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Profileimage by Sergey Sevskiy Antennen- und HF-Entwicklungsingenieur, Test- und Support-Ingenieur Hochfrequenztechnik from Muenchen
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Profileimage by Sergey Sevskiy Antennen- und HF-Entwicklungsingenieur, Test- und Support-Ingenieur Hochfrequenztechnik from Muenchen
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Freelancer in the field of RF and antenna design - 12 years of professional experience - Electromagnetic simulations of antennas and microwave components - Design of antennas and antenna systems - Microwave components and circuit design - RF circuit and layout optimization - Microwave and antenna measurements - Consulting in the field of RF and antenna design - Electromagnetic field analysis, EMC, SAR - RFID, ZigBee, NFC, Bluetooth, UWB - WLAN, WiMAX, GSM, UMTS, LTE - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, SIRIUS, Iridium - Microwave heating und power transmission - Mobile, airborne, automotive, radar, M2M - HFSS, CST, ADS, FEKO, Designer, AWR
- Development of a multiband GSM/UMTS antenna system for automotive applications - Development of an internal dual-band GSM antenna for an animal monitoring system - Development and optimization of RF mode converters and high-speed transmission lines up to 40 GHz - Development of a multi-standard multi-band MIMO antenna for industrial computers (WLAN, WiMAX, UMTS) - Development of RFID antennas and measurement concepts for metering systems - Development of a GPS/Iridium antenna module with an integrated LNA and RF switch (1.5 GHz) - Development of a power divider for GPS applications (1.5 GHz) - Investigations of an active RFID identification system for security applications (active transponder at 868 MHz) - Investigations of LPR antenna arrays for local positioning systems (5.8 GHz) - Development of a novel antenna design for LPR systems (5.8 GHz) - Development of a high-power microwave systems for professional cooking appliances (ISM 2.4 GHz) - Development of a multi-band GSM antenna for a mobile phone project - Development of a Bluetooth antenna for a mobile phone project - Development of dual-polarized multi-band base station antennas (GSM, UMTS) - Investigations of a new antenna technology based on dielectric resonators (GSM, WLAN, WiMAX, UMTS) - Investigations and development of ultra-wide band multi-mode automotive antennas (GSM, WLAN, WiMAX, UMTS, GPS, SIRIUS) - Development of an ACC radar antenna array (24 GHz) for automotive applications - Investigation of a radom for an airborne antenna - Development of high gain planar patch antennas for airborne communication applications (14.85 GHz) - Development of an antenna system for the TerraSAR-X satellite calibrator (X-Band) - Investigations of multi-band indoor base station antennas (GSM, UMTS, WLAN) - Development of multi-band (GSM, WLAN) access point antennas for communication in airplanes - Development of circularly polarized patch antenna arrays (GPS, GLONASS) for applications on trains
Scientific Publications: S. Sevskiy, D. Löffler, and W. Wiesbeck, “Low Cost Base Station Antenna Covering UMTS, DCS1800 and DECT Frequency Bands”, 11th Conference and Exhibition on Microwaves, Radio Communication and Electromagnetic Compatibility, pp. 154-157, Stuttgart, Germany, May 2001. S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, “Air-Filled Stacked-Patch Antenna”, International ITG-Conference on Antennas, ITG-Fachbericht 178, pp. 53-56, Berlin, Germany, September 2003. S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, “Broadband Dual-Polarized Stacked-Patch Antenna with a High Port Decoupling and DC-Grounded Patches”, 6th European Conference on Wireless Technology, Conference Proceedings, pp. 85-88, Munich, Germany, October 2003. S. Sevskiy, M. Brzeska, and W. Wiesbeck, “Multi-Band Dipole Array for WLAN Access Points”, Joint COST 273/284 Workshop on Antennas and Related System Aspects in Wireless Communications, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2004. S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, “Multi-Band Antennas for WLAN Access Points”, Seminar on Radio Techniques and Technologies for Commercial Communication and Sensing Applications, Berlin, Germany, October 2004. S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, “Ultra-Broadband Bidirectional Log-Per Dipole Arrays”, 11th International Symposium on Antenna Technology and Applied Electromagnetics, Saint-Malo, France, June 2005. S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, “Ultra-Broadband Omnidirectional Printed Dipole Arrays”, 2005 IEEE AP-S International Symposium and USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting, Washington DC, USA, July 2005. S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, “New Class of Multi-Band and Ultra-Wideband Printed Dipole Antennas”, IEE Seminar on Wideband and Multi-Band Antennas and Arrays, pp. 60-63, Birmingham, UK, September, 2005. S. Sevskiy, “Multidirektionale logarithmisch-periodische Indoor-Basisstationsantennen”, Forschungsberichte aus dem Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik und Elektronik der Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Band 45, 2006. S. Sevskiy, M. Pauli, T. Kayser, M. Beringer, and W. Wiesbeck, “Multi-directional broadband planar dipole arrays,” in Mediterranean Microwave Symposium 2007, CD-ROM, Budapest, Hungary, May 2007. M. Brzeska, S. Sevskiy, and W. Wiesbeck, “Ultra-Wideband and Multi-Band Antennas for Wireless Communications”, 55th International Astronautical Congress, Vancouver, Canada, 2004. V. Gozhenko, W. Puffer, D. Ritter, A. Przadka, „High Performance WCDMA1900 Combined LTCC/SAW/BAW Duplexer for Mobile Phones“ / European Microwave Conference 2008, 29 October 2008, Amsterdam. V. Gozhenko, A. Przadka, P. Hagn, „Multilayer LTCC Bandpass Filter Design“ / EuMC 2007, 10 October 2007, Munich.

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