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Software Development Technical Consultant/Manager, Software Development Leader, Project Engineer and Analyst

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SAML, Oauth, SSO, Windchill, cloud, NET, C++ compiler, C#, VC++, Linux, IIS server, Apache Tomcat server, SQL Server, Java, J2EE, Javascript, WCF, WPF, REST, AWS, ESX, VM, Docker, OIDC, software lifecycle, Usability, scalability, Agile, Scrum, release management, quality assurance, analytics, UI, C++, OO Design, UNIX, WINDOWS, Postgres, Perl, Java Servlets, Microservices, Database, Design patterns, CAD, dynamic UI, uptime, Windows XP, VISTA, C, CORBA, Solaris, MFC, GUI, algorithms, Python, Windows OS, MFC GUI
  • 11/2010 - 01/2020

    • PTC Inc.
  • Software Development Technical Consultant/Manager
  • PTC Inc.

    Managed various stages of software lifecycle and
    actively developed industry-leading PLM software
    Windchill Risk and Reliability , used by the leaders in
    Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electronics &
    High-Tech manufacturing verticals.
    * Actively initiated and participated in architecture
    and design improving projects. Increased Usability,
    Optimized for hardware and improved scalability,
    directly contributing to the topline.
    * Implemented and managed Agile development as a
    Scrum master for a 12 member team. Practised a
    lean business model inculcating high productivity
    and accountability culture.
    * Enabled active cooperation between tech-support,
    project management, release management and
    quality assurance as a leader.
    * Directly contributed to organisation's automation
    goals including data analytics, test integrations and
    UI integrations.
    * Implemented ThingsWorx extension as a part of
    strategic initiative to help customers in their digital
    transformation goals.

    C++, C#, VC++, .NET, OO Design, UNIX, WINDOWS,Linux,
    Apache Tomcat server and Jigsaw server, Postgres, SQL
    Server, WCF, WPF, Java/J2EE, Javascript, Perl, Java Servlets,
    Microservices, REST, Cloud, AWS, ESX/VM, Docker, SSO, SAML

  • 07/2004 - 09/2010

    • PTC Inc.
  • Software Development Leader
  • PTC Inc.

    CADDS5 is a CAD tool for designing massive parts and
    assemblies. It is mainly used in Shipbuilding,
    aerospace and defense.
    * Improved usability of the product on dynamic UI
    manipulation (drag, drop, zoom, pan, rotate, scroll).
    * Implemented a distributed environment to enable
    windchill PDM actions to manage CADDS5 data.
    * Implemented a Service Manager to manage service
    uptime and management based on Windows
    Service guidelines for Windows XP and VISTA.
    * Implemented localization on the product with
    support for multi-byte languages

    C, C++, Java, CORBA, Windows, Solaris, Unix

  • 01/2003 - 07/2004

  • Project Engineer and Analyst
  • ESI Software
    Implemented a project to create a Pam-Viewer
    which enables to visualize the post processor results
    from Pam-Crash solver. This module is porting of
    XYPLOT to modularize and provide the MFC GUI.
    * Implemented the Pam-Viewer's Unit system which
    is set for the curve, data points are changed
    automatically with respective to the operation done
    on the curve.
    * Implemented algorithms to perform basic curve
    manipulations, scaling, filtering, HIC value, 3ms
    value calculations
    * Implemented a Command Interpreter (using Python
    interface) to support session files and templates
    * Implemented multi page, multi plot ui to allow user
    to group their data into pages and plots.

    C, VC++ on Windows OS, MFC GUI