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Information Specialist systems development, Database Administrator, Programmer / Analyst

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  • Last update: 13.01.2021
Profileimage by Alejandro Aparicio Information Specialist systems development, Database Administrator, Programmer / Analyst from
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Experienced in Sybase Databases. Administration, trubeshooting, performance. I worked in several countries as database administrator. I achive better perfomance un big databases with very large tables. I also have experience with help desk.
  • 05/2010 - 07/2019

    • Hewlett Packard and DXC Technology
  • database administrator
  • ** Sybase Database Administration. Installation, tuning, design, tuning, definition of policies for
    backup, administration of users, upgrades and versioning.
    ** Attention and remote 24x7 support to users and servers distributed worldwide in countries
    such as USA, China, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile, among others.
    ** Member of the Senior Management Database Team composed of people from India, China,
    USA and Argentina.
    ** Migration and installation of Sybase servers in the offices of HP Colombia in Bogotá.
    ** Daily participation in conferences with teams from India, China and the USA.

    Outstanding Achievement: Monitoring and developing on client's databases allowed the renewal of
    the contract for 5 years, beating competitors like IBM.

  • 04/2006 - 05/2010

    • EDS Technology
  • Information Specialist systems development
  • ** Support for database users.
    ** Centralization of the databases of a company in Costa Rica. Development of new
    requirements and corrections of existing ones. Creation of stored procedures. Design of data
    ** Analysis of performance and tuning procedures and servers, solution of errors and
    maintaining databases (command DBCC, backups, BCP, etc.).
    ** Implementation of database replication.
    ** Preparation of Scripts Unix - AIX.

    Outstanding achievement I traveled several times a year to Costa Rica to work in the offices of a
    credit company very important in that country. Together with my work team, we centralized in Costa
    Rica a system that was distributed in different countries in Central America. This allowed the client to
    have a better administration of their company by having everything centralized by replicating the data
    of remote branches and databases migrated to the latest version available.

  • 06/2004 - 04/2006

    • Banco Santiago del Estero
  • Database Administrator
  • ** Installation and configuration of servers. Database administration. Device management.
    Management of servers and remote processes. Management and monitoring of memory,
    connections, number of locks. Control of locks between processes. Tuning of databases.
    Maintenance of integrity and debug of tables. Database backup and restores. Diagnosis of
    system problems. Performance Management. Database audit in processes and users. Role
    assignment, password management and permissions to users. Creation of work groups.
    Replication system management. Handling administrative tasks of the operating system

  • 12/1999 - 06/2004

    • Banco Santiago de Estero
  • Programmer / Analyst
  • ** Survey and analysis of end user requirements. Definition of tables, and indexes.
    ** Programming in Powerbuilder language. Use of Power Foundation Class (PFC) in
    ** Programming of queries, triggers and stored procedures in SQL language. Development of
    Client / Server applications. Creation of tables, indexes, primary keys. Register, delete and
    modify data in tables. Creation of Joins between tables with large volumes of data.
    ** Training for users in the applications developed.
    ** Programming documentation.
    ** Developing of security in applications. Assigning profiles
    ** Security users. General management of Windows operating system.
    ** Generation of OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) queries in response to the requests
    from the management level of the Bank.

  • 08/1998 - 12/1999

    • Banco Santiago de Estero
  • Operation and Help Desk
  • ** Support to users of branches and headquarters. Application troubleshooting and operating
    systems. System user training.
    ** Resolution of problems operating systems. Documentation of programming.
    ** Parameterization, support and implementation of the InterBankSys banking system.
    ** Extensive knowledge of banking operations. Leadership of work groups.
    ** Operation in the computer center. Preparation of reports. Reports printing. Maintenance of
    printers and terminals.
    ** Windows configuration and profile troubleshooting.
    ** Handling operating commands of the AS / 400 system. Control of execution of processes and
    programs written in RPG language.

    Outstanding achievements: During my time at Banco Santiago del Estero, I provided support to the
    internal users of the headquarters and its 25 branches within the province. I contributed to the
    development of systems in Power Builder totally focused on the needs of the users. I developed
    scripts and managed the databases. This allowed the bank to migrate from an RPG / 400-based system
    to a client / server system, thus increasing its number of operations and offering more products based
    on new technologies.

Available to travel.
Even my mail expertise is databases, I have experience in IT related areas, such as managment, workgroups, etc.