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C++, Python, Lua, Java, AUTOSAR, MISRA, Automotive SPICE, SOME/IP, Reprocessing, Flexray, CAN, Macintosh OS, Unix/Linux, Windows, JIRA, Workfront, Confluence, Swarm, Atlassian tools, Coverity, VLD, Wireshark, Visual Studio, Eclipse, CLion, VS Code, Software Design Patterns, Bazel, Cmake, Jenkins, Docker, OOPS concepts and Programming, C++(11/14/17/20, Ethernet, ROS, algorithm, C, JUCE, Free RTOS, Linux, VST, SPI, UART, SVM, scriptable, algorithms, decoding, firmware, FreeRTOS, memory management, theAudio DSP code, GUI, LibRTMP, Android, Google oAuth Api, H.264, Encoding, Wowza, RTMP, live streaming, Desktop application, broadcasting, broadcast, Youtube, backend, Objective-C, iOS, Macintosh, HLS, HTTP Live Streaming, HTTP, Streaming, Cross platform, CRM, REST API, mobile application, Storyboard, UI, API, Tivo, Toshiba, Open CV, POC, SDK, rendering, media library, Adobe After Effects, wav, bit depth
  • 08/2019 - 03/2021

    • KPIT TechnologiesGmbH
  • Software Designer

  • 08/2019 - 03/2021

    • KPIT Technologies GmbH
  • Software Designer
  • BMW Autonomous Driving Platform: (C++, SOME/IP, CAN, Flexray and Ethernet, MD, ROS, QT, Agile, LESS, CI,CD)
    Comparing the result of Ground Truth and the Reprocessed data. Generating the error report to benchmark the algorithm.
    * Product backlog refinement and sprint planning includingitem detailing, task breakdown, development and codereview.
    * Writing the modular, reusable and unit test for thecode.
    * Bridge Head and Conducting the Sprint Bazaar to showcasethe product.

  • 05/2015 - 07/2019

    • Knowles Corporation
  • Staff Engineer
  • AuViD: (C++, C, Lua, Python, JUCE, Free RTOS, Linux, Jenkins, VST plug in, I2C, SPI, Serial-UART, VST,SVM)
    A scriptable cross-platform IDE designed to tune and communicate to Knowles range of Voice Processing Chipset.
    * Probing and collecting the debug data over differentcontrol interfaces to diagnose the problems in firmwareand algorithms.
    * Creating the modules for decoding the collected data and producing the probing result in human understandableform.
    * Communicating with android hosts through device drivers
    * Integrated the Lua scripting mechanism in firmwarecode for running the scripts for tweaking the parametersof the firmware.
    * Looking into the memory efficient ways for integratingthe Lua in FreeRTOS. Handling memory management.
    * VST plugin for quickly verifying and validating theAudio DSP code. Add features in Algo code.
    * Providing the GUI for Visualizing the various graphsand plots.

  • 01/2014 - 04/2015

    • Mamigo Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Momentz: (C++, JAVA, LibRTMP, Android, Google oAuth Api, H.264 Encoding)
    An android application to live stream video from mobile camera into YouTube, Wowza or other streaming server.
    * Integrating the RTMP protocol and streaming the datato the server using h.264 format.
    * Handling the lip sync and live streaming issues. Integratingthe google account authorization.
    * Handling the live streaming event creation and startingthe streaming.

    Desktop application for broadcasting sports captured from different IP Cameras and broadcast the live event into Wowza or Youtube server.
    * Creating the screen layout and design. Implementingthe backend functionalities.

  • 08/2012 - 03/2013

    • Rebaca Technologies Limited
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • i4VU: (Objective-C, iOS, Macintosh, HLS Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming)
    A video on demand application used for playing VOD. It used HLS streams for streaming the contents of the data.
    * Collecting data for analysis using WireShark. Analysisof packet drops and network latencies.
    * Playback of the video and handling the video on video(PIP) playback. Switching between different videos.

    ConferenceIn: (C++, HTTP Live Streaming, Cross platform, Objective-C, iOS, Macintosh, HLS Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming)
    A video conference tool.
    * Handling the various modules like capture of audioand video, encoding the audio and video, decodingthe audio and video,
    playback of the audio and video etc.

  • 10/2010 - 08/2012

    • Wipro Technologies Limited
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Trace CRM: : (Objective-C, iOs, Macintosh, REST API)
    Trace Customer Relationship Manager is a Wipro internal mobile application for travel request and approval process.
    * Create Storyboard UI for different pages.
    * Add backend functionality for handling the RESt API's/
    * Involve in discussion and create tasks for the same.
    * Proof of Concept projects for Tivo and Toshiba (C++,Open CV, POC)

  • 10/2007 - 10/2010

    • Creative Genius Software India Pvt Ltd
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Juicer 3.0: (C++, Boost, JUCE, VST plug in, AdobeAfter Effects SDK, Cross Platform)
    A free media management and rendering tool that supports Digital Juice products including all animation, sound effects/music, film/video
    clips and still graphics. The Juicer lets you browse, preview, search and sort the tens of thousands of clips that make up the Digital Juice
    media library and then copies and convert those files into formats that are compatible with your editing software.
    * Development of Adobe After Effects plug-in calledColour Rules.
    * Audio multi track editing and mixing functionality.
    * The conversion of file formats(wav, flac, ogg Audiofiles), sample rate, bit depth, pitch shifting andaudio stretching.
    * Fadein and Fadeout for Audio Tracks. Crossfade betweenaudio segments. Rendering the mixed audio files.