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FIZ SAP Consulting offers all SAP sourcing solutions in Turkey and the region. FIZ SAP Consulting is the only company for operational and strategic sourcing, contract management, invoice processing, procurement for certain cloud solutions. FIZ SAP Consulting as a supplier of services in the area of life cycle management consulting with more than 50 consultants completes 20+ successful projects in his area every year.

FIZ SAP Consulting aims to give companies a cost advantage in the procurement process by taking into account the entire purchasing process from demand to invoice. By tracking all of the world's sourcing trends, the company has set itself the vision of offering its customers the benefits of innovation.

FIZ SAP Consulting has developed its skills on SAP-ARIBA Platform and offers highly qualified advice in this area.
Multinational Team Building
Bilge Adam Technologies can build your software development teams for you.  Whether, you need the talent on-site at the customers’ premises, or whether you want one or many multi-functional teams anywhere in the world, our highly capable staff of 30+ recruiters can find, build, incorporate, and of course deliver the team (s) our customers are looking for.  For example, Bilge Adam was instrumental in delivering ING Netherlands 2 + Angular JS senior developers for 1+ year projects.  Currently, with Bilge Adam Technologies’ Europe HQ office situated in The Hague Netherlands, we aim to deliver many more on-site highly skilled developers, and IT experts, to major enterprise / multi-national companies situated all over Europe.
Finally, if the need is to create and manage multi-tasking team (s) anywhere in the world, Bilge Adam Technologies is up to the task.  Bilge Adam has created multi-talented teams (project manager, senior, mid-level, test, analysis, etc) for Syncsort USA, Kobil Germany, and Mercedes-Benz Germany, ranging anywhere from 4 to 8 people, for tailor-made company specific software development projects.  Using agile and scrum methodoligies, these projects have run for more than 6 months+, and a couple of them are currently still being delivered.

Customized Software Development
Project Name:Mercedes BandAudit
Project Description:The BandAudit Project is a WinForms application in which Mercedes bus plant’s production errors are recorded by employees, and related units such as management and quality assurance can also generate reports from these error records. It can work on desktop and tablet computers. This application needs renewal and maintenance support that can be instantly intervened in any fault that might occur.
The BandAudit project, which Bilge Adam both developed and carries out maintenance and support processes, has been in use since 2008. It produces approximately 40 kinds of reports in current situation and serves more than 1000 users. In order to make this error checking process more efficient and more sustainable, Bilge Adam continues to work on the necessary remediation, performance improvement, and meeting new needs within the application.
Since 2008, this application has been providing uninterrupted service. Employee satisfaction is ensured through intervention in the event of an error that may occur during business processes.
Related Technologies:.NET Winforms
Project Total Manpower / Month Period:2

Project Name:Supplier Management System (SMA, SMT, eLMT)
Project Description:The customer aimed to supervise the supplier sub-industry products manufactured by the supplier companies for the vehicles manufactured in the Mercedes Aksaray plant, to determine the present problematic productions, to reach the solution for those and to prevent possible faulty production.
According to the brief that the customer gave us, the audit methods used for auditing were added as separate titles to the system. The evaluation mechanism for each method was designed separately and the process was started. After the process, the problems seen and suggestions received from the suppliers were entered into the system. After the entries were completed, the supplier was expected to resolve these problems by giving them information and the related persons were notified by email until the problem solving was reached. When the supplier reports that the problem has been fixed, the process starts from scratch or the record is closed. Apart from these features, a meeting management module has been added for the suppliers that need to be informed or trained. Appropriate reporting screens designed in line with customer’s requests.
Preciously developed with existing and old technologies, the project (IBM Lotus Notes) was moved to the web environment. The new application was developed in the web environment with responsive design. It was intended to be able to log in with mobile devices even when users could not access their computers. Usability improved compared to existing application.
Related Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, repository pattern, LightInject, Metronic, HTML5, jQuery, SQL Server, LDAP, e-mail
Project Total Manpower / Month Period:7

Project Name: Sodexo Web Contract
Project Description:The customer needed a web-based product that would enable the users to actively make purchases from products such as Meal Check, Food Card, etc., and perform purchase transactions in the desired payment type with money order or credit card options.
A web application was developed using new technologies such as Asp.NET MVC, and Entity Framework. The encapsulation of the design onto the site, and integration of backend and frontend changes have been provided. T-SQL structure and Entity Framework CodeFirst approach used in database structure.
Through this newly developed application, new companies that want to work with Sodexo and have not previously registered in Sodexo will be able to register in few steps to this system and make meal check and food card purchases easily and effortlessly.
Related Technologies:ASP.NET MVC 5, SQL Server, Entity Framework, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootsrap, Bank integration, Selenium, unit testing
Project Total Manpower / Month Period:9

Solution Development
Burgan Bank
Project Name: DevOps
Project Description: Our client was aiming to be able to implement processes such as Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate and Monitor which are being evaluated in DevOps in such a way as to integrate with each other and to be able to receive detailed reports by following these processes in real time.
As Bilge Adam, we have structured processes such as planning tasks and resources, managing codes, extracting quality reports, compiling and converting them into a workable package, automatically testing them, and deploying them with approval to application environments, like a product produced on the factory conveyor band, with each stage being a source for the next stage.
With the DevOps infrastructure installed, the steps in software development processes have been automated to a great extent and Software, Test and Project management teams have been able to work more efficiently.
Tools and Technologies Utilized:Java, .Net, TFS, Maven, Selenium, Appium, SSRS, IIS, Apache, SonarQube, Jmeter
Project Total Manpower / Month Period:3

Project Name:Academia Portal Project
Project Description:Unilever needed an Academic Training Portal to be developed where they could publish the dates of the trainings to be provided to the company employees and to the dealers, the videos of the trainings provided, and where recording can be done over the portal.
A user-friendly responsive design has been developed that allows end users to easily do their operations. Training module was developed by using SharePoint CSOM model.
Users logged in to the Academia Portal can automatically view, register and participate in the trainings they are interested. With the announcement module developed, the training to be held every month is communicated within the company and at the dealers. They can filter out and watch the videos of past trainings.
Related Technologies:SharePoint, ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, SOAP ve REST Service
Project Total Manpower / Month Period:4

Project Name:Digital Finance Project
Project Description: The KPMG firm provides financial support to many national and international companies. In this context, the company provides documents and reports to companies that it renders support services. The company was aiming to share these documents and reports with its customers via the SharePoint 2016 portal, securely and safely, over the internet.
The access to the SharePoint 2016 portal would be over the internet, with two factor authentication, we enabled the customers to login to the system, and then developed the digital finance web module.
By this way, companies supported by KPMG can enter the system with their account information and filter and view monthly and yearly documents and reports. They can download and use the documents they want within their authority. Because the design is responsive developed, they can follow their reports on their mobile phones.
Related Technologies: SharePoint, Nintex, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Rest Service
Project Total Manpower / Month Period: 2

Project Name:Travel Forms and Workflow Project
Project Description:The employees of the Head Office of Honda were following their travels in and out of the country, without any application. This made it difficult to follow the travels involved and the costs incurred.
Towards this need, Travel Approval and Travel Expense Forms have been developed.
First of all, the staff to travel generates a Travel Confirmation Form. This form then passes through the approval relevant managers. If the form passes all the approvals, the staff completes the journey and a Travel Expense Form for the trip is created by the system. The relevant staff then initiates a separate approval process for the expense form by completing the necessary arrangements on this expense form and completing the additional costs and budget. In the event of a limit overrun in the expense form, the form can be returned to the user, or the administrators can reject the form by stating their reasons directly. Expense forms from all approvals provide summary reports to Accounting and Finance managers to log in to SAP application.
Related Technologies:SharePoint, C#, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery
Project Total Manpower / Month Period:6
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