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Last update: 14.11.2020

Senior Systems Software Development and Process Consultant

Company: KOM Motive Ltd
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional)


Linux Solaris Embedded C / C++ AUTOSAR Requirement Engineering Requirement Management SW Development SW Architecture SW Projekt Manager SW Testing Configuration Management Teilprojektleitung Quality Assurance Process Consultant ASPICE CMMI ISO26262 (Automotive) FMEA FEA UML Perl Python Java SQL V&V V-Model Agile Entwicklung / Scrum Matlab Simulink SW Integration


Chrysler, Masserati, JLR, OS & Systems SW Architect, UNIX, Linux, Real-Time, Embedded, AUTOSAR, MIL, Real Time OS, MS Windows, MAC OS, Automotive, System integration, IO Framework, Nexus Modules, Loadable Modules, Power Management, VM Subsystem, Locking / Synchronization, ARM, PowerPC ports, Architecture, Porting, Performance, CPU, IO Caching, multi-core, VME bus, C/C++/C#, GUIs, IBM, HP, Bosch, ALPS, Valeo, GETRAG, Magna, Elektrobit, TRW, Marqhartd, OS Architecture, SOLARIS, OSEK, QNX, Neutrino, VxWorks, KERNEL, general, RTOS, Windows Kernel, Systems, Real-Time OS, BSW, Windows, Middleware+libraries, Back+Front End application, Firmware, BIOS, All of kernel, Core, Device Drivers, File systems, TCP/IP, networking protocol layers, schedulers, VM, Interrupt handling, Timers, Hot Plugging) Multi-Threading, Programming, middleware, DevOps, script, compilers, DB engines, system utilities, monitoring, Linux Containers, virtualization layers, custom, SWC, Network Protocols, debugging/tracebility Drivers & Extensions, compilers, ECU configuration tools, IDE plugins, Nucleus, FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS, LynxOS, AIX, IRIX, BSD, SCO, HP-UX, MPE XL/iX, Network Protocols, STREAMS, X-Windows Drivers & Extensions, All, Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 10, network NDIS, disk controller, USB, MPEG, multimedia, DLLs, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Systems Programming, Embedded systems, Multi-Threading, Source, Data Integrity, Sockets, Multi-Tier Client/Server Architecture, DBMS Design, X-Windows Drivers, routing, multicasting, VOIP, Telephony systems, encryption, steganography, DB2, MySQL, INFORMIX, ORACLE, HP-ALLBASE, ISAM, JDBM, JavaBeans, EJB, JSF, J2EE, LAMP, Apache, PHP, GUI (X-Windows), Visual Age, Forte, JDK, Eclipse, web protocols, RPC, CORBA, WCF, Node, js, Git, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Mechanize, C, C++, ASSEMBLER, Shell, sh, csh, ksh, POSIX, PERL, PYTHON, TCL / TK, JSON, YAML, C#, Java, Forth (FCode), UML, VB, Fortran, COBOL, SQL, Pascal, Ada, Prolog, R, Device Driver, PCI, SBus, VME, EISA, ISA, HP-IB, SCI, InfiniBand, PCMCIA/CardBus, MMU, PowerPC, STM, ColdFire, UltraSPARC, HP-PA RISC, MIPS, DPS coprocessors, FPGA massive array coprocessors, NVIDIA GPUs, neuro coprocessors, Frame buffers, MUX, LAN, WAN, Wireless (802.11 & Bluetooth), Fibre Channel, SCSI, Disk, Controllers, Audio/Video/DSP, Bus Bridges, Parallel & Serial I/O devices, RS-232, encoders/decoders, Biometric devices, Haptic, I2C, SPI, CAN, FlexRay, Profibus, Profinet, Integrator, SDLC, Waterfall Model (All roles), SCRUM, Kanban, Scrumban, SaFe, Scaled, Agile Framework, RAD, see V-Model, Iterative, Configuration Management, Integration Testing, ARAS, dSPACE, VBA, CAPL, gnu, multicore, Continuous Integration, abstraction layer, TresOS configuration/Integration tools, TresOS Studio, Eclipse plugins, makefile framework, C+assembler code patterns for code generator, ODX, file import, Bootloader, BSP, Ethernet, debugging, bug fixing, bugs, CDN, wrappers, ASW, OCR, OEM, quality assurance, Kamikaze, router, user interface, availability monitoring, cluster computing, Parental Control, FreeSwitch, Windows Server 2003, SIP, RTP packet handling, symmetrical RTP port, RTP, embedded Linux, operating system, code review, WAN network architecture, IPsec, API, virtual OS environment (XEN/Linux, CheckPoint Firewall software, Linux platforms, IoT, Wireless Network, Interface, modem, hardware design, fault tolerance, backbone, TCP/IP network, encoding, Linux Network drivers, DLPI, STREAMS drivers, Linux BIOS support + Linux device drivers, MISRA, static analysis, APIs, sensor, DB, backend, object detection, sensor application, API library, Python functional library, cloud, VPN, PPTP + L2TP/IPsec + IPsec, firewall, VPNs, web application, NET, Azure, wrapper, XML based design, processor architecture, compiler, AUTOSAR 3.2, Lotus, Optix, Linux kernel, biometric authentication, web interface, ActiveX, Informix 4GL code, Netconnect 3.0, Linux kernel emulator, binaries, x86, multiprocessor, Solaris kernel driver, SUN, CPU load, Red Hat Linux, XEN, virtualization, bug fixes, Linux IP tables, V100 Blade Servers, Solaris device driver, Linux and Solaris, distributed systems, Static code analysis, build environment, network interface, file transfer, HDD, UNIX (Linux, Solaris, IRIX device driver, Windows NT / Linux / Solaris, virtual 3D objects, IBM DB2, database, Solaris / Linux / AIX, Preprocessor, reverse engineering, Cobol library, code migration, UNIX shell simulation, MPE/XL shell environment, MPE operating system, Phyton, posix shell, assembler coding, decompiler, object code, PL/1, INFORMIX SQL, Oracle SQL, countless shell, batch, kernel module, UNIX kernel module, cPCI, RapidIO, Solaris device drivers, coding, Solaris 9, IP driver, checksum, data storage, biometrics, Lotus Domino, multi-threading, SS7 interface card, protocol stack, SCCP, Embedded software, system on chip, real-time system, core CPU, algorithms, aspect ratio, video processing, data conversion, VMWare, Solaris support, Fujitsu DynaMO SCSI, IDE, USB magneto-optical drives, EPP, SUN Solaris 8, Windows NT, C/C++) device drivers, mainframe, SPARC, PCI related firmware, Open Boot code, SS7, PCI-PCI, serial MUX, MPEG-2, IMS, Solaris 2.6, Windows NT driver, USENIX 1998, driver

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