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  • Last update: 25.01.2021
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C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, LINQ, SPMetal, K2 BlackPearl, jQuery, JSON, Ajax, Entity Framework, VB 6.0, Office VBA, Enterprise Library, OOP, HTML, HTML5, CSS, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, VBScripts, Microsoft Office, Visio, Oracle, MySQL, SharePoint, SharePoint 2010, backend, Intranet, Document Management, UI, access rights, Unit testing, SIT, UAT, C# .NET, SharePoint 2007, Visual Studio 2010, bugs, BlackPearl, Telerik, NET, Data Import, Web Parts, Image Gallery, Project Explorer, Master Pages, SQL Server 2008 R2, SharePoint 2010 Farm, Data Migration, KwizCom, SAP HR, C, # .NET, social media, web application, Twitter, Facebook, bug fixing, development environment, SQL data, bug fixes, IIS, Hyper-V, Forefront TMG, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server Applications, Asana, Tortoise SVN, CruiseControl.NET, Backup, Akamai Console, Web Content, MOSSRAP Tools, Load Tests, SSL, Google Search Appliance, Http, database, WSS 3.0, LDAP, Server, QA Server, RND Servers, Team Foundation Server, source control, IEX, SharePoint Web Front End Servers, Applications Servers, Index Servers, Database servers, QA, RND, Server Migration, databases, SharePoint Server 2007, system administration, Open Source, FBA, YAForum.NET, wmv, ffmpeg, RSS, GUID, Servers, SQL Servers and SharePoint Servers, SharePoint Applications, Solution Explorer, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 Fail Over Server, Load Balancing, Excel, file format, Hyperion, Data Export, DTS, FTP, Axapta, SAP, DTS package, stored procedures, ASP.NET pages, Passthru, HP Procurve, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Reporting Services, Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio, NET 2003, C#Crystal Report 9.0, Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, VPN, Citrix, Oracle 9i, XtraReport, Microsoft Visual Studio, Oracle 9i iSQL*Plus, T-SQL, Microsoft Dynamics, VBA, Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, add-in, Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft .NET Framework 1, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & SDK, SDK, eConnect, Database server, IMAP, Terminal Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, DHCP, DNS, VPOP3 email, Exchange 2003 email, Windows 2003, IBM, Symantec, antivirus, Firewall, Event Viewer, shtml, CMIS, user administration, VPOP3 IMAP Server, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2003, PHP, JavaScripts, cPanel, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, coding, 3-tier, SharePoint 2003, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2001, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001, SharePoint Team Services, SharePoint Portal, Enterprise File System, FTP applications, SharePoint API, SQL Server 2000, back end, IIS 5.0, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, ASP .NET, VBScript, Infragistics Web Controls Ultra Suite 2003, XARA Webstyle 4.0, Adobe PhotoshopCS, CDO Web Storage Objects, use Solution, Dbase, DOS, WAN, SQL 2000 database, Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Infragistics 2005 COM Controls, Xceed, Visual Studio .NET 2003, OOP and Enterprise Library, Crystal Reports, Database Management, Object Oriented Programming, Microsoft Enterprise Library, MS Access 97, MS Excel Micros, ISAM Drivers, Visual Basic for Application for Data, document template, Visual Basic 6.0, Data Environment Designer, DataReport Designer, COM, ADO 2.5, MS SQL Server 7.0, MS Excel, MSDN, SQL, ADO, SQL Agent, SQLMail, Server 6.5, Lotus Data files, Rapid System, SQR Report Writer, SQL Server 7, ACCPAC, SQL Server 7.0, VBA Macros, SQL Server Query, Crystal Report 8.5, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 6.0/6.5/7, MDAC, ODBC, DOS 6.22, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98
  • 11/2014 - 04/2016

    • NCS Pte Ltd
  • Senior SharePoint Consultant
  • Projects: GIC (Government Investment Corporation)
    * SharePoint 2010, 2007 backend Intranet portal, frameworks and Enterprise Document Management
    System (EDMS), Social Community and News with customization of SharePoint applications in the
    * Maintaining and enhancement of existing Presto Framwork, EDMS, One Research, EDS
    * SharePoint UI Customization, SharePoint Backend jobs, Documents/Items level permissions and
    security, retired accounts, access rights
    * Unit testing on development, SIT, UAT and deployment to production
    Development & Administration
    * Development, enhancement, administrative and support
    * SharePoint 2010, 2007, jQuery, Ajax, C# .NET

  • 01/2013 - 09/2014

    • InfoLab Pte Ltd
  • Technical Manager
  • Projects: KTPH Intranet (Intranet, Khoo Tech Puat Hospital)
    * SharePoint 2007 backend Intranet portal with customized SharePoint applications hosting in the
    Support, Development & Administration
    * Giving administrative support and enhancements for the Intranet site.
    * SRs for Finance Payment Request, Staff Directory, Directory Updater and AD Sync, Corporate
    Booking, eBilling, Corporate Pass, Corporate Visits System, Corporate Event Calendar,
    CorporatePass Booking, Event Registration
    * SharePoint 2007, jQuery, Ajax, C# .NET
    Projects: Executive Information System (EIS) (KPI Management System, National Library Board)
    * SharePoint 2010 backend, K2 BlackPearl powered SharePoint application for approval system to
    submit the KPI information based on the frequency.
    Support, Development & Administration
    * Giving extensive supports and for the applications, For K2 BlackPearl Work Flow Processes
    using Visual Studio 2010.
    * System is going live a few months ago and a lot of issues to fix at production environment
    which is different with UAT environment.
    * Good K2 BlackPearl installation, configuration and modification. A lot of process changes in
    KPI Creation Approval, Data Resubmission, Data Update and Modification Approval work flow and
    troubleshooting the K2 Issues.
    * Changes Requests and Services Request for EIS, enhancing logic, fixing bugs and adding
    * SharePoint 2010, K2 BlackPearl, Ajax, SPMetal, Telerik, jQuery, C# .NET
    Projects: Intranet Portal (Knowledge Management System, Attorney Generals Chamber AGC))
    * SharePoint 2010 backend document collaboration system migrated from existing old system data.
    Development & Administration
    * Development (Staff Directory, Staff Information System, Staff Directory Data Import, Staff
    Directory Data Sync from AD, Division/Community Site Templates and Associate Web Parts)
    * Development of Intranet features web parts (Announcement, Banner Rotator, Image Gallery, Media
    Gallery, Useful Links, What's New, Wiki, Blog, Project Explorer, Custom Content Types, Data
    Access Layer and Entities)
    * Master Pages, Custom Content Types, Custom Site Templates, Custom Page Templates
    * Installation and configuration of SQL Server 2008 R2, SharePoint 2010 Farm in production.
    * Division Data Migration, fixing the issues and waiting for the commissioning.
    * SharePoint 2010, Ajax, SPMetal, KwizCom wiki, jQuery, C# .NET

  • 03/2012 - 12/2012

    • Dimension Data (Asia Pacific)
  • Developer III
  • Projects: Cube (Public Service Division, Prime Minister's Office)
    * Cube is highly customized SharePoint 2010 social media web application features like Twitter
    and Facebook.
    * The project includes social features i.e., User Information Profiles, People Search, News,
    Share Posts, Poll, Tags, User Groups and customized service applications for user reputation,
    meta tagging and notification.
    * Join to the Cube development team for the phase 2 roll out development. Working on
    developments and bug fixing on daily assigned tasks..
    Support, Development & Administration
    * Log the user reported issues and assign the case number. Replicate the issues in local
    development environment and make code fixing and enhancements. Deploy in UAT and staging
    environments. Generate the test cases for testers. Create deployment package and installation
    manual to deploy in Production environment after test cases has done.
    * Analyse and develop SQL data patching scripts for data bug fixes
    * Prepare monthly incident reports and issues update status report for project manager.
    * Generate monthly statistics Web Log reports for production based on the IIS Logs.
    * Development Environment Setup on Hyper-V Platform
    * Deployment to SIT & UAT Environment
    Development Tools & Technologies
    * SharePoint 2010, Hyper-V, Forefront TMG, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2
    and Server Applications, Visual Studio 2010, Telerik, Asana, Tortoise SVN, CruiseControl.NET,
    Ajax, jQuery

  • 11/2009 - 03/2012

    • Emerio GlobalSoft PTE LTD
  • Infrastructure Consultant
  • Projects: Public Web Site (DBS Bank)
    Support & Administration
    * Managing daily routine health-check, Monitoring, Content Deployment, Problem Tickets, User
    supports and troubleshooting for DBS Public Bank (
    * Disaster Recovery Practices, Backup and Recovery,
    * Controlling Web Based Akamai Console for Public Web Content refresh
    * Setting up the initial site template for DBS braches in Taiwan, India, China and helping data
    migration and site launch
    * Public Web Site Health Check Initiative Procedures and practices, MOSSRAP Tools, Load Tests
    * Web Administrations hiding HTTP Header, URL Rewrite, Mobile Redirection, SSL, Blob Cache and
    other web related security issues.
    * Risk and Health Assessment Exercises
    Development Activities
    * Implementation of Google Search Appliance in Public Web, branding the search results pages for
    POSB, DBS Personal, DBS Treasures, Configuring Collection, frontends and Connectors in GSA
    * Custom 404, Rates Online, Stock
    * URLRewriting, 301 Redirection, Http Modules
    * Mobile Redirection, Geo Redirection using IP2Location database
    * Cookie based Geo Redirection Http Module
    * Public Web Application enhancements, my Saving Account Calculator Fixed
    * Implementing NoCoreLoad component for Public Web
    Projects: Facility Booking System WSS 3.0
    * Enhancement for FBS, setting List Permission programmatically based on Role Definitions
    * Enhancements of Staff Information Data Uploading Batch Job in HRMS System
    * FBS System Enhancements, using LDAP Resources for user information
    * User Support
    Projects: Team Site WSS 3.0
    * Team Sites creating, decommissioning and application support based on the request tickets
    Projects: International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore)
    * Enterprise Document Collaborating Portal with database size around 200 GB
    Support Activities
    * Daily routine server farm health and performance check using checklist
    * Proceeding daily user request based on Ticket system.
    * Fulfil user permission issues for SharePoint site.
    * Unit testing for custom web parts at UAT Server, QA Server and RND Servers and deployment of
    applications to Production server.
    * Setup and Configuration of Team Foundation Server 2008 Server for source control of all the
    solution using in IEX Projects.
    * Monthly Server Patching (Windows Updates) to SharePoint Web Front End Servers, Applications
    Servers, Index Servers and Database servers of UAT, QA, RND and Production farm.
    Migration Duty
    * IEX2 to IEX3 Server Migration
    * Data migration to new server and separate the department folder site collections database to
    new databases
    * Create custom user permission level on each site collections
    * Writing Control Documents

  • 05/2009 - 10/2009

    • Web Professional House Pte Ltd
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Projects: Singapore Science Centre
    * SharePoint Server 2007 Backend Internet facing Web Site
    * 50% of system administration and 50% of development of project
    * Writing Documentation of Developments and Administration
    Integration: Open Source Projects
    * CKS (Community Kit for SharePoint) Form Based Authentication into SharePoint 2007.
    * YetAnotherForum.NET Forum into SharePoint application zone and Inherit SharePoint
    * Custom MasterPage, Custom Themes, Content Types, Page Layouts and CSS
    * FBA Custom Login web part to authenticate with SharePoint and YAForum.NET
    * Member Profile Personalisation Web Parts and other community related web parts.
    * Video file uploading webpart that can upload and convert mepg, wmv, avi files into flash movie
    file using ffmpeg encoder
    * RSS Feeder, Reader, User Poll web parts
    * Custom Work Flows
    * SharePoint Server 2007 Farm Setup, Add Content, Application and Web Front End Servers into the
    farm and configuring Server Services in UAT, SIT, Production using stsadm and psconfig
    utilities to avoid the Config Database with automatic GUID name.
    * Applying latest Services Packs and cumulative updates to Windows Servers, SQL Servers and
    SharePoint Servers.
    * Creating SharePoint Applications, configuring Shared Services and search services.
    * Deploying webparts using Solution Explorer
    * Configuring Form Based Authentication in Internet farm, Configuring Alternative Access Mapping
    * Configuring Content deployment
    * Extend the web application into anonymous site
    * Fail Over Cluster Server configuring on Windows Server 2008
    * SQL Server 2008 Fail Over Server setup (Preparation and Completion)
    * Network Load Balancing Server Setup
    * Data Migration of Development environment to SIT and Production farm.

  • 03/2008 - 04/2009

    • Ryder-Ascent Logistics Pte Ltd
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Projects: IGOTS (Internet Global Order Tracking System)
    * Client to Alcatel-Lucent
    * Online Visibility for Order Tracking and get the data with downloadable Excel file format.
    Projects: Hyperion Data Export
    * Client to Ryder USA
    * Scheduled DTS packaged to upload required financial data to the Head Office FTP
    * Based on the US work days, the DTS connect to the Axapta database to get the financial
    information of required clients, export as CSV text format and upload to the Head Office FTP
    server. Loop the same process for all required clients.
    Project: Fusion PIMA
    * Client to HP
    * Upload the SAP order data into the system, process the data and generate required calculated
    * Implementation: Design the database tables like SAP data columns. Import the uploaded data
    with DTS package. Develop the stored procedures based on the requirements to get the
    Incoming/Outgoing report, TAT report, Hub Status report. Design the ASP.NET pages to process
    and update the data and query page to generate and download the report with Excel file format.
    Project: Remote Intelligent Shopfloor System (RISS)
    * Client to HP Procurve Networking
    * The RemoteScan batch processor downloads the uploaded HP SAP order data into the system and
    generates the structure report. The operation need to make the order based on the structure
    report. Scan the serial number and process the local order. Print the Product Label, MRP Label
    and Pallet Labels.
    * Implementation: RISS is third party application developed by LogiCode. Base on the new
    requirement, I have to remove the multi-station scanning device and need to development the
    same function like the scanning device is processing. And change the program logics based on
    the new requirements.
    Project: Procurve Passthru
    * Client to HP Procurve Networking for F1
    * The RemoteScan batch processor downloads the uploaded HP SAP order data into the system and
    generates the structure report. The operation need to make the order based on the structure
    report. Scan the serial number and process the pass through order. Print the Product Label,
    MRP Label and Pallet Labels.
    * This system is developed by ex-developer to use in F2 line. I have to change the program
    logics to use in new F1 line. Base on the new requirements, I have to develop the over-pack
    scanning, auto pallet splitting and generate new reports. Deploy the applications to the new
    production lines.
    Project: LRP Waterfall Report Application
    * Client to HP & Ryder Procurement Department
    * The user uploads the focus data with Excel format. The system will generate the Waterfall
    focus data with downloadable Excel format.
    * Design database tables to keep the daily uploaded focus data. Generate the Waterfall focus
    report with required part number and generate downloadable Excel file link for the user.
    * 10% of user supports and 90% of development, handle the support for current running
    applications. Need to take the rotation duty for Monthly Routine Shutdown of Servers, Weekly
    Standby and Month End closing job. I need to solve some hardware issues for users while I was
    night shift duty and when the system engineer is not available. Need to write control
    documentations for the systems.
    Development Tools
    * Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Reporting Services, Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, Microsoft Visual
    Basic 6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003, ASP.NET with VB.NET & C#Crystal Report 9.0, Microsoft .NET
    Framework 1.1, 2.0, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Visio, Tortoise SVN, Microsoft Navision
    Axapta, Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, VPN, Citrix, Oracle 9i, XtraReport, Microsoft Visual Studio
    2008 Express Editions, IIS, Oracle 9i iSQL*Plus, T-SQL, DTS, VBScripts

  • 07/2007 - 02/2008

    • IdealSoft Pte Ltd
  • Senior Software Developer
  • * Member of customize Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Project, SAL-Stake Holding System, SAL-NES
    Phase II (New Enterprise System)
    * Customizing the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (version 8 and version 9) forms with VBA
    Codes. Develop customize forms base on the user requirements.
    * Create/Modify new or existing GP reports with Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writers.
    * Administrating the Great Plains Object permission.
    * Installation and Configuring the Windows Server 2003 Active Directory to use Group Policy
    deployment package for the customized add-in Microsoft Dynamics GP Packages for installation
    on each client.
    * Installed and configured SharePoint Server 2007 in multiple environments (Virtual Environment,
    * Configuring Form Based Authentication with AD in SharePoint for Elsevier. Branding master
    page, custom web parts, content types and Content pages.
    * Development of Advanced Search Web Part using Elsevier Web Services RSS feeds.
    * Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Reporting Services, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft .NET
    Framework 1.1, 2.0, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005, XML, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & SDK,
    Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains & SDK. Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect. Windows Server 2003
    IIS, Active Directory, Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

  • 04/2006 - 07/2007

    • Skylift Consolidator (PTE) Ltd
  • IT Executive
  • * System Administrator of the small business Network.
    * Manage ediEnterprise ( application on Database server, VPOP3 Email using
    IMAP, Terminal Server and Exchange Server
    * Installation and maintenance of Server applications: SQL Server, DHCP, IIS, Active Directory,
    DNS, VPOP3 email, Exchange 2003 email, Terminal Server on Windows 2003 (SP1, R2, SP2) on HP
    Proliant ML110, HP Proliant ML350, IBM xSeries 205 and HP DL 380G5 5140 SG AP Servers.
    * Configuring Symantec System Centre v10x to control antivirus for all clients around 60~70.
    * Configuring security settings on Cisco C877-K9 Router and SPAM and web filtering on FortiGate
    50B Firewall.
    * Data backup using HP StroageWorks 1/8 Ultrium 960 Autoloader and Windows Default Backup.
    * Monitoring server status using Event Viewer and make required operation system updates.
    * System administration, incident reporting and maintenance on company's application named
    ediEnterprise ( Logistics
    Solution Enterprise System.
    * ediEnterprise Batch Processors, Email server connection and traffics, SPAM filters.
    * Maintenance of HR System, Tradenet System, CMIS System and xPortal System, OAG, IATA systems.
    * Network configuration and user administration on Active Directory Domain, Email, ediEnterprise
    * Email configuration of every users using VPOP3 IMAP Server and Outlook Express and Microsoft
    Outlook 2003.
    * In house software development for Warehouse Management System for Sea Freight Department.
    * Configuring Web Services for Online Tracking System with PIL Logistics.
    * Maintaining Company Web site (

  • 01/2006 - 03/2006

    • United Nation Information Centre
  • UN Internship Staff
  • * Develop web site for UNIC, Yangon, IT Supports for UNIC office
    * Publish the activities of UNIC, Yangon to Internet
    * PHP, JavaScripts, MySQL, cPanel, Dreamweaver, Photoshop CS2

  • 03/2004 - 10/2005

    • Global Technology Co., Ltd
  • Senior Application Developer, Team Lead, Program Manager
  • * Staff recruitment and evaluation, Time and Taskforce Management
    * Managed team members and lead the E-Government Projects.
    * Review Daily Progress Reports from project team.
    * Report projects' status to executive level management as well as to customers (Ministries).
    * Attend project meetings, prepare project quotations with Business System Options and Technical
    System Options.
    * Analyst and design for the systems and Database Structures.
    * Setup and Configuring SourceSafe.
    * Implementing, coding and Bug fix for the 3-tier Web/Windows based distributed applications.
    * Developing data migration services.
    * Coordinating the timely delivery of quality products.
    * company-wide SharePoint 2003 Implementation and Designing
    Projects: Enterprise File System based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2001
    * Designed solution using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001, SharePoint Team Services and
    digital dashboard technology
    * Configured SharePoint Portal Server and Team Services
    * The implementation of customized Enterprise File System, SharePoint portal customizing, and
    migration of existing FTP applications into to new portal server.
    * Developed custom functionality such as multiple documents upload and document move with the
    SharePoint API using ASP.Net and C#
    * Developed training material and conducted training sessions to end users
    * Clients are Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transportation, Irrigation Department, Settlements
    and Land Records Department, Institute of Maritime Technology
    * SQL Server 2000 back end, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2001, IIS 5.0. Microsoft Visual Studio
    .NET 2003, ASP .NET, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, XML, Infragistics Web Controls Ultra Suite
    2003, XARA Webstyle 4.0, Adobe PhotoshopCS, CDO Web Storage Objects, VBScript & JavaScript in
    HTML and ASP .NET, use Solution as Portal Web Part.
    Project: Motor Vehicles Information & Control System (MVICS)
    * Information System of all the vehicles registered in Myanmar and transaction tracking of all
    the vehicles licence newel and other changes.
    * To revamp the current Dbase system running on DOS which has so much data redundant, many
    double entry jobs and much integrity checking
    * WAN based centralize database system that would overcome the information delay between head
    office and regional offices
    * System Analyst and Developer for entire System
    * Information (nearly 1 million of vehicle records) and transactions (nearly 8 million records)
    from several DBASE files and combines them all into SQL 2000 database.
    * Client/server based application of MVICS for head office users and web based application for
    remote site users
    * Integrating MVICS with Storage System for keeping vehicle images that would be millions of
    vehicle photos taken at license renewal time.
    * Application Security & Access Control, related reports, data Backup & Restore System
    * SQL Server 2000 back end, Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Infragistics 2005 COM Controls, Xceed
    Ultimate Suite 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003

    Projects: Student Information System, Library Information System, Inventory Control System
    * System Analyst and Developer of Information based applications and reporting systems using OOP
    and Enterprise Library
    * Data Importing and Migration
    * SQL Server 2000 back end, Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Infragistics 2005 COM Controls, Crystal

  • 09/2000 - 11/2003

    • Myanmar Brewery Ltd
  • Information Technological Officer/Executive/MIS Officer
  • Projects: Clinic Information System, Vehicle Information System, Call Accounting System, Internet
    Logging System
    * Developer of departmental Database Management Systems
    * Object Oriented Programming with Microsoft Enterprise Library
    * MS Access 97, MS Excel Micros, ISAM Drivers, Visual Basic for Application for Data
    Manipulating and Reporting
    * Made document templates for ISO standard documents, Excel document template for most of the
    Official Document Form formats that currently used in Myanmar Brewery and Work Instructions
    document templates for ISO documentations.
    * Visual Basic 6.0, Data Environment Designer, DataReport Designer, COM, ADO 2.5, MS SQL Server
    7.0, MS Excel, MSDN Library, SQL Query Analyser, ADO Command and SQL Stored Procedures.
    Projects: MAXIMO® 4.0.2 Enterprise Asset Management System
    * System Administrator for implementing enterprise system from MRO Software, USA
    * Work Order, Inventory Control, Purchase Requestion, Purchase Orders,
    * Data Migration from old systems
    * Integrate Mail Alert system for Work Order application using SQL Agent, SQLMail, SQL Linked
    SERVER and SQL Stored Procedures.
    * SQL Server 6.5, Lotus Data files from Rapid System, MS Excel, SQR Report Writer, Centura
    Object Nationalizer, SQL Server 7 Query Analyser.
    Projects: ACCPAC® Corporate Version 4.2 for Windows
    * System Administrator for implementing enterprise accounting system from ACCPAC.
    * Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Material Received, Inventory Control, Account Payable,
    General Ledger
    * SQL Server 7.0, VBA Macros, MS Excel, SQL Server Query Analyser, Crystal Report 8.5

  • 08/1999 - 08/2000

    • Winner Computer Group
  • Application Programmer
  • * Member of team developing Database Management Systems for Government Projects (Department of
    Health Programme, Yangon University IntraWeb, Education Planning)
    * Client Services for Government Database Systems (CID, Special Branch)
    * Maintenance Operator of PLC Software for Compact Disc Manufacturing machine
    * Sales Information System of Myanmar Brewery Ltd.
    * Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 6.0/6.5/7, MDAC and ODBC

  • 07/1997 - 05/1998

    • Winner Computer Group
  • System Engineer
  • * Installation, maintenance, servicing & troubleshooting of computer system (Hardware, Operation
    System and Application Software). Mainly installation of DOS 6.22, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98.