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Dubchak Oleksandr

Junior Python Developer

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  • Last update: 09.02.2021
Profileimage by Dubchak Oleksandr Junior Python Developer from Kyiv
CV - Dubchak Oleksandr

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Python - solid knowledge of the language. Worked with things like decorators, iterators, generators, async functions and many more.
Django - overall and straightforward knowledge of the framework. Completed several courses and some books on it. About a dozen of pet projects were written on it.
fastAPI -basic knowledge.
Django REST framework - worked with it on some of my projects without diving into details of the framework. Understanding of serializers, generic views and routers.
Relational databases, SQL, PostgreSQL - the ability to project a database from scratch. Knowledge of normalization and how to write queries that include multiple tables in SQL.
Html/CSS - Knowledge of the most frequently used HTML tags. Ability to create webpages from a template. Worked with CSS frameworks like Bulma, materialUI, bootstrap.
Javascript - good understanding of the language.
React - Worked with it on many pet projects. I know about hooks, class components, lifecycle and many more.
Git - can work with basic stuff like branches, commits, pushes pulls and pull-requests.
Docker - basic level. I can start and stop containers, pull images, check status, write basic Dockerfiles and docker-compose files.
Linux - 1-year experience of using Ubuntu as the main OS.
AI and ML - understanding the core concepts of neural networks. Have created a few of my own convolution neural networks. Know a bunch of ML algorithms.