Head of IT, Outsourcing Officer, Senior Project/Program Manager available

Head of IT, Outsourcing Officer, Senior Project/Program Manager

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  • Graduation: B.Sc. Ingenieurwesen, MBA
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  • Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional) | Turkish (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 18.08.2021
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J2EE, Java, Microsoft .NET, Database Design, Stored Procedures, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, Oracle, SOA, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, IT Security, ISO27001, Data Security, GDPR, Cloud, IT Management, Offshore Management, Management Consulting, Project Management, Requirement Gathering, Release Management, Functional Test, Performance Test, User Acceptance Test, UAT, System Integration Test, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), SCRUM, Data Center Management, Management Information Reporting, Core Banking, Internet Banking, Retail Banking, Direct Banking, Anti-Financial Crime, Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions, Compliance, Audit, BaFin, OFAC, Outsourcing, European Banking Authority (EBA), MaRISK
  • 01/2018 - 04/2019

    • Deutsche Bank AG
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Interim Manager
  • Project: Sanctions and Embargoes Transformation (SET) Program (Bank’s strategic global program to enhance their anti-financial crime landscape in response to serious US (OFAC) regulatory findings)

    Role: Interim Manager at the Change Management workstream of the global Anti-Financial Crime (AFC) business unit, as part of the SET Program.
    - Created and managed the lifecycle of 11 Change Requests (CRs) to the Transaction Filtering Case Management system (a private cloud application serving the bank in 50+ countries to review, decide and report on transactions which were marked as suspicious (“hit”) in the First Line of Defense, out of ~750 million transactions/year), from initial requirement gathering phase till successful roll-out to production. The CRs had to be prepared by considering the open audit findings, open production incidents, the globally scattered historic and new business demands and the physical limitations of the application.
    - Alongside overall coordination duties, acted as Lead Business Analyst to collaborate with the business units from all global regions, the central IT organization and the software vendor’s onsite and offshore teams, for capturing and aligning the requirements that form the CRs. The CRs have been on a wide range of topics including enabling the global consistency of decision-making process (despite deviating local regulations), major improvements to the management information reporting including improved field level mappings of SWIFT and SEPA transactions, user rights enhancements and other functional and non-functional improvements on usability and system performance.
    - Actively supported the bank internal Integration, User Acceptance and Performance Tests and the corresponding productive Incident Management and Release Management processes of the Transaction Filtering Case Management system.
    - Formed a governance structure and prioritized the backlog of several hundred active and inactive CRs, interacting with global business units.
    - Supported the transition of the SET IT organization from traditional project management to agile, utilizing Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). In this context acted as Epic Owner for numerous topics, representing AFC.

    Significant achievements:
    - Generated a 7-digit Euro cost saving for the bank due to the consolidation, refinement and elimination of numerous active CRs to the software vendor.
    - Successfully addressed the relevant US regulatory audit findings.

  • 09/2015 - 11/2017

    • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Interim Manager
  • Project: European Central Bank (ECB) Contract Remediation (Bank’s third-party risk management initiative, which was set up to handle the corresponding ECB audit findings as a cross departmental project between the Global Procurement and the Chief Information Security Office (new name: Information Risk and Resilience Management). Aim was to improve the vendor compliance to bank’s latest IT security framework on a global scale)

    Interim Manager
    Role: Interim Manager in the ECB Contract Remediation, which was a third-party risk management project set up between the Global Procurement and Chief Information Security Office (CISO) business units. Project’s goal was to remediate 1000 global, high risk vendor contracts of the bank to adapt to its newest IT security control framework based on ISO 27001, due to a European Central Bank regulation.
    - Designed and participated in the development and execution of a new workflow system to document, analyze, classify and remediate the vendor contracts, which has interfaces to the existing contract and risk management systems of the bank.
    - Established governance and cooperation rules with internal legal counsels from involved countries and external law firms.
    - Prepared standard communication templates for all stakeholders.
    - Directed the remediation effort for around 600 contracts (including all contracts that belong to “Top 16 Vendors” (based on contract volume and strategic importance) and “High Risk” categories, in addition, around half of the “Medium Risk” category contracts). Specifically, this meant to align the relevant business and procurement contacts for each contract, single-handedly drafting the contract changes and getting the appropriate legal approvals, initiating the change on the vendor side and coordinating the rest negotiations till the contract change gets executed and/or routed to bank internal risk-acceptance of the parts that could not be agreed upon.
    - Supported the resolution of conflicts/gaps between the IT security control frameworks of the vendors’ and the bank.
    - Established a feedback-channel and continually fed it to correct wrong/missing data and contract documents at the golden sources of the bank.

    Significant achievements:
    - On time, according to planned scope and under-budget (mainly due to the reduced cost for external law firms and translation agencies, as most of their planned work could be insourced) completion of the project, despite the complexity of geographical spread and significant number of stakeholders with different interests.

  • 12/2012 - 12/2014

    • Akbank AG
    • 10-50 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Head of IT, Outsourcing Officer
  • Head of IT
    Role: Head of IT Department and a direct report to the bank’s CEO.
    Direct reports: 5
    - Management of the IT department and 25 IT vendors (of which 10 being critical).
    - Acting as a single point of contact for all internal and external IT auditors (German and Turkish banking regulatory bodies, Akbank T.A.Ş. and Akbank AG internal audit departments) and directing the follow-up activities.
    - Maintenance of a small onsite data center and local desktop infrastructure.
    - Identity and Access Management as well as Service Management for all banking applications and document management systems.
    - Overall architecture, IT and data security governance of the whole landscape, which involves cloud services used by the bank and the headquarter in Turkey.
    - Sparring partner to the board and other departments in all operational IT matters and side business projects (EMIR, FATCA, etc.).
    - IT procurement and the related contract management activities.
    - Business continuity management including the management of distant emergency workspaces and execution of continuity tests.
    - Project portfolio management.
    - End-user support for ~35 employees.

    Significant achievements:
    - Stabilized the IT Organization (regarding the team, major systems and the main vendors) as a continuation of the post-merger activities of the bank (Akbank Netherlands had merged into Akbank AG in mid-2012).
    - Directed the make-or-buy analysis for the digitalization of the credit department's complete workflow; created the solution architecture design and initiated the in-house implementation project.
    - Initiated and directed the SEPA Implementation project till successful completion. Major tasks were software/vendor selection and the testing of the customized solution at bank’s premises.
    - Directed a lengthy vendor selection process for the new online/mobile banking platform implementation of the bank.
    - Conducted the Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) system selection.
    - Selected a new vendor for the network vulnerability management and coordinated the implementation.
    - Did major improvements to the operational processes and corresponding documentation for business continuity, data center, desktop infrastructure, core banking platform and related management information systems.
    - Enhanced the existing Anti-Money Laundering systems (expanding the suspicious activity monitoring coverage, introducing a new name list vendor, implementation of a new roles/rights concept).
    - Coordinated the Windows XP to 7/8 upgrade for business users.

    Outsourcing Officer
    In charge of selection, control (costs, SLAs) and relationship management for all (IT and non-IT) vendors of the bank.

  • 10/2010 - 12/2012

    • Alfa Bank/Vimpelcom
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Manager
  • Project: Beeline Card (Vimpelcom’s strategic united mobile commerce (B2C) project where Beeline Card co-brand product is implemented and launched Russia wide together with Alfa Bank)

    Role: Led an innovative mobile payment project with the aim of enabling the retail customers that they can issue a virtual and/or plastic credit card from their mobiles and immediately start using it for shopping.
    Team size: 20 (local Sybase team in Germany + Sybase performance test team in U.S.A. + 2 Sybase subcontractor teams located in Germany and India)
    - Coordinated the effort of two Sybase subcontractor firms in Germany and India for design, development/customization and testing of the quite complicated software requirements, based on Sybase Mobiliser Platform.
    - Managed all aspects of the Sybase involvement in the complex system integration and performance tests that have been performed by the partner system integrator firm in Russia, spread over multiple environments.
    - Coordinated the support effort for the user acceptance tests, which have been performed by Vimpelcom at their own premises in Russia.
    - Successfully assisted the productive launch of the system Russia wide.

  • 10/2010 - 08/2011

    • Citibank
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Manager
  • Project: Cash 2 Mobile - Pilot (Bank’s pilot project for their mobile payment initiative in the B2B consumer goods sector)

    Role: Led project from Sybase side till successful launch and acceptance of the pilot mobile payment product by Citibank on a global scale, as well as giving service management oversight to the productive system post launch.
    Team size: 6 (local Sybase team 3, Sybase development team in U.S.A. 3)
    - Took over the project management during code development phase.
    - Supported the set-up and coordinated the execution of system integration and user acceptance tests at two different client locations.
    - Coordinated release management and packaging activities with the client.
    - Managed the Citi Data Center - Sybase Hub setup for the messaging subcomponent.
    - Coordinated the Sybase activities associated with the bank’s handover of the Sybase Mobiliser Platform to their global production support team.

  • 05/2010 - 09/2010

    • Bank of Scotland (Lloyds Banking Group)
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Manager
  • Project: Japan Rollout (Bank’s initiative to enter the Japanese market via opening an internet bank based on Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking and Direct Banking applications)

    Role: To set the project up and lead the Germany phase till offshore User Acceptance Test starts.
    Team size: 8 (onsite 2, offshore 6)
    - Prepared the Statement of Work and the supporting contractual agreements together with the sales team.
    - Initiated the project, set up the onsite team and the offshore development teams.
    - Agreed and baselined the project plan.
    - Created the finalized test strategy approach with the bank managers.
    - Coordinated the offshore software development as well as onsite parametrization and early functional tests in Germany.
    - Planned the User Acceptance Test (UAT) with the client and conducted a handover phase in India to the offshore project manager pre UAT start.

  • 10/2009 - 04/2010

    • AXA Bank Germany
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Manager / Solution Architect
  • Project: Internet Bank implementation for Germany (Bank’s initiative to open first an internet bank and then to migrate their existing bank to Oracle FLEXCUBE Core
    Banking and Direct Banking platform)

    Role: Coordination of the startup and scoping related activities and designing the future solution architecture for the project to implement an internet bank for Germany.
    Team size: 3 (onsite 2, offshore 1)
    - Initiated the project via coordinating the client, system integrator and Oracle project teams.
    - Coordinated the activities for the project scoping and business requirements capturing at both project locations via interviewing all relevant client members and conducting product walk-through sessions.
    - Did project planning for the implementation project together with the system integrator managers.
    - Directed the solution architecture design activities and prepared the final official deliverable package addressed to client’s executive team.

  • 06/2009 - 10/2009

    • Bank of Scotland (Lloyds Banking Group)
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Manager
  • Project: Term Deposits Introduction (Introducing Fixed Term Deposits functionality into the bank’s German banking platform)

    Role: Led the project from the initiation phase till successful go-live.
    Team size: 11 (onsite 8, offshore 3)
    - Agreed the contractual changes and the project plan with the client.
    - Coordinated the requirement gathering and documentation phase which involved the client, hosting firm, onsite and offshore Oracle resources.
    - Monitored offshore development and coordinated onsite preparation activities for User Acceptance Tests.
    - Managed user and operational acceptance tests as well as the successful release to production.

  • 10/2008 - 06/2009

    • Bank of Scotland (Lloyds Banking Group)
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Manager
  • Project: Bank of Scotland – Netherlands (Bank’s initiative to enter the Netherlands market via opening an internet bank based on Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking and Direct Banking applications)

    Role: Led the project from the initiation phase till successful go-live (as bankofscotland.nl) on a tight total timeline of 8 months.
    Team size: 21 (onsite 10, offshore 11)
    - Took part in the contract negotiations and initiated the project.
    - Set up the onsite Oracle project team.
    - Did estimations and project planning involving both traditional (for the core banking) and agile (for the internet banking) delivery methods; the project involved the onsite implementation team, 2 offshore (India) development groups, onsite client team and the third-party data center (hosting provider).
    - Coordinated a time critical requirement gathering phase.
    - Planned and agreed on the overall solution architecture including all external interfaces.
    - Finalized the overall test strategy along with client and data center test managers and actively supported the test execution.
    - Interacted with the client and the data center company project managers on a daily basis, throughout the project.
    - Monitored and reported the progress to stakeholders till project closure.

  • 05/2008 - 10/2008

    • Bank of Scotland (Lloyds Banking Group)
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Test / Service Manager
  • Project: Bank of Scotland – Germany (Bank’s initiative to enter the German market via opening an internet bank based on Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking and Direct
    Banking applications)

    Role: Coordinated the planning and proper execution of the complex test phases together with several test managers from the bank and the third-party firms till successful launch (as bankofscotland.de). In the later phases of the project and at the post-launch period took the responsibility of the service management part.
    Team size: 14 (onsite 9, offshore 5)
    - Established working rules and deescalated the relationship between Oracle, the bank and the German data center firms, which have not worked together before.
    - Planned the following test phases with the counterparty test managers: User Acceptance, Integration, Security, Performance and Breakpoint Testing.
    - Coordinated the execution of those test phases on a day-to-day basis in the 3 project locations.
    - Interacted with the offshore technical experts to resolve several issues encountered in the testing phases.
    - In the later stages of the project, took the coordination of the Service Management as part of the transition to the support phase.
    - Worked on the implementation of the productive Incident, Change and Release Management procedures together with the counterpart service managers.

  • 05/2007 - 04/2008

    • NAVTEQ
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Technical Testing Lead
  • Project: NAVTEQ Connected Services (NCS) Rel. 2 (Program to provide locations-based services and telematics services to B2B and B2C customers)

    Technical Testing Lead
    Role: Led the technical testing team for the NCS Release 2 where several locations-based and telematics services were being introduced.
    Team size: 4
    - Coordinated the technical (performance and operation readiness) test teams for the whole Release 2.
    - Coordination effort included the following tasks: Test planning, selection of the test management software, setting up the test environments (established in NAVTEQ’s Chicago office), test conditions and scripts preparation, test execution and reporting.
    - Acted as the counterpart to the client’s Test Coordinator.

  • 10/2006 - 05/2007

    • Deutsche Börse
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Lead
  • Project: Central Counterparty for Equities (CCP) Rel. 3.2 Acceptance (Integrating UK Products of Eurex into CCP)

    Role: Project Lead for the Acceptance (Test) Project for the CCP 3.2 Release where processing of Eurex deliveries resulting from UK products are integrated into the
    existing CCP platform.
    Team size: 10 (in Germany and England)
    - Coordinated the creation of the acceptance test approach in coordination with various business departments of Deutsche Börse.
    - Planned 3 consequent test phases spread over 6 months which are having different test content and to be executed on different technical environments.
    - Coordinated the end-to-end test execution, covering 12 systems connected to the CCP core platform, involving Germany and England as main locations
    - Represented the project status in weekly Issue, SIR and Status meetings.

  • 06/2006 - 10/2006

    • Bank Austria Creditanstalt Leasing
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Project Lead
  • Project: LEON - Frontend (LEON is the project to replace the entire legacy application landscape of the firm)

    Role: Coordinated the development activities for the subproject "Frontend” where a new J2EE based front-office-tool for the Bank’s sales force was introduced. The tool was developed by a subcontractor, which had onsite and offshore resources.
    Team size: 6
    - Took responsibility for a mixed team (Accenture + client + subcontractor).
    - Did estimations and detailed project plan for the development activities.
    - Acted as an interface between the related functional and technical teams of the client and the subcontractor firm.
    - Coordinated and monitored the technical design and the implementation.

  • 02/2006 - 05/2006

    • Dresdner Bank
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Member of Requirement Gathering & Analysis Team
  • Project: Credit Data Store - Basel II & US GAAP (The bank’s program for adapting the Basel II and US GAAP standards)

    Role: Worked on process improvements for the Requirement Gathering & Analysis Team and initiated the implementation of an IT Governance model.
    - Analyzed the existing process flow of the Requirement Gathering Team and produced optimization/improvement strategies.
    - Created “As-Is” and “To-Be” checklists, process descriptions and flows.
    - Coordinated the IT Governance software selection effort by defining selection matrixes and organizing briefing sessions with the possible vendors and the bank’s senior management.

  • 01/2006 - 02/2006

    • Hellmann Logistics
    • >10.000 employees
    • Transport and Logistics
  • Technical Reviewer
  • Project: DigiDispo Architecture Review (DigiDispo is a custom-built application to do the digital disposition of the dispatchments / pickups)

    Role: Conducted a technical architecture review for the DigiDispo application.
    - Interviewed the key client personnel from various departments.
    - Did analysis on the current situation, considering the AS400 based host system, the handheld devices that are used for scanning and data transfer, the communication servers and the WLAN/GPRS/internet network infrastructure.
    - Did benchmarking for other possible handheld devices of different vendors.
    - Wrote the review document and presented the results to the CIO of the client.

  • 09/2005 - 01/2006

    • Allianz Global Risks
    • >10.000 employees
    • Insurance
  • Member of Functional Design Team
  • Project: MicroLeap (The application to integrate an end to end underwriting process for the worldwide property business of AGR)

    Role: Worked on various design documents for the successful completion of the RFP package together with a mixed team of client and Accenture personnel.
    - Worked on the functional design for the Workflow Management System, which would then be used not only by the underwriting area but also for other modules that will be incorporated later.
    - Created functional designs for “Historization” and “Roles & Access Rights” concepts.

  • 11/2004 - 09/2005

    • Johnson Controls
    • >10.000 employees
    • Automotive and vehicle construction
  • Technical Project Lead
  • Project: Genesis - Approval Tool (Genesis was a 7-year business process outsourcing deal for Johnson Controls, which is a global automotive and industrial solutions supplier, covering transactional finance and accounting processes across 15 European countries and South Africa).

    Role: Led a team for the development of a custom build workflow application (“Approval Tool”), which is used to manage invoice approvals in the area of accounts payables.
    Team size: 5
    Technical Details:
    - The application was built on Microsoft .NET technology having ~1000 users, handling ~4000 new invoices per day and used by 80 plants across Europe.
    - Approvers, managers, plant controllers at the plants as well as clerks and administrators in Shared Service Centers have accessed the application with different use cases.
    - The dynamic distribution of invoices to the clerks in Service Centers was done with a complex batch algorithm.
    - Worked with client functional experts to incorporate the functional input.
    - Developed the technical architecture and database design for the application.
    - Managed and tracked progress of the application development in a very dynamic environment with frequent change requests from the client.
    - Developed rollout approach including conversion from previous environment.
    - Worked with end users in plants for issue resolution.
    - Coordinated the selection process of the offshore contractor for the application maintenance.

  • 08/2003 - 11/2004

    • DekaBank
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Technical Architect / Development Team Lead, Member of Development Team, Coordinator for Project Setup / Technical Architect
  • Technical Architect / Development Team Lead
    Role: Led a mixed team of Accenture and client employees to develop a new web-based rule engine, to simplify and enhance the manual pricing/compensation procedures the bank had been using till that date in the Host environment.
    Team size: 5
    Technical details:
    “Konditionenmodell” was a custom built, web-based rule engine on J2EE architecture, enabling the bank employees to define consistent rules to affect the pricing and compensation of the investment funds.
    - Prepared the Technical Design (involving execution architecture and the database design) for the application which had interrelated layers of rules, groupings and combinations/exceptions for pricing and campaigns.
    - Coordinated work among the development team (client and Accenture).
    - Designed and implemented a very complicated batch job for data extraction from the web application into the bank’s Host system.
    - Supported the execution of User Acceptance Tests.
    - Coordinated the successful rollout phase to the production system.

    Member of Development Team
    Role: Worked in various sub-projects for DekaNet as developer.
    Technical Details:
    Applications were written using J2EE technologies, communicating with the Host system of the bank and other connected databases.
    - Did technical design and implementation of the “Emergency Services” application to replace the functionality of DekaNet trading application in cases of downtimes.
    - Implemented several SOA based DekaNet business services.
    - Did work planning and implementation for components of the DekaNet Trading Prototype in a team of 4 developers.

    Coordinator for Project Setup / Technical Architect
    Role: Coordinated work planning and setup phase of the new release (addition of campaign handling) for the Konditionenmodell application.
    - Made feasibility studies to change requests that form the content of Release 2 with a client team.
    - Did the detailed project plan for the implementation team.
    - Extended the technical design of the application based on the agreed new functional requirements.

  • 10/2002 - 08/2003

    • Accenture GmbH
    • >10.000 employees
    • Other
  • Development Team Lead, Database Administrator
  • Project: PMO@Internet (A custom-built Project Management and Reporting solution that has been developed in the Accenture Financial Services Delivery Center)

    Development Team Lead
    Role: Worked on several consequent releases of the application as the development team lead.
    Team size: 4
    Technical details:
    PMO@Internet was a web application for project management and reporting. It was built on .NET (C#) technology, involving complicated stored procedures. The integrated reporting part is based on Crystal Reports. Its functional modules were:
    - Risk, Issue, Software Investigation Request, Change Request Management; Deliverables, Milestone and Time Tracking via Microsoft Enterprise Project Management and Project Central.
    - Status Reporting for the above-mentioned areas.
    - Full hands-on coordination and leading the development team for the design, development and the documentation of the application throughout the project.
    - Significant contribution to the transformation of the application as a standard asset in the “Accenture Delivery Tools” global repository serving all employees.

    Database Administrator
    Role: Maintained the DBMS (SQL Server 2000) which was hosted in Financial Services Delivery Center for different company internal clients (that are using the
    PMO@Internet) as well as for the development team.

  • 11/2001 - 10/2002

    • Deutsche Börse
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Member of Product Test, Gross Delivery Build and Functional Design Teams
  • Project: Central Counterparty for Equities (CCP) Rel. 1.0 (Expansion of the central counterparty services of Deutsche Börse to equities)

    Member of Functional Design Team (11/2001 - 03/2002)
    - Analyzed and categorized the field and request validation functions of the member and clearing supervision requests.
    - Created mapping tables for member and clearing supervision requests to the entities and attributes of the preliminary physical data model.

    Member of Gross Delivery Management Build Team (03/2002 - 05/2002)
    - Wrote partial designs for the trade manager / trade inquiry functionalities.
    - Implemented stored procedures for the Trade Manager module.
    - Contributed to the technical design for the concurrent access to the joined tables of the database via timestamps.

    Member of Product Test Team (05/2002 - 10/2002)
    - Created the complete test model for Settlement Instruction Data Carrier process.
    - Executed the 2nd and 3rd cycles of Settlement Instruction Data Carrier and Cash Management tests under client's Systems Acceptance observance.
    - Supported the creation of the final test binders for Gross Delivery Management and Cash Management for the final client sign-off.
    - Supported the team that handles the regression test cycle “Business Scenarios” in test modeling and test execution.

  • 04/2001 - 08/2001

    • Deutsche Bank AG
    • >10.000 employees
    • Banks and financial services
  • Member of Development Team
  • Project: Maxblue (Bank’s initiative to provide Internet-based pan-European brokerage services.)

    - Took part in the build team for the Trading/Accounts area.
    - Created and modified content on the presentation layer of the Maxblue site.
    - Did bug-fixing in Java for Portfolio and Trading sub modules.
    - Worked on the content management software for label generation, due to the internationalization of the application.

  • 09/2000 - 01/2001

    • Middle East Technical University
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Public service
  • Research Assistant
  • Provided onsite technical (hardware/software related) support for about 60 employees of the Presidency Office in a team of 2.

  • 04/1999 - 08/2000

    • İşNet A.Ş. (Internet Service Provider subsidiary of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.)
    • 50-250 employees
    • Telecommunications
  • Customer Advisor
  • - Provided technical support to the ISP customers regarding user accounts, connectivity and various hardware and software issues.
    - Worked in a project team to design and implement training programs for the new employees of the Call Center.