend and frontend developer ̵

    Tasks performed:
    * Implement Drupal based backend which base on exisitng application with react frontend.

    * Implement new feature for existing Drupal7 website.

    * Implement new features for internal Drupal8 based headless website with React frontend.

    * Maintenance existing environment for international photo bank.

    * Developing new modules for eCommerce stuff (Taxamo + Stripe).

    * Developing API endpoints for new functionality based on React frontend.

    * Developing React functionality according to Drupal backend.

    * Maintenance infrastructure based on Terraform for Aws Amazon.

    * Mysql

    * Amazon Cloud Elasticsearch Drupal 8 Drupal 7 React Amazon SQS Queue

  • 01/2016 - 03/2017

    • ̵; Youwe
  • Drupal developer
  • Customer: Different customers ̵

    Project: Support existing websites and create new Migrate magento websites to Drupal Drupal 6 to ̵
    Drupal 7

    Project Role: Backend developer ̵

    Tasks performed:
    * Migrate multisite from magento to drupal (http://institutioneel.vanderzee.nl,
    * Developing site http://www.gustomsc.com/ with custom modules

    * Developing multisites http://bvn.nl, http://vng.nl with commerce

    * Security updates support

    * Developing D8 site with custom module

    * Developing learning projects to teach drupal new developers from zero to junior during 3
    * Creating botbuilder module to play around FbBot Api for FB-Messenger


  • 08/2015 - 02/2016

    • ̵; OysterLabs
  • Drupal developer
  • Customer: Sony Music ̵

    Project: The task of the project: Organization of PR-actions and marketing events of entertaining ̵
    projects of the company Capabilities: The tool of marketing support of the organized concerts for
    gathering feedbacks from visitors of action and advancement in social networks.

    Team Size: 7 members: - 3 backend devs - 1 frontend - 1 qa - 1 project manager - 1 product owner ̵

    Project Role: Backend developer ̵

    Tasks performed:
    * Developing drupal based social service for the Sony company
    * Drupal based site, a responsive web platform that will empower Sony marketing division to
    better coordinate with their college reps.
    * Drupal 7

  • 03/2015 - 08/2015

  • Drupal developer
  • Customer: ̵ www.life.church

    Project: Refactoring extending functionality of existing projects. Creating drupal multisite. ̵

    Team Size: ̵ 4

    Project Role: Lead developer ̵

    Tasks performed:
    * Refactoring and extending functionality of existing projects.

    * Responsive desing and new feature development for https://www.2samen.nl/

    * Multisite system development for https://staffportal.lifechurch.tv/

    * Elastic search Active directory Drupal 7 Capistrano

  • 06/2014 - 03/2015

    • ̵; NXTE
  • Drupal developer
  • Customer: Google and other... ̵

    Project: https://karenina.withgoogle.com * Creation of the structure of the content for import ̵
    from CSV file entities Drupal * Further processing of the content on the site * Writing the module to
    export all the content in the interconnected entities in JSON structures, written in a text files with
    a media files and archived in a zip archive. * The structure of the archive had to match the
    frontend functionality built on the backbone.

    Team Size: Diverse team structure ̵

    Project Role: Backend developer ̵

    Tasks performed:
    * Design, build, or maintain web sites using CMF Drupal7.

    * Writing own modules.

    * Maintain html + js + css based cross-platform mobile application

    * Creation of the database structure and interface iteraction (JSON API) for high loaded
    * GoogleMapAPI, YouTubeAPI.

    * Writing Technical Design for Projects.

    * Ability to estimate large and small Drupal projects.

    * mysql

    * Drupal 7

    * PHP db queue zip rest api

I am a fan of drupal development.
I provide support service and custom development. Have team to be hired for  long term project. We provide delivery service. We able to host high-load information projects on our cloud platform.