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DevOps, PHP, Android, Angular, Codeigniter

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  • Graduation: Phd Computer Science
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  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Hungarian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 13.10.2020
CV - Csaba Fazakas

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IP, cell phone, Java web service, PDF, Html, Doc, Website development, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Android, codebase, Delphi, database, bugs, VOIP, PHP, IVR, Coding, Js, AJAX, MySql, SIP, Impex, medical software, JDBC, ADO.NET, Microsoft Access, Firebird, MongoDb, Programming, Java, C#, JavaScript, Bash script, Java (ME/SE/EE), Java Servlet, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), JASPER, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Git, WinCVS
  • 03/2012 - Present

    • Red Rock Tech SRL
    • 10-50 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Senior software developer
  • Employer Red Rock Tech SRL - Saint-George (Romania) - (RedRock AS - Norway)
    Employer description The company is an innovative software development company that specializes in web and cell phone
    applications. The main majorities of the work done are consultant work for different Norwegian
    customers. The customers are news agencies, e-health companies, building contractors and others.

    Time 2012.03 -
    Position Senior developer
    Description * Development of a Java web service, using JASPER framework, used for exporting big amount of
    information to various output formats (PDF, Html, Doc etc.)
    * Website development, implementing custom design (Codeigniter, Wordpress).
    * Android based development
    * Medicine take reminder app - with the help of this app the user can store the medicines he has
    to take - including images of the medicines from web or taken with the phone, description of
    medicines, register the medicine take recurring pattern (weekly, daily, monthly), also can
    provide the period of the day when to take the medicine. The app generates notifications for
    the time when a medicine has to be taken. When the app is started the user is informed about
    the status of the medicines he has to take. Also the app provides a history of the medicines
    taken, but also this can be used for looking in the future for next medicines to take. -
    * Mobile ticket app - it's an app designed for users of bus companies in order to make easier the
    purchase of the tickets. Basically the user can choose the start and end bus stop, the type of
    tickets (adult, children etc.) and the amount of ticket types and finally pay online the ticket
    by sms via the mobile operator or with Mastercard /Visa card. The bus companies have an admin
    tool (web platform) where they can manage ticket settings, prices, routes, bus stops etc.
    * Togital POS - A tool for bus drivers for selling tickets on buses. It works online and offline
    as well. Offline sales are synced with server when internet connection is discovered. Drivers
    can select direction of travel, bus stops, ticket types, set travel tur or tur/retur. Payment
    can be done with cash or card (on the bus). At any moment sales history can be checked and at
    the end of the day, drivers can print settlements.
    * Mobile apps for sport clubs - with the help of this app coaches can keep contact with athlets
    or parents of childs members of the club. Supporters can also be in direct contact with
    athlets. Users can keep close contact with club activity by receiving push messages about
    latest actions. Also live chatting is possible. The app is built to be very customizable, it
    means that using one codebase by changing colors, images, menus etc can easily be built a new
    app for a new club.
    * Sales tool development (website) for one of the largest norvegian company (, in the
    field of delivery of prefabricated bathroom to the marine and offshore industry. With the help of
    this tool the customer can track products, manage customers, create new offers, export them to
    MsWord format and keep track of them, also can see reports about sales, production estimates,

  • 01/2009 - 03/2012

  • Senior Delphi developer
  • Description * developing new core modules
    * developing new features or improving them, fixing existing bugs.

  • 05/2006 - 12/2008

  • PHP developer
  • Description * developing a prepaid system, on VOIP basis.
    * developing a PBX system, also based on VOIP & Asterisk (including extension configuration, IVR,
    schedule, access numbers, queues, conference rooms)
    * Coding in PHP, Js, AJAX, HTML, use of MySql
    * configuration & maintenance of Asterisk servers
    * domain setup
    * SIP based interconnection tests

  • 12/2003 - 05/2006

  • Software developer
  • Description * Delphi developer
    * Customer technical support
    * IT Hardware service