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React Developer, Senior Front-end Developer, Senior Developer

Profileimage by Kirill Novik React Developer, Senior Front-end Developer, Senior Developer from Moskau
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  • Last update: 27.08.2020
Profileimage by Kirill Novik React Developer, Senior Front-end Developer, Senior Developer from Moskau
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RxJS, React, GraphQL, memoization, caching, Chrome, NET service, Windows, TDD, žReact + Typescript +, business logic, NET Framework, Windows Services, APIs, Windows Interop API, Salesforce, API, DOM, React + Redux +, agile scrum, žReact + Redux + Sagaž, UI, žJIRA + Jenkins, DevOps, form data, unit testing, codebase, real-time data, WebSockets, thin client, Active Directory, REST API, microservices, Docker, cloud, technical debt, refactoring, SOLID principles, JavaScript, OOP, OpenAPI, Codegen, WebSocket, java, DB, Sikuli, Tomcat, ReactJS, TypeScript, Sass, data migration, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Angular, bootstrapping, Bridge OOP Pattern, web application, NET, MVC4, ž LINQ Queries, frontend, jQuery, JSON, C#, Nodejs, MongoDB, AWS, Python, Object Oriented Design
  • 03/2020 - 05/2020

    • Discount Tire
  • React Developer
  • Discount Tire


    * Assist in the migration of the main application to React
    * Improve test coverage
    * Participate in architectural decision making process

    * Successfully migrated several features from the legacy code base
    * Significantly improved test coverage
    * Influenced some of the important architecture decisions

    Technical Details
    * Worked with žReact16 + GraphQL ž stack
    * Utilized best practices to optimize application performance such as memoization and
    caching with service workers

  • 01/2019 - 01/2020

    • Automation Hero via Soshace
  • Senior Front-end Developer
  • Automation Hero via Soshace (Contractor)

    * Develop a cross-platform RPA application available as Chrome extension and a desktop
    * Deliver new functionality quick
    * Implement design according to specifications
    * Create .NET service for Windows to facilitate interactions between the desktop
    application and Windows

    * Successfully implemented core functionality
    * Have been keeping high percent of test coverage via the red-green-refactor TDD practice
    * Designed highly modular and fast to develop architecture

    Technical Details
    * Used žReact + Typescript + RxJS žfor presentation and business logic
    * Use .NET Framework to build Windows Services
    * Utilized chrome extension APIs as well as Windows Interop API to implement the RPA
    * Integrated our product with Salesforce by adding an ability to open an extension from
    Salesforce dashboard
    * Gained a wealth of knowledge working with ž Chrome API ž for browser extensions and

  • 03/2018 - 10/2018

    • Alfabank
  • Senior Developer
  • Alfabank


    * Develop front-end applications using React + Redux + Saga
    * Contribute to several fast paced bank projects
    * Increase test coverage
    * Follow agile scrum best practices
    * Effectively communicate with teams on different projects

    * Successfully implemented several bank projects including mail service and factoring
    * Quickly gained familiarity with complex code bases on various projects
    * Significantly increased test coverage
    * Effectively communicated with teams on different projects

    Technical Details
    * Used žReact + Redux + Sagaž as a stack for the front-end application development
    * Contributed to the žopen source UI library (ARUI Feather)
    * Consumed data from the middle side of the application
    * Utilized žserver side renderingžto improve the load speed
    * Used žDocker žand O žpenShift žas well as žJIRA + Jenkins pipelinesžon the DevOps side of
    the application
    * Used žRedux Formž for the form data
    * Used žJest žand snapshots for unit testing
    * Used žPostCSS f žor styles
    * Proposed several improvements to project structure

  • 07/2016 - 12/2017

    • ISONAS, Inc
  • Software Engineer
  • ISONAS, Inc

    * Maintain tightly-coupled monolithic application
    * Increase code base maintainability, readability and testability
    * Gain expertise with company's proprietary frameworks
    * Consistently deliver well written and well tested code

    * Designed React.js UI elements for integration with legacy UI codebase
    * Introduced real-time data transfer into the application using WebSockets
    * Designed and implemented a thin client integrating the application with Active Directory
    * Implemented logic and styles of various views of the application
    * Designed and implemented REST API gateway allowing clients to integrate with the
    * Refactored legacy monolith application into microservices using Docker

    Technical Details
    * Created žmicroservices žas ždocker service stacks žwith well defined žREST žinterfaces
    deployed as a cloud cluster with ždocker swarm mode

    * Reduced front-end technical debt by refactoring and modularizing components
    according to proper žMVC and SOLID principles žusing žbest JavaScript OOP practices
    * Designed application's žREST API according to Swagger OpenAPI specification ž and
    created highly scalable žREST API gatewayž microservice žutilizing žSwagger Codegen API
    * Successfully implemented two separate ž WebSocket ž servers with žjavax WebSocket
    Server API žas a part of the java package and highly scalable ž Server API a žs a
    microservice as well as žWebSocket client žfunctionality
    * Designed minimally code-invasive žAWS read-replica based solution ž into the application
    to alleviate slow response time issues of the critical DB queries on tables with high
    read-write contention žreducing the query response times by the factor of 10
    * Designed and implemented ž Active Directory integration client žutilizing žLDAP queries
    allowing to import active directory users and credentials into the systems
    * Created testing suites with žMockito žand J žUnit žto unit test complex dependency
    dependent methods
    * Created front end testing suites with žSelenium, Sikuli žas well as žNodeUnit žand žMocha
    * Configured and deployed žJetty žand ž Tomcat žservers in the žAWS ženvironment
    * Designed and proposed ž ReactJS + Redux UI elements + TypeScript ž to integrate with the
    company's framework for better maintainability
    * Successfully introduced žmultithreaded behavior f žor several performance-critical
    features of the application
    * Designed UI features with ž Sass žand žPostCSS
    * Created complex žautomation scriptsž with žGulp
    * Reimplemented c žomplex legacy data migration batch scripts žwith žPython
    * Enhanced žperformance of slow PostgreSQL queries
    * Utilized žGitHub VCS

  • 03/2016 - 04/2016

    • Patientory
  • Web Developer
  • Patientory

    * Gather information required to implement an MVP for a startup

    * Designed and implemented an MVP application using Firebase and Angular

    Technical Details
    * Integrated žNodejs server žwith žMongoDB p žersistence layer allowing to prototype faster
    * Implemented ž SocketIO Client and Server
    * Created responsive žmulti-user SPA w žith žAngularJS, LessCSS žand žExpressJS
    * Utilized žGitHub VCS

  • 01/2016 - 02/2016

    • Oxford Health Network
  • Software Developer
  • Oxford Health Network

    * Designed and implemented a MEAN application for hospital staff to collect information

    Technical Details
    * Integrated žNodejs server žwith žMySQL u žtilizing žSequelize
    * Created front-end of the application using žAngularJS žand žBootstrap žas well as Y žeoman
    application bootstrapping
    * Utilized žGithub VCS

  • 05/2015 - 08/2015

    • Medtronic
  • Software Application Developer
  • Medtronic

    * Work with a remote international team on a legacy project
    * Integrate an application to the legacy project with a REST API using Bridge OOP Pattern

    * Designed and developed a patient monitoring web application letting to put hospital's
    monitoring station inside of the nurse's pocket.

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