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  • Graduation: ACCA (Auditing) & BBA Honors (Accounting & Finance)
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 15 $/hour 120 $/day
  • Languages: English (Limited professional)
  • Last update: 11.08.2016
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Senior Accountant who adapts seamlessly to constantly evolving accounting processes and technology. Capable of handling all the related tasks and aspects of accounting up to finalization of accounts and drafting complete financial statements for diverse industries with knowledge of IFRS. Adept at financial reporting, cash flow statements and financial analysis. Effective in managing strict deadlines and schedules with a positive, can do attitude. Highly efficient in analyzing business processes and implementing new accounting systems or rectifying an existing running accounting system.
Management Accountant specializing in the preparation of budgets, forecasting, variance analysis, projections, feasibility studies, investment appraisals, performance measurement, financial management and costing systems. Knowledgeable in working capital management including debtors, creditors, cash and stock systems. Capable of analyzing and making financial decisions.
Flexible Auditor skilled both in external audit and internal review. Well versed in planning, identifying risks and weaknesses inherent to a system and reporting to management along with suggestions relating to their control together with techniques of improving those processes and monitoring them. Attention to detail in analyzing internal controls relating to business cycles and items of the balance sheet and other related business processes.
Extensive knowledge about accounting softwares and processes. Quick in learning softwares and proficient in using Oracle. Quick Books, Auto WMS, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point and MS Outlook.

  • Financial accounting/reporting
  • IFRS, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
  • Financial analysis/review
  • Cash flow statements
  • Inventory counts & stock valuations
  • Internal/External Audit & Assurance
  • Systems rectification & implementation
  • Administration
  • Document Controlling
  • Cost/Management accounting
  • Performance/Financial management
  • Preparing Budgets
  • Variance analysis & reporting
  • Forecasting & Projections
  • Feasibility study
  • Investment decisions
  • Oracle, Quick Books, Auto WMS
  • MS Word,  Excel, Power Point, Outlook

Financial Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Successfully managed to reconcile two whole financial years and entered the data into the accounting software and drafted the financial statements and reports by the end to second financial year within a period of nine months and liaised with the external auditors for their review and presentation to tax authorities.
  • Resolved discrepancies of a running oracle based accounting software for issues relating to erroneous chart of accounts with wrong account heads opened and incorrect entries passed into those accounts and successfully overcame the inability to derive financial statements and reports through the accounting software.
  • Liaised with the programmers of software house to accurately communicate and make them understand the needs of the business in relation to the different accounting modules to be incorporated properly into the customized accounting software and performed test runs before successful implementation of the software.
  • Streamlined the daily tasks and aspects relating to accounting activities in connection to petty cash, bank, sales, purchases, receivables, payables, stocks, salaries, utilities, bank reconciliations, working capital and journal ledger.
Management Accounting and Financial Management
  • Researched and conducted a feasibility study for an investment project of setting up a new paper mill. Documented all the setup costs and startup expenses and presented my reports to the management to facilitate them to take a correct decision in relation to deploying their finances effectively.
  • Studied the project schedule and consulted the relevant team members to obtain accurate information relating to timing of events and costs to be incurred and prepared the static budget for the project. Monitored the variances and reported to management for corrective actions and incorporated them in the rolling budget accordingly.
  • Proposed to management about the introduction of standard costs so as to monitor wastage and inefficiencies in production. Reported back to management on the variances occurring in the system and devoted their attention on how to reduce the wastage of material and increase efficiency in production.
Review, Audit and Assurance Services
  • Within three months of joining as a trainee in a Chartered Accountancy firm, delivered my first independently audited financial statements to the audit partner and thereon started supervising audits.
  • Received a letter of Appreciation from Sarwars Chartered Accountants in June 2004 for successfully identifying a fraudulent scenario of teaming and lading during an exercise of internal audit at a client.
  • Supervised statutory audits, internal reviews, appraisal and preparation of financial statements and reports for numerous industries including manufacturing, production, automobiles, electronics, home appliances, textiles, paper, retail & whole sale etc.
  • Identified numerous potential threats to a business\'s accounting and operational processes and proposed internal controls along with objectives of those controls coupled with techniques to monitor those tests of controls.

Senior Accountant                                                                                                           10/2015 to 06/2016
Kunio Auto LLC / G-Tech & Wetless Car Polishing LLC                              Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Successfully maintained, finalized and performed monthly closing of accounts for a small group of three companies.
  • Without any prior experience or training, learned and restructured Auto WMS (Oracle Based) without affecting the affairs of the running business along with QuickBooks and Zoho Invoicing.
  • Collected cash and banked it on a daily basis. Dealt all the affairs relating to banks including issuing of cheques, deposits, withdrawals, credit card terminal transactions and bank reconciliations.
  • Managed debtors and creditors. Issued cheques to suppliers according to the credit period taken and sent statement of accounts to customers along with reminder emails and followed up by submitting receivable\'s statement in customer required formats.
  • Streamlined the process of utility bills by extracting bills online for early recording in the software and prompt settlement. Prepared salary details and paid the employees by depositing the money in exchanges.
  • Delivered to the management on monthly basis the profit & loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, break-even analysis and annual cash budget.
  • Conducted the internal audit of the accounting system and processes of the business and identified the risks and weaknesses and developed a system of internal controls and implemented it.
Site Administrator                                                                                                            12/2012 to 06/2013
Deutsche Babcock LLC                                                                       Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Administered labor attendances and timings along with all the needs of the site relating to meals, accommodation, conveyance and offices. Arranged, received and maintained documentation of rented machinery, equipment and other facilities to be used on the site.
  • Forwarded requests and maintained petty cash for the project. Settled the suppliers and purchased items according to project\'s needs and filled the petty cash expense sheet and submitted to the accounts department at the head office.
  • Coordinated with the project manager, site manager, engineering department, EHS department and other personnel related to the project and expedited the process of document controlling by compiling and submitting documents to and from the client.
  • ?Checked and uploaded documents to client server (EMAL). Downloaded documents from client server and distributed to relevant departments and maintained the record of documents on local shared drive for internal use.
  • Corresponded with vendors and maintained the record of correspondence. Maintained a vendor data list as per the requirement of project and also maintained a log book of all documents sent and received throughout the project.
Project Accountant                                                                                                                    04/2011 to 10/2012
UNI Build Associates                                                                                                                       Lahore, Pakistan
  • Created project accounts in oracle based accounting software. Prepared and analyzed monthly profit & loss account and performed balance sheet account reconciliations.
  • Supervised other staff members in maintaining project-related record, including contract documents, change orders, contract modifications, billing to client, approvals, time sheets and details of expenses, supplier and consultancy invoices.
  • Reviewed and approved all project-related billings, supplier invoices, time sheets, overhead charges and account totals related to project assets and expenses.
  • Assessed and communicated to management any opportunities for maximization of client billing either resulting from fluctuations in prices or as a result of additional works arising at the site. 
  • Investigated all project expenses not billed to client. Conferred with other staff members regarding unpaid contract billings and resolved any issues to optimize the billing process for the period.
  • Worked with other team members and reconciled different areas of the project to investigate the variances occurring in each area and analyzed the data and submitted reports to management.
  • Prepared static budget for the project according to the contract and initial documents. Maintained a rolling budget as per the variations and changes occurring to the project and reported to management regarding the remaining funding available.
  • Closed out all project accounts upon the successful completion of the project and deposited all the record to the main office for reference purposes.
Senior Accountant                                                                                                          01/2006 to 03/2011
Sayid Paper Mills Private Ltd                                                                                             Lahore, Pakistan
  • Supervised a team of four staff members for manual record keeping in relation to sales, purchases, cash and bank. Checked for the accuracy of record and appropriateness of documentation and filing for both external audit and sales tax purposes.
  • Reviewed and reconciled all the entries made into the DOS and Oracle based computerized accounting softwares to the relevant documentation by rectifying any incorrect entries and posting the amounts that had been missed out.
  • Finalized the whole set of accounts by closing the income, expense and LC accounts and by passing journal entries all by myself to draw up a trial balance.
  • Drafted complete financial statements including profit and loss, balance sheet, notes to the accounts and cashflow statements according to IFRS for external audit and income tax purposes.
  • ?Liaised with the team of external auditors after the year end and got the audit done in time and filed the income tax returns annually.
  • Guided the software programmers in developing and implementing a new oracle based software. Provided them with a new chart of accounts and educated them on the requirements of the business owing to its flow of processes and transactions.
  • Addressed the management on incorrect accounting treatment of raw material consumed for production. Worked with management to document and offset unusual material variances in production.
  • Engaged in research work to document all the related costs and expenses of starting up a new paper mill. Drafted the feasibility report and presented senior management to facilitate them in the decision making process.
Audit Supervisor                                                                                                              12/2003 to 07/2005
Sarwars Chartered Accountants                                                                                     Lahore, Pakistan
  • Accommodated various inexperienced clients with bookkeeping to maintain proper accounting record for submission to income tax and sales tax authorities.
  • Appraised financial information and drafted financial statements and reports including statements of financial position, statement of comprehensive income, statement of changes in equity, statement of cash flows and notes to the accounts for numerous clients relating to different industries.
  • Assisted the audit partners on various occasions with special reporting tasks including financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, projections, feasibility studies, investment appraisals and others.
  • Supervised & conducted statutory external audits. Planned and executed operational and balance sheet audits of various business areas using risk-based audit methodology.
  • Provided consultancy for internal audits to various clients. Tested the design and effectiveness of internal controls by completing walk-throughs of complex business processes and verified the adequacy and accuracy of documentation.
  • Verified that company controls were in compliance with established policies by auditing stores and warehouses. Applied cutoffs and conducted stock counts and calculated the value of closing stocks for accounting purposes.
  • Educated junior team members on the above mentioned areas of financial accounting and reporting along with auditing techniques for different industries including electronics, home appliances, manufacturing, assembling, distribution, freight, wholesale, retail, automobiles, textiles and others.

ACCA (Part Qualified): Auditing                                                                                                           2007
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants                                        Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Foundation Stage
  • Certificate Stage

BBA Honors: Accounting/Finance                                                                                                                    2008
University of Central Punjab                                                                                              Lahore, Pakistan
A’Levels                                                                                                                                                      1997
Islamia English School                                                                            Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
O’Levels                                                                                                                                                     1995
Islamia English School                                                                            Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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