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  • Last update: 16.07.2020
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Microsoft SQL Database, Net Core 2.2, Web API, Xamarin, Android, iOS, Angular, HTML, CSS, XUnit, Protractor, Azure configuration, SendGrid, Twilio, SQL Database, AWS, Workflows, test framework, data visualization, web application, web parts, web applications, Bug fixing, Mongo, DB, API, Javascript, JQuery, Twitter, bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), API design, Windows server, Durandal, desktop application, user interface, C++, Linux, Linux kernel, C++ drivers, C#, backend, Web hosting, Moodle, YUI, Microsoft Office, Windows Azure platform, SOLID principles, database, SQL Databases, data model, LINQ, PLINQ, Logic, frontend, Ajax, UI, JS, CoffeeScript, JSON, PhoneGap, TFS, GitHub, CRM, programming, PHP programming, Arduino, communication protocol, WAN, dynamic content, mobile devices, algorithms, video processing, cloud, Windows Azure, PHP, Javascript programming, motools, Data Management, web services, Syncade Suite, MS SQL, NLB, TAS, QNX, databases, autocad drafting, Unix, Linux operative systems, Oracle, Informix, Postgre SQL database administration and data interfacing, VB, net, VBA, MSOffice automation, WPF, XAML, HPC, Silverlight, Net framework, COM objects, Web Services development, IIS configuration, J1939, Profibus, Fieldbus
  • 08/2016 - 07/2020

  • Development engineer
  • Design and development of an e-commerce site:

    * Implementation of the PayPal API
    * Implementation of PayPal security standards
    * Implementation of KO Models, Javascript, JQuery
    * Development of advanced JavaScript animation features.
    * Usage of Twitter bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3
    * Execution of the full software development lifecycle
    * Currently the application is not finished. Small details are still pending to implement. The
    PayPal authorization process is taking place.
    * You can take a look at the application at:

  • 09/2016 - 11/2018

    • CGI
  • Development engineer
  • Design and development of a multi-platform application (web and desktop):

    * Microsoft SQL Database development
    * .Net Backend development
    * AWS Configuration
    * Front End development using Angular
    * QA automation using Karma, Protractor and .Net Unit tests.
    * Design and implementation of Windows Workflows
    * Technical leader of the project
    o Lead team of up to 5
    o Supervision and coaching of junior members

    o Helped the QA resource to shift from manual testing to develop and manage and
    automated test framework (Protractor)
    o In charge of supporting the field engineers and supervising the software integration
    on the production lines of high-profile customers

    Development of web front end for a data visualization web application

    * Use of Angular
    * Use of high charts
    * Designed a way to create a library of web parts enabling an inner communication of
    defined states. We were able to have an expedite creation of different web applications
    with a high reliability and robustness.
    * Implementation of Karma and Protractor tests
    * Designed a way to
    * Technical leader of the project
    o Lead team of up to 5

    Bug fixing and minor development of web application using:

    * Rabbit MQ
    * Workflows
    * Mongo DB

  • 07/2015 - 08/2016

    • CGI
  • Development engineer
  • Design and development of a web application:

    * Usage of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
    * Integration of windows automated tasks using Orchestrator
    * API design and development of Orchestrator.
    * Strong knowledge of active directory, rdp services and other Windows server parts
    * Usage of Durandal, Knockout and signalR
    * Development of a proprietary API to communicate with remote devices

    Design and development of a desktop application:

    * Designed a new pattern to use Angular as the user interface for native desktop software
    * Integration of Windows automated tasks using Orchestrator
    * API design and development of Orchestrator.

    * Design and implementation of multiple threads

  • 05/2013 - 07/2015

  • Application architect and development engineer
  • Development of a .Net web application for personnel management under the Continuous
    Integration scheme:

    * Design from scratch of system parts.
    * In charge of designing parts of the system implementing SOLID principles and Onion
    * Designed a thread safe generic architecture in order to boost some critical time
    consuming calculations
    * In charge of dealing directly with customers
    * Designed and developed database projects
    * SQL Databases administration
    * Worked with EDMX entity designer data model
    * Advanced knowledge using LINQ and PLINQ expressions
    * Advanced knowledge in the backend area. Logic implementation in libraries and
    * Advanced knowledge in the frontend area. Ajax data services and UI implementation.
    * Advance knowledge using knockout, implementing view models, templates, custom
    functions, etc.
    * Design and implementation of generic, reusable web components toolboxes for the front

    * Worked with Toastr, Angular JS, CoffeeScript, JSON, Jquery and other Javascript
    * Worked with PhoneGap.
    * Worked under TFS and now GitHub
    * HTML5 and CSS3

  • 07/2012 - 07/2015

    • Fundacion Educando Niños
  • Development engineer and consultant
  • Senior advisor engineer for the Fundacion Educando Niños, a foundation with the goal of
    providing poor children state of the art online education.

    * Web hosting management services
    * Installation and administration of a Moodle platform
    * Advanced programing and Moodle customization using the YUI Yahoo library.
    * Development of add-ons which provide integration between Moodle and Microsoft Office
    in order to automate the contents publication for the teachers
    * Planning, configuration and administration of virtual machines using the Windows Azure
    * Development of Angular and other JavaScript animations for educational purposes.

  • 08/2013 - 07/2015

  • Development engineer
  • Design and development of a C++ application for a Linux environment:

    * Configuration of an embedded Linux kernel
    * Development of C++ drivers
    * Development of a C++ program to control the electronic device
    * Implementation of a automotive J1939 protocol
    * Design of a C# server backend server for the embedded devices

  • 08/2012 - 07/2014

  • Application architect and development engineer
  • Development of an advanced surveillance security and automation system. The project is part of
    a product under development so a detailed description is not possible. Some of the activities
    performed are:

    * The development of a communication protocol to enable information exchange among
    computers through WAN (data and video)
    * Development of a web site with dynamic content and mobile devices friendly
    * Digital image analysis algorithms design and implementation. Used to find patterns on
    images and report them in a fully automated cycle
    * Live video processing
    * Experience in cloud architecture. Design and implementation of the framework under
    Windows Azure
    * Advance PHP programing
    * Advance Javascript programming(Ajax, JSON, jquery, motools, knockout, etc)
    * Advance programming in C#

  • 12/2009 - 07/2012

    • Emerson Process Management
  • Project Engineer and Data Management Engineer
  • Developed of a customized inventory application for LPG gas. The data is pulled from DeltaV
    through OPC. The inventory application executes complex calculations to relate the gas mass
    with the volume in real time, considering factors that affect gases due to its nature such as
    temperature, pressure, chemical composition, etc. The process is fully automated and the
    information protected in order to avoid any manipulation. The application analyzes the data and
    informs of irregular inventory behavior that could reflect theft or gas leaks. The gas packing facility
    buys the gas by weight and sells it by volume so the application monitors the plant operation and
    suggests the time of the day when the shift performance must be evaluated in order to achieve
    the maximum efficiency.

    In charge of advanced programming of DeltaV Operate and the DeltaV Historian in order to
    provide customers reports requiring special characteristics in security, format, functionality, data
    manipulation, etc.

    Helped in elaborating procedures documentation and automation of several tasks with software
    tools in order to comply with ISO9000 and PMO standards.

    Review and edit Syncade recipes. Troubleshoot of web services and the Syncade application.
    Edit Syncade behaviors. Configure the Syncade Suite. Configured Syncade-DeltaV
    communications. Developed web parts.

    Helped in the installation and configuration of Syncade using MS SQL failover cluster and NLB

    Developed a new version of Autoloader. This application is used to load large amounts of
    documents into the Syncade's DCA module. This development required a deep understanding
    of the Syncade's DCA module.

    Worked with the Emerson TAS DANTAS system for fuel dispatching. Worked with QNX operative
    system. Inspected DANTAS systems set up. In charged of migrate Sculptor databases on site.

    Worked with the AMS software for troubleshooting and configuring equipments.

    Installed and configured PI servers. Set up the communication with DeltaV. Troubleshoot PI server,
    PI datalink and PI process book issues.