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Profileimage by Nagarajan Seshadri REMOTE || Freelance Java/J2EE/ATG/Endeca/Gradle/Android Consultant/Architect || REMOTE from Chennai
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ATG, ATG Dynamo, ATG Dynamo - DAS / DPS / DSS, ATG - Formhandlers / Droplets / Repositories / Schedulers, ATG Commerce, ATG Commerce - B2C / B2B / Fulfillment, ATG Commerce - Browse & Shop / Checkout / Payment Integration, ATG Merchandising - Content / Catalog Management, ATG - Content Administration / Publishing, ATG Deployment and Production Readiness, ATG Search, ATG Dust, HTML / CSS / XML, Javascript / JQuery, JSP / Servlets, Struts, Struts/Tiles, Sitemesh, JBoss / Weblogic / Websphere / Tomcat / Apache, Unix / Linux / Solaris / AIX / Windows, Mockito, EasyMock, Emma (Code Coverage), Cobertura (Code Coverage), JUnit, OWASP, Datastage, Android Development, Chordiant, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Apache, Web Services, Agile Methodologies, Ant, Core Java, JDBC, JMS, Design Patterns, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, Tiles, Eclipse, SQL, Solution Architecture, Unix, JSP
Spindrift BV
Senior Consultant Engineer (ATG)
09.2011 - today
ATG + Endeca Consultant – Application Development

Working for a major International Retailer based out of the Netherlands, helping them in moving from IBM tech stack to the Oracle Commerce stack.

Key responsibilities

? Designing and Developing Endeca Experience Manager Templates/Cartridges that are needed for rendering
? Setting up the ATG Application which interacts with Endeca and Experience Manager for Search and Page rendering
? Developing the necessary Gradle scripts for building and deploying the application on Weblogic
? Helping the front end team in integrating the Experience Manager templates with the JS framework
? Developed a Endeca CAS plugin for importing Video data into the Record Store to facilitate Video Search

ATG Consultant - Application Development

Was part of a team that developed the upgraded version of the B2BCommerce website on ATG Platform (10.x) for a major Electrical Material Distributor in the Netherlands

Key Responsibilities

? Involved in developing the following modules - Purchase Process, Profile Management, Order Management, Invoice Management, Content Management
? Developed an ATG based Internal application which helps in managing Internal Users, Organizations (Branch Locations), their roles and access rights.
? Worked on putting together a Proof of concept around using ATG Publishing/CA/Merchandising for website Content Management using Custom Repositories, Content Groups, Profile Groups (Segments) and Targeters.
? Implemented a customized solution to help customers search Unstructured documents (PDF) while enabling filtering and display by integrating it with structured meta-data (Database) on ATG Search.
? Provided thoughts around implementing various requirements using ATG OOTB features with little or no customizations.
? Helped in refactoring code to follow coding standards and ATG OOTB features
Information Technology and Services
51-200 employees

Cognizant Technology Solutions
Architect Technology (ATG)
11.2009 - 08.2011
Offshore Technical Architect (ATG) - Application Development

Was involved in end to end implementation right from analysis of the initial scope and estimation to development of the ecommerce application for a U.S. based large scale food service distributor. Tasks include sales work, estimation, proof of concepts, environment setups, building teams, design, architectural decision making, technical leadership and more.

Key Responsibilities

? Helping the sales team in putting together the Proposal and Statement of work
? Analyzing the scope of the project and estimating the implementation.
? Helping the development team in doing a proof of concept to showcase our ATG knowledge to the client
? Part of the pre-game at the client location to get a complete understanding of the business and the project expectations
? Analyzing the gap between ATG OOTB repositories and the client requirements and capturing the necessary extensions
? Defining the project module structure and helping out with getting the initial build scripts out
? Designing various use cases and getting it approved from client architects
? Laying out the basic design by extending the appropriate ATG components to connect to over 50 integration systems – OMS, Product Catalog, Pricing, Routing, Credit Card Processing, etc.,
? Being part of the weekly architectural discussions with clients to discuss about prime architectural changes to the application
? Helping out in analyzing the security team to understand how the application follows the OWASP standards and helping them out in identifying the gaps and provide solutions to close the gaps
? Coming up with the standards to follow to build the website with complete i18n support
? Leading the team during the implementation phase for Release 1
Information Technology and Services
10,001+ employees

Senior Associate Technology (ATG)
02.2007 - 11.2009
Offshore Technical Architect (ATG) - Maintenance, Development, Upgrade

Was involved in various areas of building up the team in offshore for the maintaining and enhancing the international website of a leading hospitality company in the US. Tasks include sales work, estimations, proof of concepts, environment setups, building teams, technical leadership and more.

Individual Contributor (ATG) – Development

Was working on a proof of concept to provide edit link for Catalog/CMS contents on the preview store for ease of maintenance for business users of a leading beverage company.

Track Lead (ATG) – Development

Was leading the fulfillment track and involved in production setup and data migration on the ecommerce rebuild project executed for a leading beverages company to improve the stability and maintainability of the website. This project included

? Rewriting the application on a new version of ATG – ATG 2007.1 using ATG’s Blueprint [currently called as CommerceReferenceStore] as the base
? Integrate the store to a 3rd party fulfillment vendor
? Manage all the products, promotions and prices available on the website using ATG Merchandising
? User/Order Migration
? Handle the customer service calls using ATG Commerce Assist

Core Team Member / Track Lead (ATG) – Development

Was a core team member/track lead on the replatform project executed for a global online diet and fitness company to improve the stability and maintainability of the website.

This project included

? Redesigning the site on to a new technology platform (ATG)
? Manage store integration with other vendors using ATG B2C Commerce
? Manage content of the website with a workflow based system using ATG Publishing and Content Administration
? Handle the customer service calls using ATG Commerce Assist

Track Lead - Development

Fraud Reporting Automation was a project executed for a leading telecom provider in the US to automate their login compliance report generation process.
Information Technology and Services
10,001+ employees

Cognizant Technology Solutions
09.2001 - 02.2007
Team Member, Team Lead, Individual Contributor

? Worked for major insurance clients in the US. Designed, Developed and Maintained enterprise systems in Java/J2EE and Datawarehousing.
? Was part of a team developing and maintaining Struts based J2EE applications.
? Acquired experience deploying applications in Weblogic Application Server
? Was part of a team developing a PMO application using Java/J2EE/Struts to capture statistical information related to Tasks/Activities/Defects and chart them out for various management needs.
? Was part of a team developing a Struts application which interacted with Tuxedo in providing a view of a Claims Information system.
? Helped in developing an in-house product to capture the First Notice of Loss [FNOL] information, primarily to showcase our knowledge in the Auto Insurance domain. Developed a cross browser javascript based validation framework to take care of the form validations across the site due to nonavailability of frameworks like jQuery/Yahoo-UI
Information Technology and Services
10,001+ employees
Available remotely full time.