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  • Graduation: Diploma in Business Administration
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  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 11.01.2021
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  • SCRUM Master and Product Owner
  • Rhetorics and Presentation at the Management Center Schloss Lautrach (MCSL)
  • Training as Trainer and Advisor at the Management Center Schloss Lautrach (MCSL)
  • Leadership course at the Management Center Schloss Lautrach (MCSL)
  • Process Management
  • Moderation
  • Speech at the 18th International German Project Management Forum (Development and introduction of PM methods in the IT environment)
  • Training for Six Sigma “Black Belt” at General Electric
  • 12/2017 - 03/2020

    • T-Systems
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Program Management
  • Program Management of 5 Projects (Set up of central IT control station, set up of infrastructure control station at internal group suppliers, project for development of control station-specific tools, relocation of control station, storage data in EVM)


    Project Management / Interim Management: Set up of a central IT control station – order from General Management of Telekom IT GmbH

    • Centralization/ merger of various IT control stations
    • Conversion of monitoring to IT process chains
    • Preparation of support business process by control station
    • Establishment of uniform processes and procedures in control station, especially preventive procedures
    • Preparation and implementation of organizational structure
    • Distribution of operation to control stations in Bonn and Kosice (Slovakia), preparation for complete handover of control station in Kosice (Slovakia)
    • Integration of control station infrastructure
    • Coordination of performance for delivery projects
    • Strategic and operational planning of 2019 project contents across business units incl. topic pipeline
    • Drafting of all planning documents (project plans, roadmaps, output planning etc.) with PMO
    • Monthly progress report to two members of the General Management of Telekom IT GmbH
    • Presentation to the CIO of Deutsche Telekom

  • 01/2014 - 02/2016

    • Bank Austria
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Manager
  • Project Management: Analysis, planning and introduction of new working environments at the Vienna branch of the bank;

    • Overall project management for the service provider
    • Technical supervision of 5 employees
    • Deputy Project Manager: Pilot project for the introduction of new working environments for 120 bank employees
    • Concept design: Development and operationalization of test cases for the pilot project
    • Concept design: Development of a method for calculating sharing quotas based on survey data, evaluation and operational / strategic further use of analysis results
    • Connecting analysis data with existing design elements
    • Concept design: Reworking / introduction of remote work (telework) structures
    • Concept design: Definition and presentations of relationships between project objectives, KPIs and project content for improvement of project controlling
    Advising the customer with respect to all workplace and change management-specific questions

  • 06/2002 - 12/2013

    • T-Systems
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Vice President
  • Project Management: Introduction of Telework/Desk-Sharing at T-Systems International, reporting to the CIO of T-Systems as well as to the Head of Human Resources;

    • Concept design: Combination of telework and desk-sharing, use of existing IT products for “Virtual Working”
    • Implementation of a pilot installation at the Frankfurt site with about 60 participants resulting in a decision by the General Management for a nationwide rollout
    • Cooperation in the “Smart Working” group project: Implementation of a new working environment at the Darmstadt site
    • Participation in the drafting of a framework on the topic of “Smart Working” with validity for the whole group based on a decision by the HR Management
    • Result: Assumption of the implementation by various group units for set-up of similar environments
    • Negotiation and conclusion of a company agreement with the local social partner
    • Reduction of the office rental space by 45%, benefit T€ 260 p.a.

     Program Management: “Six Sigma Management” for the entire organization, reporting to the Head of the Processes and Quality area, technical supervision of 13 Black Belt project managers

    • Planning and conducting of regular project reviews, nationally and internationally
    • Planning and implementation of communication measures, nationally and internationally
    • Planning and implementation of the Belt training, nationally and internationally
    • Budget responsibility approx. € 3.5 million
    • Technical supervision of 150 (Master) Black Belts in 19 countries
    • Savings achieved through the improvement projects of more than € 19 million
    • Set up of a project group within the Processes, Quality and IT business unit for improvement projects with a benefit valued at about T€ 250


    Program Management: Six Sigma introduction of the business unit, reporting to the General Management, supervision of 18 Black Belt project managers

    • Project generation and preparation for project selection
    • Planning and implementation of regular project reviews
    • Planning and implementation of communication measures
    • Achievement of a benefit in the period from 03/2007-09/2007 of € 3.3 million, effort/use ratio 1:2

    Project Management: Review of all IT applications operated by TSI for internal and external customers with regard to Nearshore/Offshore Capability

    • Development of a review mimic (law, data security, data protection, IT) incl. process description together with T-COM, T-Mobile, T-Systems and GHS
    • Inventory of IT applications
    • Review of 1,500 IT applications for Near/Offshore Compliance
    • Definition of corrective measures for Non-Compliance cases
    • Documentation of all work








           Project Management: Adjustment of the IT project budget and the IT project portfolio;

    • Reducing the obligations from € 20 to € 8 million
    • Identification and adjustment of incorrect bookings
    • Reducing the portfolio from approx. 200 projects to 30 projects
    • Reducing the outflow of funds from projects from € 10 million to € 2 million/month
    • Development and implementation of an approval process for projects with the objective of curbing uncontrolled outflow of funds through projects


    Project Management: Clarification of the IT investment holdings regarding need for special write-off;

    • Cost/benefit consideration over 6 years per IT project with involvement of the Project Management as well as the technical areas
    • Confirmation of the benefit by the technical areas
    • Assignment of the investment holdings for ongoing IT projects
    • Presentation of the sustainability of ongoing IT projects
    • Reduction of the (potential) need for special write-off from € 37 million to € 7.8 million