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Skill 1.- 3 complete implementations, from configuration throw, roll out to the users, 1 Plants in US Corrugated, USA November- December 2019. 2 Plants in México July 2019.
Skill 2.- Design create and configure an ITS SAP solution to make the good receipt of the materials in the spare parts warehouse. Implementing it in 25 Plants.
Skill 3.- Support the daily operation of 25 Plants
Personal contact with the Purchasing Manager to identify and improve the operation
                               New/Improve reports
                               Z transactions to purchase
                               Purchasing structure.
                               Release chain variations.                            
Skill 4.- Project manager in the 3 match Vendor Portal. In the portal, the vendor can visualize a new purchase order, the goods entries made, generate an Addenda, upload his invoice, see the scheduling of payment and upload his REP.
Create the ABAP specification to communicate the .xml between SAP and the vendor portal.
Ztransactions .xml created          Purchase document
                                                               Vendors Master Data
                                                               Material document
                                                               Financial document
Purchase Organization/Group
Type of validations created:
Purchase Documents indicators between Consignment, Service, or locatable items.
                               Organizational structure. Who can make modifications or visualize what?           
Tested, contemplate all the scenarios that each end-user can make, creating, and replicating all the scenarios.
Rollout operational Plant/corporate user at all levels.
Skill 5.- Made Purchase iDocs communicate with the non-SAP production system (KIWI Plant).
The layout of the interfaces regarding all the scenarios.