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Aditya Agarwal

Software Developer, C/C++, Android, Java, IIT Post Grad.

Profileimage by Aditya Agarwal Software Developer, C/C++, Android, Java, IIT Post Grad.  from NewDelhi
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  • Graduation: IIT Kharagpur
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  • Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 20.07.2014
Highly well versed in C/C++ with over 14 yrs of experience including 8+ yrs of proffesional experience especially in embedded devices specifically STB. Have profound knowledge of DTV systems, VOD,IPTV, Gaming, Analytics etc.

• Responsible for designing the high level and low level design for the MediaCodec based Media Player which included designing the data structures, design pattern for the underlying Media Player and the synchronization methods used for the lip-sync and video sync.
• Assisting in coming up with the overall estimates for the product enhancement along with any key risks and issues and their mitigation.
• Involved in the compliance of ITU-T specifications for measuring the video quality across the various chipset’s.
• Implemented the compliance based on the TR-135 parameters in C/C++.
• Led the team involved in porting the Android SurfaceFlinger and Stagefright framework the media playback of various formats including httplive etc.
• Implemented the Analytics module for the data generation for user behavior analysis. Was responsible for designing the data structures, algorithms for information processing from data.
• Designed the high level and low level API’s for the User Agent module for the user DVR analysis.
• Designed and implemented the modules to post the analytics results from various user cluster to the remote server.
• Integration of the enhanced code modules on Motorola STB’s.
• Porting of the proprietary Comcast RDK receiver stack on legacy Motorola STB’s having Broadcom 97405 and Broadcom 97405 chipsets.
• Mainly responsible for debugging the integration issues related to video and graphics performance. Designing the algorithms for measuring the graphics performance indicators such as FPS etc. over VOD.
• Successfully Integrated and resolved issues related to the open source components viz. GStreamer, DirectFB, IARM which are used for video, graphics rendering and inter module communication.
• Integration of the various modules with the Broadcom nexus module.
• Development of TR-181 standard cosa layer.
• Developed PHP extension (in C++) which provides a medium for Web UI to communicate with cosa layer.
• Debugged the integration issues and was responsible for end to end integration of the system.
• Implemented a generic framework to enable dynamic generation of game world (Game UI).
• Designed the high level design considering the design patterns to be used and thereby the high level and low level API’s and data structures.
• Programmed server & client side socket programming implementation in a multithreaded environment.
• Ported gpxe ( project (open-source) to network driver to acquire DHCP at system
booting and then facilitated authenticated system boot.
Akshat Joshi, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Akshat Mahajan, Irdeto
Temporal Availability :- 4 hrs per day
Spatial Availabiltiy :- Immediate

Immediately available. Can work remotely from India and will need visa sponsorship to travel if needed.