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Daniel Østvand

Full Time Freelance BI Consultant (Back-/Frontend Development and Business Needs Clarification)

Profileimage by Daniel stvand Full Time Freelance BI Consultant (Back-/Frontend Development and Business Needs Clarification) from Berlin
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  • Graduation: Master of Science in International Business Economics at Aalborg University
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 85 €/hour 700 €/day
    Verhandelbar für remote-projekte. Kann je nach Projektumfang variieren
  • Languages: Danish (Native or Bilingual) | German (Limited professional) | English (Full Professional)
  • Last update: 25.03.2020
Profileimage by Daniel stvand Full Time Freelance BI Consultant (Back-/Frontend Development and Business Needs Clarification) from Berlin
CV - Daniel Østvand

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Business minded and process orientered BI Developer working with frontend and backend development but also project management in smaller and larger projects.
Given my own background as Master of International Business Economics from Aalborg University, I always focus on the need of the business users when developing. Sometimes that means fast and agile development and sometimes maturing solutions with best practice development and processes is the answer.

I have experience in many sectors/areas not limited to Retail, Pharma, Sales (New business and customer care), Educational Institutions, BI Consultancy, Utility Companies...

My technical strengths are within the MS BI Stack,
- SQL Server
- SSAS (primarily tabular models)
- Frontend tools (primarily PowerBI and Excel)

However in the last couple of years I have also worked with,
- GoogleBigQuery
- PowerApps
- Tableau
- TARGIT Decision Suite
- Azure

Most important is the interest in always learning about new technologies and business processes in order to improve business decision making and performance. My philosophy is that you can always learn something new.

Microsoft BI
The Consultant attended courses in the Microsoft BI Stack and has primarily (but not only) been working with these or tools based on Microsoft technology in different areas as outlined later.

Business Consultant
The Consultant has a strong business understanding and is motivated, not only by building the solutions, but also clarifying needs and wishes within the organization as well as implementation.

Project Management
The consultant has on several occasions participated or been the main resource in the management of primarily his own projects. This range from estimating to following up on activities within and outside his working area as well as implementation.

Logic Intelligence
The consultant has a high logic intelligence and has previously completed the Mensa admission test. This logic helps the consultant to understand complex situations and technology at a fast rate even though he does not hold a technical degree from University.
  • 11/2017 - 08/2019

    • Aller Media A/S
  • BI Developer
  • Client: Aller Media A/S Role: BI Developer with the main responsibility of Retail BI backend and frontend Description: The job role includes maintaining existing BI solutions and building new ones depending on the needs. This includes backend and frontend from source to end user. That is designing and building data models and ETL processes (BIML and manually) but also the tabular model used by the end users. Main tools used are Visual Studio 2015, MS SQL Server 2016, SSIS, DAX Studio, PowerBI, Excel 365 and coding in T-SQL and DAX.

  • 12/2016 - 10/2017

    • Sandoz
  • BI Consultant (Development & Business Needs Clarification)
  • Description: At Sandoz the consultant worked closely with a Senior BI professional on developing a complete PowerBI solution for the Sales & Marketing organization. Sales- and CRM data sources were aligned and integrated in Power Query. Visualizations for reporting and analysis purposes were build on top of that in the PowerBI Frontend. The consultant was responsible for clarifying needs and integrating the sales data of the solution which originated from 4 different Nordic countries.

  • 05/2016 - 10/2017

    • Takeda AB
  • BI Consultant (Development, Business Needs Clarification & Project Management)
  • Description: The consultant contributed in building and supporting a complete data warehouse consisting of sales data and user specific mappings using MS SQL Server 2014 and Visual Studio 2015. These data were decisive for follow ups in the Takeda sales- and marketing organisation where up to 10 people followed up on company performance in the market. The consultant also contributed in building and maintaining the Tableau front end solution as well as coordinating tasks.

  • 05/2016 - 11/2016

    • Sundhedsdatastyrelsen
  • Business Consultant (Supporting Existing Solution and Business Needs Clarification)
  • Description: The consultant took over the project and supported the solution for 6 months. This included troubleshooting the multidimensional cube, the data warehouse and setup behind it. Furthermore, the consultant participated in meetings with the client clarifying further development needs of the data model to counter new legislative requirements.

  • 12/2013 - 04/2016

    • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Lead Prophix Developer and Supporter (technical and business)
  • Description: The consultant was responsibility for the daily development and operation of the budgeting and planning system, Prophix for SQL Server (CPM System) at CBS used by more than 150 employees. The system was used heavily as an internal payment system between institutes and study programmes but also supported payment of external teachers and general quarterly budgeting purposes. Besides developing new business models with the budgeting department, the consultant educated (super) users in the system. Furthermore, the consultant documented the existing system and its integrations (databases, cubes, processes, SSIS-packages etc.) The consultant was also the main lead in upgrading to a newer Prophix and server setup. This involved massive coordination between end-users, the budgeting- and IT department as well as external consultancy services. The consultant was also main responsible of migrating existing Prophix templates and reports to the new setup and making sure it was ready for the switch over. In the role as lead Prophix resource, the consultant participated in a thorough educational programme at Prophix but also touched base with SSIS, Visual Studio 2012, MDX and T- SQL.

  • 03/2014 - 05/2014

    • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Lead TARGIT resource
  • Description: The consultant was the main coordinator of the upgrade and renewal of the TARGIT solution used at CBS for analysis and reporting. This included coordination between endusers, the IT department and central administrative departments. Also, the consultant was central in the migration process of the vast number of reports build up in TARGIT.

  • 09/2012 - 11/2013

    • TARGIT A/S
  • Partner Account Manager
  • Description: The consultant worked as a Partner Account Manager in the sales department with presales and having sales meeting with the Chief staff of potential customers both in the private and public sector. This included maturing markets (water-, wastewater-, electricity- etc.) of different supply companies through sales partners but also directly with potential customers. As part of the ongoing sales, the consultant was equipped with a fully TARGIT understanding through the courses offered inhouse.