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Last update: 30.09.2022

Javascript Developer

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Javascript developer with 3 years of professional remote experience with proficiency in React, Redux, Typescript, Nextjs, React Testing Library, Docker, Nodejs, Python, Postgres, Redis, Rest APIs

Project history

05/2022 - Present
Senior Frontend Engineer
Snipfeed (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
● Develop pixel perfect responsive UIs based on Figma designs
● Optimize frontend architecture to provide a pleasant UX for millions of users
● Worked on an atomic design system for a scalable frontend to ensure fast feature throughput
● Maintain a high standard for automated testing and code quality
● Architecting multiple full-stack features from backend to frontend

04/2020 - 09/2022
Senior Fullstack Engineer
● Leading the fullstack development on a web based smart CCTV monitoring app
● Reworked the backend architecture for a simpler, more efficient video processing flow which
allowed a 6x processing speed increase
● Support for live streaming in multiple formats (HLS, MJPEG, DASH)
● Built an access control app deployed in a couple USAF bases
● Worked on an API leveraging Trueface’s computer vision SDK called Visionbox
● Code review and mentoring teammates to ensure the highest quality deployments
● Setup CI/CD pipelines to run tests, build and update the latest docker image

09/2019 - 03/2020
Frontend Engineer
* Built a multitude of features around integrating computervision to a frontend app (i.e. object
detection, facial detection, facial recognition..)
* Refactored the frontend to implement some of the DRY/SOLIDprinciples and design patterns such
as pub/sub and inversion of control to provide for a maintainable and extensible codebase
* Single-handedly wrote unit tests to achieve 90%+ codecoverage as well as E2E tests
* Responsive design and role defined access control

07/2019 - 09/2019
Fullstack Engineer - React, Redux, Spring Boot
BNP Paribas
* Built responsive web pages according to precise AdobeXd designs
* Worked on building an app to manage peer to peer financialcredits
* Worked on a scheduling microservice
* Unit testing

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Looking for fully remote opportunities
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