Full Stack Developer | Web | Mobile| AI| AR| VR available

Full Stack Developer | Web | Mobile| AI| AR| VR

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Profileimage by Anonymous profile, Full Stack Developer | Web |  Mobile| AI| AR| VR
I am working on Web, Mobile, Ecommerce, AI and SAP Projects.

-- 5+ years in developing Web & Native Android applications. Two languages:- Python and JavaScript.
-- Can take forward, Your large project (Having scaling databases?, Require AWS, GAE, CISCO, or similar architectural guide/expertise?), as well as the urgent in-            hand small/medium-sized project.
-- As a full-time Freelancer ready to work 60+ hours per week on a single focused project with every personalized business needs.

   Can help you in projects involving the following requirements:
-- Well Researched, Clean and Professional Android / Web Application
-- Highly secured APIs with seamless deployment
-- Designing Pixel Perfect Native Front-end
-- Programming optimized Python/JavaScript code solutions 
-- Data Analysis & Data Warehousing
-- Server Architecture (I have a specialty in following servers: AWS, Digital Ocean, Jelastic, Alibaba, Heroku, and OpenShift)
-- Integrating apps with every kind of deep analytics

My expertise specifically include:
Python, Django, Flask, FastAPI, Odoo, JavaScript,  ReactJs, React Native, AngularJs, Angular 7, Ionic. SQL, NoSQL, Automated Bots, API Development, NGINX, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GAE, Digital Ocean, Machine Learning,  jQuery, Natural Language Processing (NLP),  Video/ Image processing + recognition from scratch, Web Sockets, many Linux distros and resource management.

Key Points:
-- Experience of developing apps for several large tech companies and government organization and, managing two startups as CTO.
-- Well versed in production level development practices in technical architectures, design, and deployment.
-- Advanced experience in developing RESTful API and optimization oriented architectures.
-- Always ready working for more hours
-- Strong experience in utilizing structured data, unstructured data, validations, and cleaning of data, and measurement of different evaluations
-- Have designed Neural networks, regression, classification models, clustering models, CNN, RNN (LSTM), Auto-Encoders, and many other techniques and algorithms as decision trees.