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Microsoft BI Consultant / Self-Service BI Expert & Data Analyst/Scientist

Profileimage by Fatih Gunes Microsoft BI Consultant / Self-Service BI Expert & Data Analyst/Scientist from Siegburg
  • 53721 Siegburg Freelancer in
  • Graduation: Master of Sceince in Computer Sceince
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 75 €/hour 600 €/day
  • Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Limited professional) | Turkish (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 04.01.2020
Profileimage by Fatih Gunes Microsoft BI Consultant / Self-Service BI Expert & Data Analyst/Scientist from Siegburg
CV - Fatih Gunes

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Bachelor of Sceince – Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart - Applied Mathematics
Master of Sceince - Beykent University - Istanbul-  Computer Sceince
PHD - Istanbul Commerce University - Computer Sceince - Data Analytics in Transportation System and Predictive Traffic Flow Studies
Know-How - Fortgeschrittene Skills

- Power BI Desktop
- Power BI Services
- KPI-Entwicklung
- SSAS Tabular
- Azure Analysis Services
- Power Query
- MS Excel
- Dashboard Design
- BI-Architektur
- Prozessanalyse
- DWH-Entwicklung
- Azure SQL Database
- Azure Data Factory
- Azure Machine Learning
- MS SQL Server 2017 ( SSIS/SSRS)
- Data Science ( Text Mining, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Cluster Algorithmen)
- M
- R
- Python

- Projektmanagement
- DMS und WF Management Systeme
- Prozess Analyse
- Anforderungsaufnahme
- Kennzahlenanalyse


Database, ETL, IBM Cyplex Optimization Studio, SSIS, Knime, Weka, SPSS, Machine Learning, OLAP, PowerBI, Microsoft SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, MS SQL Server, Data Analytics, Apache Spark, Scala, Phyton, R, C#, Java, Big Data, Cloudera, Kafka, Flume, Kibana, Spark, relational, databases, SQL, DAX, MDX, Studio, release management, data ingestion, Data Mining, ASP.Net, eBA Workflow Studio, algorithms, Analytics, data quality, data objects, MySQL, Exasol, Redis, ElasticSearch, data warehouse, OLTP, SQL Server, stored procedures, SQL queries, reporting tools, MSSQL, MS SSRS reports, SQL Agent job, Web Interface, software architecture, Blockchain, Hyperledger, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media, Twitter, Power BI, real time data, IT audit, Cobit, Regression
  • 09/2017 - 01/2020

    • Data Sceintist; DivIT System
  • Software Development Leader
  • Duties
    * Collaborate with Product, Engineering, QA and Release teams to manage integration,

    regression, and user acceptance testing, release management, and deployment in support of

    successful outcomes on time and in budget.
    * Responsible for identifying key resources and providing the direction required for meeting the

    project objectives.
    * Defines the architecture and design of data ingestion and ETL / ELT processing to meet

    functional and non-functional requirements and objectives

    * Orchestrate and manage a cross-functional team of mobile app developers, server and hardware
    teams, designers, product managers and QA to deliver the project on time

    * Extracts source data from multiple sources. Designs, develops, and supports new and existing
    ETL processes

    * Using Data Mining and Microsoft BI Tools to discover information hidden within large datasets

    * Project-based web development (ASP.Net, Java, Phyton etc.)

    * Development and Implementation of a Clinical and Business Intelligence System

    * Process Modelling and Developing with eBA Workflow Studio
    * Coordinate with developers in transferring new algorithms to production

    * Data Analytics with Apache Spark, languages with Scala, Phyton and R

  • 01/2015 - 08/2017

    • Istanbul Commerce University
  • Researcher Tubitak Project
  • Duties
    * Study on academical articles about analytical use cases on traffic optimization problems

    * Write articles, survey papers

    * Responsible - development of Product Life Cycle Managements
    * Define and document data quality rules, approval processes, availability rules, and exception

    * Perform manual cleansing processes where control gaps may exist

    * Perform data validation testing and periodic audit for data quality

    * Ensure documentation is complete and current for responsible data objects
    * Drive improvements in processes for more effective controls of data objects

  • 07/2012 - 01/2015

    • Teknopark Istanbul, Venero Technology
  • Data Architect
  • Leading a small BI team on a variety of development database projects and delivering
    solutions to meet and exceed clients' briefs.

    * Build high available and scalable data infrastructure

    * Manage data jobs with various data platforms such as MySQL, Exasol, Redis, and

    * Data enrichment and manipulation of streaming data, Build infrastructure to support real-time
    or offline data pipelines

    * Contribute to development and maintenance of data warehouse, ETL processes, OLAP and

    OLTP system, Develop and optimize queries
    * Performing advanced report development utilizing SQL Server Reporting Services

    * Create complex queries, stored procedures, functions, jobs and triggers for performing
    database operations in an efficient manner

  • 07/2011 - 07/2012

    • Creditreform AG
  • Database Engineer
  • Duties

    * Develop and maintain complex SQL queries and reports
    * Develop and maintain database stored procedures and functions
    * Experience with SSIS, SSAS and SSRS or other ETL and reporting tools with MSSQL

    Server 2012
    * Design and perform Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes data activities via

    Import/Export wizards

    * Create and maintain reports using MS SSRS reports and SQL queries
    * Maintain and troubleshoot SQL Agent job configuration and stored procedures

    * Works with Senior Database Administrator to manage multi-server SQL Server
    environment with multiple instances.

  • 01/2011 - 06/2011

    • Software-Developer
  • Trainee
  • Duties

    * Software-Developer ASP.Net

    * Further development of the Web Interface App

    * Cooperation in the development of the core product and the software architecture

    Some Experiences & Projects

    * ISBAK Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies - Optimize Traffic flow, route and signals at
    Signalized Intersections

    * Netaş - Blockchain Based Supply Chain Management System with Hyperledger Fabric
    * Turk Telekom - Sentiment Analysis of Social Media - Twitter Data with R & PowerBI

    * Bimser Çözüm - Predictive Maintenance with R & SQL Server Services

    * Migros - Customer Behavior and profile Analysis Using Data Mining and Statistical Methods
    * Venero Technology - Building Real-time monitoring and processing with Power BI.

    * Venero Technology - Create a data warehouse for sales and production cost analysis

    * Venero Technology - Create OLAP cubes for supplier comparison analysis

    * Yurtiçi Logistics- Creating Reporting Dashboards with real time data processing
    * PWC - IT audit in accordance with Cobit standard

    * Creditreform AG - Fraud Detection on Financial Statements Using Data Mining

    * Creditreform AG - Creating Credit Score Optimization Model Using Optimization

    Techniques and Multilineal Regression Models
    * AdaTıp Hastaneleri - Data collection, processing and reporting with PowerBI

    * Baden Württemberg Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung - The contribution of

    foreign enterprises to the local economy

Ich bin deutschlandweit und im Raum Baden - Würtemberg, Nord-Rhein Westfalen und Bayern bevorzugt unterwegs