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Thomas Donath

Marketing Pro Handel – Tourismus – Medien – Medical – B2B – B2C – klassisch – online – social media

not available until 09/27/2019
Profileimage by Thomas Donath Leitung Marketing für Handel – Tourismus – Medien – Medical – B2B – B2C – Multichannel from Hamburg
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  • Graduation: MBA in Marketing – Dipl. in Kommunikationsdesign
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 720 €/day
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  • Languages: German (first language) | English (business fluent)
  • Last update: 06.11.2018
Profileimage by Thomas Donath Leitung Marketing für Handel – Tourismus – Medien – Medical – B2B – B2C – Multichannel from Hamburg
Leistungsspektrum und Projektliste
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Profile and projects list
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Strategy & Development:
– Companies: brand and product portfolio positioning
– Launch and image campaigns for companies, brands, product lines and products
– Competitive and sales strategies: concepts and KPIs
– Marketing cooperations: identifying partners, concepts and implementation
– Customer acquisition and customer loyalty programs
– Campaigns: implementation, evaluation and optimisation, defining KPIs
– Promotions, events, POS and trade fair appearances
– Performance marketing: development, execution and optimisation
– Digital transformation: processes and measures
– Close and multi-discipline collaboration, internally and externally     

Brands and Corporate Design:
– Consulting services for companies, umbrella and sub brands
– Corporate design realisation and implementation for companies, umbrella and sub brands  

– Strategy development, concepts, realisation
– B2B and B2C, concepts and realisation
– above-the-line, below-the-line promotion
– Print, online, dialogue and cross-media
– Lead generation and customer acquisition, customer loyalty and customer reactivation
– Monitoring and optimisation to achieve KPIs     

Social Media:
– Budget and media planning
– Design, implementation, monitoring and optimisation of campaigns and apps

CRM / Customer Relationship Management:
– Establishing and implementing marketing automation
– Evaluations and analyses
– Operation and analysis of automation processes

– Budgeting and evaluation of projects, media and advertisements
– Budgeting, procurement and evaluation of external services and human resources
– Leading employees and external teams (programming, SEM)  

– Acquisition of new customers, projects and partners
– Customised software solutions and services, specially developed

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– Managing director and consultant: more than 20 years
– Administration, procurement, sales: more than 20 years
– Project management: more than 20 years
– Creation, design and copywriting: more than 20 years
– Office and graphics software, CRM and CMS applications: more than 20 years

Retail: Wholesale, retail, chain stores, mail order, eCommerce, multi-channel; tourism; publishers; FMCG; fashion; consumer goods; Commerce: Commodity trade and industrial products; automakers; automotive parts; banks; pharmaceutical (RX and OTC); chemical industry; medical engineering; services; digital media; energy supply companies; health insurance; public transport; software; insurance agents
My 50 most important customers by industries:

– Retail: Porta Möbel (and associated companies), Polo Motorrad, Hein Gericke, Conrad Electronic, Quelle (and affiliates), Neckermann, Eduscho
– Tourism: Island ProTravel Group (and associated companies), Ruhr Tourismus, Deutsche Bahn, HADAG, HVV, S-Bahn Hamburg, AlsterTourismus
– Publishers, media: Axel Springer Verlag (magazines), SPIEGEL Group, Gong Verlag (magazines), FHM Verlag, Hamburger Abendblatt, Kieler Nachrichten, Lübecker Nachrichten, VTH, Avenue Images
– Automotive: Skoda, Subaru, Volkswagen Financial Services, Volkswagen Group, Varta Autobatterie, ARUA
– Healthcare: BKK Mobil Oil, Techniker Krankenkasse, Johnson & Johnson, Critikon, Novametrix, Idel Medizintechnik (and associated companies), virbac Tierarzneimittel, Dr. Loges
– Energy supply: E.on, E.on Hanse, RWE, Energie und Wasser Lübeck, Schleswag
– Various: Cremer Group (and associated companies), Unilever, Deutsche Telekom Immobilien, Microsoft, Bacardi, AOL
– up to 6 months nationwide
– from 6 months approx. 500 km around Hamburg + German metropolises

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