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Profileimage by Markus Roder Consultant / Brand Strategist / Business Model Designer from DarmstadtEberstadt
CV - Markus Roder

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People know me as the founder of two successful advertising agencies - and as one of Germany's foremost experts on Marketing and Strategic Branding. My work is based on classic economic science, insights from Neuro- and Motivational Psychology, and includes a focus on decision research, word-of-mouth-mechanisms and Social Marketing.

I use my knowledge

  • as a brand strategist to the Fortune 500 (i.e. Procter&Gamble, Eli Lilly, Nestlé, Toyota...)
  • as a brand/project manager to large family companies (Underberg, Viessmann...)

  • to consult start-ups

My campaigns have won one Golden Effie, two Effie finalist spots, several entries into the JDW (Jahrbuch der Werbung), a bevy of minor prizes, and are regularly quoted in books and ad magazines. My main goal is to create ROI-positive “Growth Brands" with maximum impact, a clear story, an efficient touchpoint journey for consumers, and built-in evangelism. To achieve that, I analyze product features, USPs, competitive landscape and target group insights... and then set up campaigns that leverage strengths and eliminate weaknesses. I find “new users”, “new uses” and make brands relevant in people’s everyday lives - thus creating desire, loyalty/fandom and ultimately market share. This is true for anything from chewing gum to OTC pharmaceuticals.
  • 01/2014 - 12/2016

    • Mostly Germany & Switzerland
  • Founder & Consultant

  • 01/2012 - 01/2015

    • Viessmann
    • >10.000 employees
    • Architecture and civil engineering
  • Founder & Consultant
  • Main Problem:
    The digital marketing strategies/tools in Germany's market for heating and homeenergy
    systems were severely outdated - and out of touch with customer expectations.
    Viessmann in particular tracked a solid #3 among the "Big 3" (Buderus, Vaillant,
    Viessmann) when it came to brand engagement, being seen as an innovator, social
    media interactions and central brand service quality.

    Task / challenge (together with 7 other consultants):
    - Setting up a new Social Media Strategy, involving Viessmann Marketing-, Product
    Management- and Customer Service departments regarding digital change
    - Building communities and social media channels (Blog, reseller and installer
    community, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) und editorial planning per channel
    - Setting up content marketing and web properties with other companies from the
    building sector to address "modernization lag". Results are "Allianz pro
    Nachhaltigkeit" and various coops with car companies to reach the classic home
    builder target group.

    - Viessmann rises from rank 3 to rank 1 in BIG Social Maturity Ranking
    - Large increase in customer loyalty and happiness regarding
    - installation experiences
    - service quality

  • 10/2008 - 02/2012

    • elbkind GmbH
  • Co-Founder, Partner and Scientific Advisor
  • Founder of an agency with now close to 50 employees, responsible for Management,
    Client Consulting and Client Branding Strategies.
    Responsible for all "Connected Branding" aspects of client's campaigns, as well as
    the scientific foundations of advertising and media strategies.
    Involved with winning 1 Golden Effie for client Ritter Sport (Relaunch of their
    Olympia brand), 3 entries into the JDW Jahrbuch der Werbung (including Newcomer
    Agency of the Year) and several smaller honors (including "Marketing Bell" of
    Marketing Club Hamburg etc.).
    Also, developing viral campaigns and/or seeding strategies for international clients
    like Diesel Jeans ("XXX SFW" video), Samsung (Omnia "Unpacking" videos), or
    Skype ("Laughter Chain").
    Countless Paid Workshops about the topics "Neuromarketing" and "Viral
    Marketing" at companies like Glaxo Smith Kline, GMX, Miami Ad School and
    Karwendel. Lectures at Universities, including Heidelberg, Münster, Stuttgart,
    Pforzheim...) and Press Interviews (u.a. W&V, Horizont, ADZine, Werbeblogger sowie
    TV-Interview "heute Journal").
    Making sure that viral measures are based on the best available psychology ("What
    is contagious?"), yet congruent with existing Brand Images and Brand Dimensions.
    Developing "symphony strategies" to combine Buzz, Internet Video, classic PR,
    widgets, social media, classic advertising channels (!) and other platforms for
    maximum long-term impact.
    Sold my own stake in the agency to the other founders in 2012.

  • 01/2008 - 12/2010

    • Typical Example "Ritter Sport
  • Founder & Consultant
  • Main problem : Positioning of Ritter Sport Brand incorrect (seen as big, monolithic,
    removed from consumers), not different enough from competitors.

    Solution: Relaunch of "Olympia" chocolate variety, which had been cancelled in mid
    2000s due to lack of sales volume. Only 1.600 known Olympia-Fans, left - yet,
    primary goal was to sell this "fan favorite" in volume. Secondary goal: Rebranding of
    entire Ritter Sport Range into "fan-influenced/beloved chocolate/family company".

    - Established web portal, blog and social media platforms to activate fans
    - Created word-of-mouth driven consumer engagement campaign
    - Used fan quotes generated during that campaign for 4-week-ad blitz (TV + outdoor)
    - Pull strategy for retail locations

    - Established hundreds of thousands of true "brand fans"
    - Generated over 2.000 earned mentions on other blogs
    - Drove up awareness of from 21% to 67% in 10 weeks
    - Drove up brand sympathy over +25% points in 10 weeks
    - Sold 46% more chocolate than direct competitors during campaign
    - Most sold RS variety for 12 weeks AFTER campaign end (!)
    - Winner Golden Effie 2010

  • 07/2008 - 10/2008

    • United Internet AG
  • Chief Consultant "GMX & Web2.0 Tools"
  • Management of Marketing and Product Development teams at GMX.
    "Viralizing" the communities and UNDDU.DE, as well as boosting
    the Instant-Messenger-Tool "GMX MultiMessenger".
    Consulting on product policy and roadmap (which features make thecommunities
    more attractive? Where are the "recommendation potentials" and the "conversation
    hooks"?), distribution strategies and communication plan (from viral teasers to
    psychologically optimized CRM dialogue).

  • 12/2004 - 06/2008

    • DSG Dialog Solutions GmbH
  • Chief Strategic Officer
  • Developed some of Germany's most well-known and effective viral campaigns and/or
    seeding strategies for clients like Hornbach ("Ron Hammer"), OBI ("Hammer
    Juggler"), Masterfoods (Pedigree Pal "That Dog is stealing!" campaign), Microsoft
    (MSN Search "surprise"), or K-Fee ("Awake" video, featured on Jay Leno).
    Ensured that viral measures were based on the best available psychology ("What is
    contagious?"), put on the best seeding grounds ("Where are the mavens?") and
    congruent with existing brand images and dimensions.
    All campaigns reached at least 150.000 people, most of them got millions of views
    and K-Fee and OBI reached more than 10 million people without the use of
    traditional media. CPMs were less than $10 (sometimes below $1), while delivering
    impression quality comparable to $100 CPM campaigns.

  • 09/2002 - 06/2005

    • Underberg AG
  • Free Consultant
  • Responsible for the driving ROI on all BTL activities of Underberg Group (brands
    including Underberg, Schlumberger, Dettling, Asbach, Pitú, Xuxu).
    Focus on organizing the interplay between WWW, Promotions, POS Design and
    Packaging Design to maximize sales into and out of retail (included situative
    Marketing, i.e. "Ordering a Xuxu at partnering restaurants enables the buyer to send
    a free Flirt-SMS" -> generated 12.000 registered customers with phone numbers!).
    Incentivizing Retail to increase stocking of Underberg products by guaranteeing
    synchronized sales support. Directly reporting to international C-Level (Mrs.
    Hubertine Underberg-Ruder, Mr. Franz Underberg-Ruder, Dr. Rainer Bentele).

  • 08/2002 - 06/2005

    • Underberg KG
  • Free Consultant
  • Responsible for the national launch of the internet presences of Asbach, Pitú, Xuxu
    and Metaxa. Focus on interaction between Internet, Promotions and Offline-Word-of-
    Mouth for maximized sales. Opening of CRM funnel to market rare and expensive
    specialties One-to-One (i.e. "Asbach 30 years" only sold via Club/Newsletter).
    Consulting the Groups's President and the national C-Level (Mr. Emil Underberg,
    Dr. Dieter Graef) about Internet Marketing basic strategy, inclusion of sponsoring,
    interfacing with entertainment platforms and the widening of the sales funnel towards
    "earned media".

  • 11/2002 - 09/2004

    • Adam Opel AG
  • Consultant
  • Consulted and project-led
    - the relaunch of
    - the ad launch of the Signum and Meriva sedans
    - as well as the launch of the new Opel Astra
    as McCann Erickson's "Director Strategy" (self-employed, but "within the fold" of the
    lead agency of the brand). Won several awards for user-friendliness and interaction
    design of, 1st Place at "Autobild"-Test of new car configurators.
    Generated over 150.000 leads/test drives for the new Astra via CRM-Programm
    "Mein Lieblings-Astra". Responsible for Newsletter/CRM for Opel-Kunden via
    various car models, including improving the systems for identifying and automatically
    re-targeting hot leads and their transfer into dealership programs.

  • 07/2000 - 07/2002

    • Phenomedia USA, inc.
  • Founder & CEO
  • Merged my previously established company conv[inc]e, which had been purchased by
    Phenomedia AG, with the newly founded Phenomedia USA. Phenomedia USA
    produced and marketed advertising games small enough to travel "virally" and be sent
    from friend to friend, as well as monetizing those games through sponsorships from
    advertisers. Pioneered the genre in the US and established cooperation with major
    advertising clients.

    As CEO of the company, directed such areas as strategic cooperations, marketing,
    business development, and human resources.

    In the course of the business, established strategic relationships with many S&P 500
    companies and international clients (i.e. General Mills, Software AG, Deutsche Bank
    and many more).

    Managed 10 internal und 25 external staff in the US, as well as project teams at the
    German mother firm. Developed the "recommend function" of "Moorhuhn 2", that
    enabled players to send the game to friends. Phenomedia USA introduced a new
    workflow and reduced project turnaround times of alle international Phenomedia
    subsidiaries by over 10%.

    Phenomedia USA operated cashflow-positive and significantly increased the stock
    market valuation of the mother company after 14 months.

  • 11/1999 - 07/2002

    • conv[inc
  • Founder & CEO
  • Founded agency for 'Product and Brand Placement' within computer games - a
    complete innovation at the time, which has today grown into a multi-billion-dollar

    Acquired strategic cooperation contracts with companies like Levi Strauss, 3DO,
    Interplay and Maxis while managing a permanent staff of 7 international experts via
    the Internet. Acquired international cooperation with Phenomedia AG, Germany's
    biggest interactive entertainment provider at the time, and reduced their sales and
    distribution costs in the US by 15%. Eventually marketed all Phenomedia games in
    the US and acquired sponsors for them.

    Due to the successful cooperation, Phenomedia AG offered to buy me out for stock
    options and the CEO position at the newly created Phenomedia USA (see
    Phenomedia USA, inc.)

  • 03/1999 - 09/1999

    • opus5
    • 50-250 employees
    • Marketing, PR and Design
  • Head of Marketing
  • Started my career as Marketing Associate in the multimedia/e-business agency opus5
    (then one of Germany's Top30 multimedia shops). Acquired major accounts like
    Wrigley's Germany (Food) and Wella Germany (Cosmetics). Promoted to Head of
    Marketing after 6 months. Left the company to build my own agency in the US.

Up for travel ANYWHERE for the right project.
Currently tied down by my main client in Hamburg to 1 day/week though.