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Attila Végh

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not available until 08/31/2021
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Database administration and extended software development on the following databases:
   Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, H2, SqlLite, Microsoft Access

Nodejs experiences:
   Redux, React, Mocha, Typescript, HandleBars, Express and many more

Operation system administration
   Microsoft Windows, Debian linux, Ubuntu, Oracle Solaris, MS DOS

Experience in Programming languages:
Java, javaScript, language C, C++, microsoft C#, Oracle SQL, Oracle Pl/SQL, Oracle SQL*Plus, Oracle DBMS, Oracle RMAN, power builder, Object Pascal,
   Logi.CAD FBD, SCL, IEC 61131-3, Perl, linux bash, windows shell, PHP, Matlab, Simatic Step 7, Flash, Python, ZX80 assembler, BASIC, Turbo Pascal

Experince with Development environments:
  Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Data Modeler, Oracle Reports Builder, STS - Spring Tool Suit, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, 
  AllroundAutomations PL/SQL DEVELOPER, Power Builder, OrCAD PSpice Designer, Logi.CAD, QT Creator, Unity, Eclipse, Blender, TOAD, Matlab,
  MathCAD, Vitis, Wireshark, LTspice, Netbeans, Delphi

Used Technologies & libraries in short:
   Oracle Advanced Queue, Oracle sqlldr, Oracle statspack, Oracle Datawarehouse, Oracle’s Siebel 8.0, TIBCO’s EAI platform, Autodesk AutoCAD,
   Rasperry Pi, PcDuino, Arduino, Xilinx FPGA, JQuery & libraries, Javascript & libraries, CSS, websockets, nodejs, PHP, Ajax, REST, CORBA, OCILIB,
   Spring, socket, ImGUI, SDL, Linux/Windows OS, COM objects, PCL, Eigen, ANN, FLANN, Google ProtoBuf, VMWare, Kupernetes, SVN, GIT, DLL, SO,
   RS-232, POP3, SMTP, telnet, VoIP, Hibernate, QT, HTML, SGML, JSON, XML Schema, XSD, DTD, XML DOM, XML XPath, XML XSLT, XML XQuery,
   XML WSDL, XML SOAP, Apache activeMQ, Apache Ant, Apache Batik, Apache Camel, Apache Commons libs, Apacha Kafka, Apache log4j, Apache Maven,
   Apache Zookeper, Apache Xerces, Apache Xalan, Adobe flex, Adobe flash, JDBC, ODBC, OSGI, JPA, Swing, JavaFX, Log4J, JUnit, JMeter, JNDI, Jython,
   Servlets, c++ boost, libcap, scrapy, ACE, QT, gRPC, Microsoft SourceSafe, Unity shader program HLSL, PTC Vuforia AR, CRON, SSH, SNMP, FTP, SFTP,
   TCP/IP, GPRS, ICMP, OSPF, SS7 in 2G, 3G networks, PSD2 API, Custom Protocol stack (ISO-OSI), UDP, HTTP 1.1, 2, HTTPS, NMS, DNS, SIP, IPv4, v6,
   ARP, OpenCV, Eclipse EMF, Eclipse GEF, Eclipse XTEXT, Eclipse XTEND, Eclipse CDT, Eclipse BIRT, Eclipse RCPTT, Microsoft TFS, AWS, Maven, libjpeg,
   jpeg2000, nodeJs, Redux, React, Mocha, Typescript, HandleBars, Express and many more ....

CG programming experiences: 
   OpenCV, libjpeg, jpeg2000, PCL

Low level programming experiences:
  language C, C++, assembler x86
  • 08/2019 - Present

    • Freelancer
    • < 10 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Developer
  • Name of the project:  Software as a Service (SaaS) API platform
    Project description
    This solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) API platform, enabling B2B2C partners to build impactful financial products as Plug-and-Play solution in their microservice architecture. Enables  business clients to have best-in-class interfaces with reduced back-end complexity. 

    Description of activities
    • Profound understanding of ‘API economy’ concepts and use cases such as PSD2 and Open Banking
    • Experience with implementing authentication using oauth, PSD2
    • Experience with DevOps culture and tools such as Gitlab and Jenkins for CI/CD
    • Responsible for designing, implementing API solutions and strategy and building APIs that ensure security, usability, and reliability
    • Maintain and evolve the API platform (development, testing, defect management) 
    VSCode, NodeJS, PSD2 AIS API, Oauth, Javascript, Postman, Ubuntu, kubernetes

    Name of the project: Standalone Desktop application semi-automatic 2D planner
    Project description
    Designed and implemented a novel 2D plan calculation application to create 2D plan from any 3D building mesh or point cloude data scanned by FARO laser scanner. The main application is build on Unity. The calculation engine is implemented in C++ as native DLL. The result of the data processing is an AutoCAD dxf file, what contains the calculated 2D plan.

    Description of activities
    • Solid understanding of Faro 3D laser scaner output( ply,cloud,.. formats)
    • Experience and strong understanding 3D development (computer graphics)
    • Maintain and evolve the API platform (development, testing, defect management)
    • Experience with Unity Shaderlab to create shader effects with CG/HLSL
    • Experience in graphics pipeline and knowledge to problem solving shading issues
    • Solid understanding of the Unity Gaming engine
    • Experience with PointClode processing using PCL library and Geometrical calculations using Boost::geometry library
    • Experience with Libpng library to create jpeg images from point clode data
    • A deep understanding of the AutoCAD dxf file format, created a dxfWriter library
    • Experience with CrashRpt library to send error report at application crash 
    MSVisual Studio, Unity3D,  Unity CG/HLSL, C#, C++17, OpenGL, Glew, SDL2, GLM, libPng, Boost, PCL, CrashRpt, Faro, PointCloude, imGUI

  • 05/2017 - 08/2019

    • Develogics k.s.
    • 10-50 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Software Engineer
  • Name of the project: Debt management and collections system
    Project description
    Today's economic environment has resulted in more difficult challenges. Increasing cash flow,
    operational efficiency and collector productivity, have become urgent priorities . This new dept
    management system can handle thousands of clients with minimum human intervention.

    Description of activities
    • Implementing online portal where customers can make payments in a discreet and convenient way.
    • Creating analytics and models to help determine the most appropriate contact time and channel.
    • Pulls in data from a range of sources to create an accurate view of the customer.
    • Design database model for dept management.
    • Design and implement microservices in java for exports and message delivery handling. Implementing business logic in database as stored procedures
    • Implementing algorithms for calculating debt, handle payments, notify clients to pay before due date, etc.
    • Identify problems and develop appropriate solutions
    Tomcat, Java, spring, Groovy, Grails, Git, eclipse, IntelliJ, CentOs, bash, MariaDB

    Name of the project: LogiCAD Programming platform for industrial controllers
    Project description
    Logi.CAD is the engineering software for creating controller applications for industrial automation.
    Systems can be programmed in accordance with the industry norm IEC 61131-3. I have cooperated to
    implement new features in FBD editor and code generation.

    Description of activities
    • Implementing language features into logi.CAD development environment
    • Implementing namespaces and state machines by IEC61131-3
    • Implementing code formatter
    • Implementing use case handlers
    • Developing unit and integration tests
    Java, eclipse, OSGI, osgi plugins, Java FX, language C, XTEXT, Git

  • 11/2010 - 05/2017

    • Slovak Telekom, a.s.
    • 500-1000 employees
    • Telecommunications
  • Network service specialist
  • Name of the project: Core network management system
    Project description
    CNMS is a set of applications that lets network engineers manage a network's independent components
    inside a huge core network. Identifies, configures, monitors, updates and troubleshoots network
    devices. Displays the performance data collected from each network component, allowing network
    engineers to make changes as needed.

    Description of activities
    • Development of automated applications systems to support the business needs of the core network and network engineering tasks. This includes review and analysis of user functions and activities, evaluation of available resources and current systems, and the development and testing of appropriate programs and systems.
    • Algorithmization of the tasks of repeating business processes
    • Design and develop automated data capture using SNMP protocol and CLI commands
    • Developing automation engine to configure ISP core network devices via templates L2, L3
    • Implemented an auto-discover feature to find devices on network and reports back on their status
    • Design and develop configurable reporting system with capability to send reports by e-mail with zipped XLS attachment
    • Configure and create sql Reports for automated reporting system
    • Developed datamart for reporting in Oracle database
    • Implemented profile based system access with dynamic group, user and action associations
    • Developed a plugin into Tomcat server to handle communication with Oracle database via Oracle AQ
    • Developed asynchronous communication channel with web GUI via Web sockets
    • Developed micro service to lookup hardware prices from internet sites
    • Implemented message routing between database, GUI and micro services using Apache ActiveMQ and Apache Zookeper
    • Development of multi threaded applications for fast communication with telecommunication devices using the snmp protocol
    • Optimizing algorithms and strategy to achieve a better user experience
    • Design and development of data warehouse on Oracle platform, design a structured storage of telecommunication equipment and related parameters, and create statistical reports in SQL using oracle statistical and transformation functions.
    • Development of module to generate alerts from malfunctioning on the network using online Data Warehouse
    • Deploying networked applications and services in a distributed environment
    • Experience in creating SQL loader scripts to load data from flat files into the database
    • Develop and maintain Perl scripts that process data from vendors and others sources
    • Worked on Solaris Batch scripting, scheduling jobs (cron) and monitoring logs
    • Web design using HTML, AJAX, Javascript, DocuWiki, Jquery on Tomcat web server
    Eclipse, Oracle developer, Netbeans, Linux, Java, php, html, Jquery, PL/SQL, Tomcat cluster, Oracle database, JMS, ActiveMQ, Zookeeper, Java Servlets, Websockets, Oracle Advance Queue, Oracle DBMS, oracle sqlloader, SNMP, SVN, ssh, telnet, cisco, extreme devices, alcatel, huawei etc.

  • 04/2007 - 11/2010

    • CN Resources International, s.r.o.
    • 50-250 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Software Engineer
  • Name of the project: Call tracker for SIP protocol
    Project description
    Call Tracker software is used to listen and review SIP call records. Support live monitor feature to
    listen to calls in progress. Search call records for specific calls by date, time, or phone number.

    Description of activities
    • Designed system specification for high data throughput and small CPU load
    • Implemented a real-time network data decoding and correlation with CPU load smaller then 0.5%.(PCAP library used 42% for packet filtering)
    • Developed a server-side application logic (Voip decoder, call state machine, central server)
    • Developed custom micro service protocol stack
    • Designed and implemented the Central server (start up, remote reconfiguration of micro services, etc.)
    • Designed SIP protocol decoder based on RFC specifications
    • Implemented SIP decoder and test on real traffic captured from the network
    • Implemented generation of notification messages about state machine changes (INIT, RING, CLOSED, etc.) for Database Writer
    • Enhanced and fixed some issues in Java based GUI
    Eclipse CDT, eclipse for Java, MySql, SVN, Java 7, C++, BOOST C++ libraries

    Name of the project: Big Data Analytics Solution
    Project description
    Big Data Analytics Solution is the market leading multi-technology solution that gives 24 x 7 x 365
    visibility of network and services in near real time. Analytics allows you to build a
    multi-dimensional data driven view of your customers, network, applications and devices by the
    billions of call detail records. State-of-the-art visualizations are combined with in memory
    analytics and predictive analysis of key business metrics to give you a view of not only the past,
    but also of the future.

    Description of activities
    • Developing different DWH applications for the MasterClaw system allowing the monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in different parts of monitored GPRS, UMTS, IP and VoIP networks
    • Responsible for loading, extracting and validation of network data
    • Design and develop materialized views, dimensions for the specified field of network services
    • Define and develop transformation functions in Java
    • Implements XML configuration files for datawarehose framework to read, transform and load network data
    • Analyze RFCs to define transformation rules
    • Definition of business reports in Oracle BI Discoverer

    Eclipse, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Developer, Oracle, Postgre, SVN, Java 7, Oracle Views, Materialized Views, Dimensions, Oracle DBMS packages

    Name of the project: NetClaw - MasterClaw Network Quality Monitoring
    Project description
    NetClaw is an advanced network and service performance analyzer to troubleshoot and optimize new and
    existing services across GSM, GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, and SS7/IP networks in a single box. In addition to
    capturing data, monitoring and troubleshooting, NetClaw efficiently tests the interoperability of
    different technologies and reduces operational costs as networks grow increasingly complex.

    Description of activities
    • Work on core technology team with a focus on the scalability and overall architecture
    • Modify Java swing based GUI for network configuration tool
    • Investigation of application errors and bugfixing
    • Design and implementation of backup shell scripts
    • Experience designing sql data models
    • Improve existing Java programs by analyzing and identifying areas for improvement
    • Experience developing applications with CORBA

    Java SE 7, CDM(custom data model), CORBA, python

    Name of the project: Compass Wireless post-processing tool
    Project description
    Compass helps improve QoS and QoE to subscribers by easily verifying network element configuration,
    identifying changes in traffic patterns on a timely basis and providing early warning of most any
    network performance problem. Compass provides the ideal tool to address the full range of network
    issues such as dropped calls, poor network coverage and reduced call quality.

    Description of activities
    • Implements captured data file readers for various file format like, pcap, dmp, tr1, rf5, etc.
    • Strong experience with decoding and correlating complex data packets captured from wireless networks (GSM,GPRS,UMTS)
    • Correlation of interfaces and protocols over technologies
    • Design database tables and create data mapper for the decoded data to mySql database
    • Write data directly into datafile to avoid server lower performance
    • Analyze captured data to find out decoder errors
    • Analyze data to detect missing packets and implements call trace recovering
    • Write analytical sql queries for business reports
    • Analyze sql queries to find out bugs or performance issues
    • Implementation of drill-down features
    • Implementing huge list of predefined statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) including analysis of dropped calls and handover problems as well as analysis of path loss and neighbor list
    • Maintenance of License manager application for license dongles
    • Support license renewal
    Microsoft Visual Studio, eclipse, MySql, SVN, Microsoft C++.NET, Boost C++ libraries, C++, Mysql, Sql, Java 7, OSGI Plug-in development, Jython, BIRT java libraries, NSIS installer creator

  • 03/2005 - 04/2007

    • Soluziona a.s.
    • 50-250 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Software Engineer
  • Name of the project: Open SGC Utilities
    Project description
    Open SGC provides an integral solution for commercial management at public utility companies, such
    as electricity, gas, water, telephone, and cable television. It's designed to provide integral
    support to customer-management related processes. The system covers all the management processes of
    a cycle (reading, billing and collection) and supports the needs of markets.

    Description of activities
    • Participated in all steps of Software Development Lifecycle: analysis of customer requirements, development, implementation, tests
    • Design and implement GUI and business logic for customer related processes, for example:
    • Customer management (large, small and medium-sized businesses, residents, temporary customers)
    • Customer account management(also nested accounts)
    • Delivery point management
    • Work-flow implementation for readings, non
    • Work-flow implementation of service orders(meter installation, reading, disconnection, etc.)
    • Implementation of printed matter of contracts, requests, service orders
    • Design statistical reports about storehouse
    • Implementation of meter Lifecycle in openMedidores Application
    • Implementation and test batch processes
    • Fix production issues and rework code for higher performance and stability