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Team Leader, System's Developer, CC&B Techno functional

Graduation: Bachelor Degree in computer science
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Languages: English (Full Professional)




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Project history

05/2011 - Present
Team Leader
Injazat Data Systems (500-1000 employees)
Injazat Data Systems,
    Oracle utilites team leader, Techno functional for the utility companies of Abu Dhabi Emirate, ADDC and AADC

08/2004 - 04/2011
Team Leader
Omnix International LLC
* Supervise, follow up and manage the team's tasks and needs to guarantee high quality of the
technical support.
* Maintain a well-trained professional team for the technical support.
* Train the customer and the team on the applications, business concepts, and business cycles and
how the forms are to be used.
* Assign tasks and schedules and supervising the work achievement and performance of the team.
* Follow up on the tasks assigned to the team and assuring work according to schedule and up to
* Projects : UAE Ministry Of Interiors (MOI) Unified Database (UDB) Criminal Investigations Systems
(CID), The team was responsible for adding new modules in the current system which are :
1- Interpol Module,
2- Criminal Evidences and Criminal Labs
3- Committees Approvals
4- SMS services.
5- Integration with Other systems in the government including (Traffic system,Prosecution in
Ministry of Justice, Emirates Electronic Gates E-gate systems).

System Analyst
* Gather information about the business problem to be solved and collect user requirements.
* Analyze current situation.
* Identify functional and non-functional system requirements using interviewing techniques and/or
studying client RFPs, vision documents, or any other relevant documentation.
* Review and verify functional and non-functional system requirements with the client.
* Document business requirements and own the SRS document and any of its addendums.
* Communicate program specs to both technical team and clients.
* Develop analysis UML modeling (use cases, activity diagrams, ...).
* Assist in identifying project constraints and risks.
* Identify problem domain common abbreviations.
* Act as a liaison between the client and the development team.
* Participate is System Testing to verify that the system meets client requirements.
* Install the required application in customers' sites.
* Solve technical problems.
* Analyze and design 2-tier Client - Server applications and business-to-consumer (B2C)
* Design and develop relational database using Designer 2000 and TOAD.
* Design the forms and the reports of each application using Visio.
* Develop and prepare technical system documentation.
* Projects : UAE Ministry Of Interiors Central Database Systems:
1. Development of forms, reports and database program units for a live system of the ministry
of UAE interiors which is the CID (criminal and investigations) and NAT (residency and
nationalization) systems. Currently team leader of CID team.
2. Participated in upgrading the third version of the link between the CID system and Ministry
of Justice prosecution system.
3. Participated in tuning the applications performance in the system which is considered Very
Huge Database.

09/2003 - 07/2004
System's Developer
Yemen United Beverages Company (YUBCO)
YUBCO ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
Used to maintain accounting, inventory, vendors and customers information. The system is built on
Oracle Server 8i for the back-end and Oracle Designer 6i, Oracle Developer 6i for the Front-end.

* Met with end-users from different departments to capture and document each department's needs.
Then categorized the requirements into functional and non-functional requirements
* Created and documented Logical and physical design of the proposed solution
* Created system entities, function hierarchies and data flow diagrams using Oracle Designer 6i
* Used Oracle Designer to generate database objects and user interface components (Forms, Reports,
Navigation Menu)
* Helped setup development environment in terms of installation of Oracle database and client
tools, and established connectivity between clients and database server using Oracle Sql Net.
* Modified generated objects (Tables/Stored Procedures/Trigger/ Forms/Reports) as needed to meet
requirements and improve usability.
* Performed data migration from existing systems to the new application using Oracle Sql Loader
* Day-to-Day support and maintenance of the application after initial deployment.

03/2000 - 08/2003
Senior Programmer
UPS: A financial application used by business of all sizes. The application contains various
modules including accounting, inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable and other modules
to maintain security and configuration of the solution.
* UPS is built using Oracle 8i database and Oracle Developer 6i.
* Installed and managed Oracle database 8i and Oracle Developer 6i on development, Test and
production environments
* Designed and developed forms, reports and other user interface components
* Wrote database-level stored procedures, triggers and packages
* Participated in the logical and physical database design
* Created and maintained database objects
* Documentation of system specifications, functional and technical design, test case and user

Local Availability

Only available for the countries United Arab Emirates
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