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Developer with a experience of 2 years in C, C++, Javascript, Python and Java

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I have 3+ years of experience working with Javascript, C, C++, Python, have worked in companies like Salesforce, IIRS ISRO. Have done various projects in fields like Network Programming, Cloud Computing, Systems Programming, Website and Application Development. Some of the projects I have done are Building Storage systems: Cloud computing, SQL queries to map reduce jobs, Compiler Construction, Shell development, Dynamic memory allocator, Tax Management Desktop application.

Some of my projects

Storage System - Cloud Computing
  • A storage system for Shopping Cart data, and an API to access the data written purely in Python
  • Features developed are Leaderless replication, data partitioning, eventual consistency
  • Used CRUSH hash function for mapping, Zookeeper for coordination, read-repair using version vectors for consistency, Flask to build the API
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Compiler Construction
  • Implemented a compiler for a custom language in C
  • Implemented modules include lexical Analyzer, Syntax Analyzer, Semantic Analyzer, and Code generator.
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Shell development - UNIX Programming
  • Implemented a command-line shell with custom features using low-level System programming and Network Programming in Unix
  • Some features supported include pipelining, I/O redirection, creating shared memory and TCP connection with a server, I/O from/to created shared memory and TCP socket
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Parallel Computing algorithms
  • Assignments done as a part of Parallel Computing course done at BITS Pilani
  • Includes implementation of Bubble Sort, Gaussian Elimination, Matrix Product using OpenMP and MPI
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Concurrent TCP webserver - HTTP GET requests
  • Implemented a prethreaded webserver supporting HTTP GET requests
  • Client requests handled in stages by pool of threads created in the beginning
  • All I/O on sockets is nonblocking
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Dynamic Allocator - Network Programming
  • Implemented a pool dynamic memory allocator in C.
  • Allocations are served out of the smallest pool that supports the user’s request, and allocations too large for any memory pool are requested from the OS directly
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Spatial data analysis - Website Development
  • Developed a website for time series analysis of variation of various available indexes used to analyse vegetation, water level etc using Landsat satellite data
  • Supports addition of your own customised indices via a GUI
  • Also supports visualizing terrain profile along a path using various available DEMs namely ASTER and SRTM
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