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  • N1 7GU London Freelancer in
  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 100 €/hour 800 €/day
    Depending on type of project and location the rate can vary up to 20%. Daily rate is based on 8 hours/day
  • Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional) | French (Elementary) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 18.10.2017
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Partner / Director - 15+ years
Project manager - 10+ years
Service manager - 5+ years
Test manager - 5+ years
Team manager - 25+ years
Business consultant (business strategy) - 5+ years
Functional design - 10+ years
Technical design - 10+ years
Programming - 15+ years
Rollout management
Data analysis
Management consulting, generics producing company
Insurance companies:
Pension-funds and life insurances, credit-insurance, online insurance portal
Dutch Royal Navy, Dutch Royal Army, Dutch Ministry of Defence, Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs; Projects for hardware administration, organization support and payroll-systems
Banks / Financial inst.:
Electronic banking, Leasing, Asset Management
Retail trade:
Supermarket (sick-leave registration), various multi-level marketing concepts, import & retail of powerboats, international car-trade
Water sports, eco-tourism
Franchising concepts
Invoicing systems, CC & CRM systems
Horse blanket manufacturing
Escort Service (CRM system)
Environmentally friendly plantation of teak-trees
Commodity trade
Juli 2017 – October 2017: 
Company: Versicherung
Location:    Zürich, Switzerland
Roles / Activities:    Manager Infrastructure: Replacement for a colleague on sick-leave in order to manage a number of high-priority topics. Although only planned for a period of 6 weeks, I was asked to stay until the end of the project after a very short period of time.
    Main tasks: manage urgent infrastructure topics, prepare system overview and system landscape details, manage interface topics, technical preparation for go-live.
    Special circumstances: no hand-over, no preparation-time, high time-pressure and a line of business (infrastructure) outside my core competencies.
    The project was stopped by the parent company in October 2017.
August 2016 – February 2017: 
Function:     Project manager
Company:    T-Systems
Location:    Germany
Activities:    Managing a project for the consolidation of Billing systems, in order to reduce costs.
After I noticed that early estimations for the project were probably too low, I prepared for a new estimation. As the properly estimated costs did not make for a business case, I researched alternatives. The chosen alternative was within budget and was estimated to deliver approximately the same cost reduction as the original  plan.
It was a huge benefit for the company to have this alternative but meant for me an early retirement from the assignment as the alternative was in no need of external resources.
May 2016 – July 2016: 
Function:     Project manager
Company:    O2/Telefonica
Location:    Germany
Activities:    Leading several projects in the Billing Stream. Agile development environment.
Partner management, sourcing and contracting a new service partner for a security audit.
May 2012 – April 2016: 
Function:     Management consultant / Service manger / Project manager
Company:    STADA Pharmaceuticals (GAMP validated environment)
Location:    Germany / Serbia / Ireland / UK / Italy
Activities:    Support IT Management (reporting directly to IT director) in building up Service Management.
(Sub) project management, project monitoring and controlling in various projects.
Project management, change- and rollout-management for the acquisition and implementation of a new telephone system (inl. new TC service provider)
Develop test strategy in re-hosting projects and guide these projects as test manager (IT tests as well as Business User and User Acceptance Tests).
Quality assurance for several GxP relevant, validated, projects.
Monitoring services (service-reports, service-meetings) from external service providers (eg IBM, BASF, IDS Scheer).
Guiding several SW and HW rollouts as service manager.
Creation of SOPs and service agreements (contract management).
May 2011 – May 2012: 
Function:     Test-manager
Company:    T-Deutschland GmbH
Location:    Stuttgart, Germany
Activities:    Project Test-manager, responsible at project management level for test strategy and all necessary testing within various projects.
Team manager for the test team, responsible for system integration tests of all billing applications from T-Home.
November 2010 – February 2011: 
Function:     Quality manager
Company:    Active Billing GmbH / T-Deutschland GmbH
Location:    Darmstadt / Berlin, Germany
Activities:    Managing defect handling in the project programme Abili-T (new billing system mass market fixed net Deutsche Telekom).
Writing functional documentation for BillCheck integration with Abili-T. BillCheck is the process/system for Billing Quality Assurance.
September 2010 – November 2010: 
Function:     Managing business user.
Company:    Active Billing GmbH / T-Systems Intl.
Location:    Darmstadt, Germany
Activities:    Supporting the pilot project for “Downsizing RBC”, a project for re-hosting Telekom Billing software from mainframe to Linux.
January 2009 – August 2010: 
Function:     Team manager / Project manager
Company:    Active Billing GmbH
Location:    Darmstadt, Germany
Activities:    Head of Operations for the FAKT2000 billing software (mass market fixed net), managing a team of 6 (operational budget of 9 million Euros per year).
Project manager for a project to reduce operational costs of the software (project budget 500.000 Euros, achieved benefit of 1.3 million Euros in the first year).
Technical and functional consultant (business user) for several projects.
Member of a steering committee (6 members in total) for cross-functional quality-, resource- and change management within the billing platform of Deutsche Telekom.
Preparing and supporting transfer of operational responsibility from Active Billing to T-Systems per September 2010.
January 2007 – December 2008: 
Function:     Manager Operational Support
Company:    T-Systems International
Location:    Darmstadt, Germany
Activities:    Management of the Operations Support Team of the FAKT2000 billing system.
Restructuring the team and re-defining the role of the team in view of the planned (partial) replacement of the system with standard software.
Core tasks: team management, problem management, escalation processing.
Additional task in 2007: supporting the offshore-enterprise from T-Systems by designing project- and training-plans for staff from India and Hungary as well as guiding staff members during their stay in Germany.
December 2004 – December 2006: 
Function:     Design architect / Consultant
Company:    T-Systems International
Location:    Darmstadt, Germany
Activities:    Based on my extensive knowledge of Telekom’s FAKT2000 billing system, T-Systems asked me to support their development team. As design architect and consultant I was responsible for dealing with design requirements related to the planned replacement of the system by standard software.

February 2004 – May 2004: 
Function:     Project Manager
Company:    Comprendium Financial Services (IT-Leasing & Asset Management company)
Location:    Munich, Germany
Activities:    Management of a project-team of six people (subcontractors and Comprendium personnel), for developing a blueprint for a completely new, integrated IT system, which was to supports all activities from the company (administration, personnel, contract mgmt, asset mgmt, et cetera). Final recommendations from the project were an SAP-based platform (mySAP FI, AA, CO, MM, SD) with Oracle Database and integrated special IT Leasing-Software.
Important part of the role was to analyse and recommend organisational changes resulting from the new IT infrastructure.
November 2003 – November 2007: 
Function:     Partner / Director
Company:    LGTC Luxgroup Trading & Consulting (Germany)
Location:    Oberursel (Germany) / London
Activities:    As the senior partner in LGTC (three partners in all) I was responsible for helping the team to set up international trade and business contacts in various fields of industry. LGTC’s core business was car-trade within the EU and business-contact management in Libya, Iran and Kosovo.
Subsidiaries from LGTC were active)lease GmbH and active)rent GmbH and are still in operation today.
January 2002 – May 2003: 
Function:     Technical Project Manager / Consultant
Company:    Active Billing GmbH
Location:    Darmstadt, Germany
Activities:    Appointing and Leading a team of five to seven people (subcontractors and T-Systems personnel), responsible for the technical architecture, technical design (from 2003), detailed design, programming, testing, implementation and technical support of a new software system called Faktura Bilanz. Besides managing the implementation team (work-planning, budget controlling etc. etc.) tasks included consulting conceptual and functional design and training technical design personnel.
Work for Deutsche Telekom November 1995 – December 2001:
Function:     Different functions (see below)
Company:    Deutsche Telekom & subsidiaries / Accenture
Location:    Darmstadt, Germany
Project:    FAKT2000 was the project for the development of TIS2000, the new billing software for Deutsche Telekom. FAKT2000 was a project from and by Accenture. Scope from FAKT2000 was billing mass market customers (land-lines & internet connections). The system has interfaces with bill printing and electronic invoicing.
It is planned to replace FAKT2000 with new software in the cause of 2015 (development of the new system started in 2005).
May 2001 – December 2001:
Function:    Change Manager
Activities:    Supporting the FD (functional design) team of the FAKT2000 project in the transition phase. In this phase, all FD related tasks were handed over to Telekom responsibility and personnel.
Tasks included managing Accenture and Telekom personnel, setting up training plans, training Telekom management of the FD work-group, supervising work planning.
December 1997 – April 2001:
Function:    Team Manager
Activities:    Manager of a project team in the construction area (software development) of the FAKT2000 project. Over this period, the team varied from 12 to 30 people, both client and Accenture personnel, as well as subcontractors. Team members had major differences in age, nationality, education and background.
Management tasks included:
work planning, budget- and timeframe-responsibility, career planning, status reporting, problem solving, problem-escalation etc. In the period from December 2000 – April 2001, the construction area of the project was transitioned to Telekom responsibility and personnel.
July 1996 – November 1997:
Function:    Analyst / Team leader
Activities:    Analysis and technical design supervision within the construction area (software development) of the FAKT2000 project. Team leader for a team of up to 5 people, consisting of client and Accenture personnel as well as subcontractors. Team members had different ages, nationalities, education and background.
Tasks included:
supervision of all technical & detailed design-tasks, programming and testing activities in the team, work-planning for the team, career-planning for and evaluation of Accenture personnel.
November 1995 – July 1996:
Function:    Designer / Analyst
Activities:    Software development activities, consisting of design (detailed & technical design), programming and testing, for one of the construction teams of the FAKT2000 project.
Earlier occupations
October 1979 - October 1995 (since 1987 free-lance):
Function:    among others: Contract administrator, Programmer, Analyst, Data-administrator, Team-lead, Designer
Industries:    among others: Civil service, Banks, Insurance, Trade
Locations:    Various locations in Holland, the UK, Turkey and Germany
Other activities (including part-time):
Managing business consultant for Start-Up (1992/1993)
Director of various companies (among others water sports) (1991-today)
I will work worldwide, including high-risk areas such as Middle East.
Travel is no problem.
My strength is my flexibility and my vast experience in a large number of different roles. Although some may find it a limitation, when looking for e.g. a project manager, that I haven't worked in that particular role for a number of years in a row, my clients have always found it an asset. After all, I do not only see the project-world from the perspective of the role I'm currently in, but also from the perspective of all others involved, and can thus act better for the benefit of the overall project than anyone with just a single-role view.

Although blessed with many years of management experience, I'm currently also interested in chances to "go back to the roots" and work as a developer. I was trained as a COBOL developer with IDMS and DB2 databases and have worked many years as such.