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Alfredo Gómez Ripoll


Last update: 18.05.2020

SAP Technical Consultant (ABAP, Workflow, Web Dynpro for ABAP)

Graduation: Telecommunications Engineer
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)




SAP Technical Consultant (ABAP certified, Workflow, Web dynpro for ABAP) , about sixteen years of experience .

Knowledge and experience in:
- Extensive experience in different projects as ABAP IV Analyst, especially for SD, MM, FI, CO, WM, PS, PP, QM, TRM, BW, VMS, BPC modules, and to a lesser extent in HR, DMS, SRM, GRC, CRM.
- Application design and programming for radio frequency devices
- ALV, BAPI , Batch Inputs design and development
- Search Helps ( all kinds)
- Data loading by means of Batch Input , LSMW , Direct Input
- RFC programming for different purposes such as calls from Web or SAP and non-SAP external systems
- Querys (design and development )
- Knowledege about IDOCs , EDI
- Workflow ( design , configuration , programming )
- Modulpool , Functionpool development
- Design and construction of Interfaces
- PI / PO adapters: SOAP/Proxy, File, IDOC, RFC, JDBC.
- JCO connector (Java ECC)
- Odata
- Basic knowledge of  Web Services integration
- Webdynpro for ABAP development , SRM enhancements
- Basic knowledge of FPM (Floor Plan Manager)
- Abap objects (ABAP OO)
- Smartforms , Sapscript
- ABAP - FTP Integration
- Enhancements , all kind ( CMOD , Field exits , BADI , Enhancement Framework , BTE )
- Interfaces
- Archivelink knowledge
- Purchases flow knowledge in the area of Materials Management (MM)
- Basic knowledge of XSLT transformations
-  FI Substitutions and validations
- Adobe Interactive Forms (no Javascript)
- BW basic condiguration and programming skills (Infoobjects, Datastores, Infocubes, extractors)
- Basic knowledge of BEX Query Designer, BEX Analyzer

Professional experience:
August 2015 to current


DriBer Project, Bergé Group: SsangYong, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Infinity, KIA distribution (VMS, SD, MM) and Rollout for Portugal (additional manufacturers)
  • Vehicles and orders cockpit: vehicle movement management, orders from dealers, services to vehicles management, invoicing, operations, etc.; all using VMS actions
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • JSON Interfaces
  • Various interfaces for the management of the purchase to suppliers and sales to dealers of vehicle and spare parts (by file, usually)

 TRM project for Isolux Corsan
New developments to highlight
  • Financial instruments enhancements for master data in order to fulfill the Isolux requirements for master data, syndicated loans and corporate guarantees.
  • Enhancement for the posting of financial instruments operations.
    Gas Natural project (GRC, Web Dynpro for ABAP)
  • Auditing report enhancements
  • Capa plan enhancements
May 2015 to July 2015
ATOS, Project for ZENA GROUP, Sedavi workshop (MM)
New developments to highlight
  • Some Modulpools for merchandise management: Retirements, Inventories, Receptions, Transfers; everything from files or RF guns
    February 2015 to April 2015.
    ASPA Consultores, Reporting project for Gestamp (BW)
  • Extraction from R3, Infoobjects, Datastores, Cubes for the consumption of BOM components vs sales of finished products, Query Design with BEX Query Designer, report with BEX Analyzer; related ABAP development.
    May 2014 to January 2015
    Stratesys Technology Solutions, TRM implementation for Logoplaste
    New developments to highlight:
  • Overdraft (debit balance) management processes; creation of Interest rate instruments against available facilities (from bank statement information) .
  • Other developments: XSLT transformations, reports, exits, incidental management related to the Stratesys TRM solution
  • Additional interest in other projects: Logiters, Cofares, Vocento, Comillas, FCC, Iberostar, Roca, Affinity etc.
    April 2014
    ASPA Consultores, Remica Project (SD)
  • SD Sales Orders migrationto Contracts
    From January 2014 to March 2014
    INDRA Public Administrations Market, ADIF Segregation Project (RM)
  • Migration of Records from conventional network to high speed network (new society)
    From January 2012 until December 2013
    INDRA (Internal systems) (MM, PP, PM, SRM, DMS, WF)
    Evolutionary maintenance of modules PP, MM, PM, DMS, SRM (Web Dynpro for ABAP), Workflow, which includes mostly new developments and to a lesser extent service request resolution.
    New developments to highlight:
  • Materials Workflow, in this WF is distributed to different agents a materials list; these agents can also attach documentation, and may or may not approve the list.
  • PCI Workflow, in this WF is distributed to different agents a documents modification request, which can be approved or rejected.
  • SICA tasks forwarding ; this development forwards to an agent´s mailbox a task on a maintenance order , reassigning this task to this new agent, this task is coordinated with a BAPI that modifies the maintenance order, all actions are executed from Web Dynpro (UWL)
  • ITAR/EAR materials supply flow, set of modifications to standard transactions in the areas of procurement, materials movement and reports as to control the materials classified as ITAR/EAR (controlled and restricted export)
  • Receptions (Redesign, Webdynpro), there´re some applications that help the purchasing department to control materials movement and the status of their orders, these applications are optimized by changing screen sequences, adding new information etc.
  • Modifications in SICA search engine (Webdynpro), SICA is a Search tool that has the purchasing department to find materials with certain characteristics, modifications aimed at improving security, adding new features and information are undertaken .
    From July 2011 to January 2012
    ALTIM  Tecnologías de la Información (PP)
    Various applications for Project Queserías Entrepinares, especially for modules PP, MM, FI, among which to highlight:
  • Interface settlement to farmers (FI)
  • Product packaging and various additional production processes ( Modulpool)
  • Several additional developments related to PP, MM, including enhancements.
    From January 2011 to July 2011
    Workflow for METRO DE MADRID (Subway), including functional, technical design and development.
  • Extension of materials creation and modification Workflow (with associated modulpool), this WF circulates a materials modification or creation request by various Metro departments, each of which fills the information of their business and can also reject the request; eventually the material is created or modified.
  • Extension of investment approval Workflow (with associated modulpool), this WF distributes to different agents a new investment request; each agent fills their relative information, approving or rejecting eventually the request.
    From November 2008 to December 2010
    ASPA Consultores / Tiendas Blanco   (MM, WM, CO, FI, WF)
  • Several developments WM (including RF terminals) , MM, CO, FI,
  • Workflow for fixed assets management, this WF is aimed to manage the status of fixed assets involved in shops maintenance projects.
  • All developments of projects “New cost model” , “New processes for SHIP warehouse” , “Implementation of new clothes in shop”
  • All kind of enhancements, Reports, failure resolution
    From April 2008 to November 2008
    IBM Global Business Services, SIS Project (Editorial Santillana) (SD)
  • Sales orders loading interface (IDOC)
  • Packing (Packing table modulpool)
  • Enhancements (Field exits , User Exits , Enhancement-points , BADI)
  • BAPI , Batch Input
  • Smartforms
  • Modulpool
  • Search Help
  • Failure resolution
    From June 2007 to April 2008
    INDRA Soluciones a Terceros, TELESAP Project for Telefonica (MM, FI)
    -  Fixed assets interface
    -  LORCET materials transfer interface (IDOCs)
    -  FI postings interface
    -  Enhancements
    -  Reports
    -  IDOCS
    -  Failure resolution
    From May 2006 to June 2007
    ALTIM Tecnologías de la Información (MM, FI, SD, PS, PP, CO, DMS, WM, PM)
    Failure and incident resolution, new developments including:
  • New development to manage the scale at SOVENA ( oil producer company) , when performinggoods receipt it´s necessary to execute various transactions and materials movements including additional data entry related to materials weight and analysis .
  • Smartforms
  • Enhancements
  • OSS Notes
  • IDOCs
  • Reports (ALV+ lists)
  •  BAPI
  • Modulpool, Functionpool
  • Batch Input
  • Search Helps
    From June-2005 to May 2006
    IBM Business Consulting Services (SD)
    ABAP developer (Syrius project for Uralita)
  • Data migration
  • Batch Inputs
  • Sapscripts
  • Queris
  • Function Pools
    From September 2004 to February 2005
    IBM Business Consulting Services (SD)
    ABAP developer (Syrius project for Uralita)
  • Data migration with LSMW
  • Batch Inputs
  • Enhancements ( all kind )
  • Reports (ALV, etc.)
  • Modulpool ( dialogs )

  • 1988 hasta 1-2004,

    Alstom Power Conversion
    Industrial Automation department
    AEG Ibérica de Electricidad
    Industrial Automation department

Project history

Luis Ortega Muntané, Director áreas FI-CO-TRM at Stratesys,
José Ortega Redondo, SAP Operations director at Atos Iberia,
José Manuel González Cid , CEO ASPA Consultores ,
Miguel Angel Morales Sanchez , ERP Manager ALTIM TI ,
Pablo Cardona Baanante, Service Maint. Responsible,

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