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I have been working for Live Nation for 8 years, unfortunately due to Covid this has come to an end.

During my time at Ticketmaster I was in an operation support and service delivery role. This covered supporting multiple different systems from monitoring servers through to managing DNS for hundreds of domains, to supporting active directory systems. A large part of my time was spent developing Dashboards, reports and alerting systems using Slunk.
I have knowledge of
Splunk (Splunk query language, Dashboards, Alerts, Reports)
Scripting in Perl, Python, Bash, PowerShell, JavaScript, - with good knowledge of SQL and RegEx,
Active directory, DNS, Linux, Windows Patching, Pager duty.
  • 01/2020 - 06/2020

    • Live Nation
    • >10.000 employees
    • Other
  • Systems Operations / Splunk Developer
  • Creating Splunk reports to identify unusual traffic patterns. for example detecting bots / bad actors.
    One of the biggest issues Ticketmaster has is people using automated robots to buy tickets before other 'real' people can buy them, so they can sell them with a large mark up on resale sites.
    I created a number of dashboards and reports looking at many different aspects of users journey
    through the website. for example looking at page request rate from the same user ID, or an unusually high number of requests from a single IP or IP range. Also looking for spikes in IP's accessing pages for events in different counties, etc.

  • 06/2018 - 01/2019

    • Livenation
    • >10.000 employees
    • Other
  • Systems Operations / Splunk Developer
  • Writing a pogram using the Splunk API, and Active Directory to assist customer service trace users sessions and identify any errors the customer may have had during their time on the website.
    This greatly reduced the turn around time for this type of customer complaint and reduced the number of tickets sent to other 2/3rd line support teams

  • 01/2018 - 06/2018

    • Live Nation
    • >10.000 employees
    • Other
  • Systems Operations / Splunk Developer
  • Creating Splunk dashboards to monitor systems and during extremely busy periods (ie when tickets are released for a popular artists touring multiple venues and countries)

    Some of the dashboards included
    Dashboards designed to monitor server health and look for system errors
    Dashboards designed to give details on the umber of ticket been sold, broken down by type of ticket, venue, number of people waiting in a queue, number of people who have been allocated a ticket but not yet paid for Them etc.

I'm Based in Essex with easy access to London, especially the City. (would be prepared to move for 12 month contract) 
Happy to work remotely, for companies based anywhere