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  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 100 €/day
    Negotiable depending on duration.
  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 25.08.2016
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Published apps:

\"Vamos Comprar\" (\"Let´s go shopping\") - a personal assistant for buying clothes, directed to Brazilians that use to shop at \"malls\" in the USA.

It´s written in Brazilian Portuguese, for a while.
It is a proof of concept for designer candidates and potential angel investors.
Developed in Xamarin.Forms with VisualStudio Community.
Published as alpha test in the Google Play Store, as net.marlon.vamoscomprar

  • English-Portuguese dictionary for Shoes, Heels and Handbags
  • Contacts list with their clothes sizes and mesasures
  • Sizes of clothes and shoes (Brazil, USA and Europe)
  • To do list and Notes
  • Conversion of units (volume, weight, length, etc.)
  • Currency conversion (consumes JSON from

ConversorX - Unit converter (temperature, pressure, speed, cartesian x polar coordinates. exchange rates etc.)

Developed for Android in Java with Android Studio
Published in the Google Play Store, as net.marlon.conversorx

Tech highlights:
  • IAP (InAppPurchase) for Premium version
  • Firebase AdMob.
  • Crashlytics and Answers

Currently working for a Veterinary Lab.
I have a long career in IT, starting as programmer in the 80´s, then network admin, information security consultant and now getting prepared in the last year to assume my passion: solving real world problems through mobile devices and their applications.

I've been working for different kind of companies, from banks to consulting firms like Unisys and IBM in Brazil.

This diversity of experience is very rich for me, because I have facility to deal with different IT professionals - from programmers to SysAdmins , project managers to auditors, Operations personnel to CIOs.

I´m working hard to gain experience in Xamarin, Android and iOS dev, and applying for Portuguese citizenship (I'm Brazilian, half Portuguese) and also considering  "D2" VISA (for entrepreneurs and "independent professionals").

I'm single, 54 years old - a young for a longer time than average - ex-wife and stepson in France, love travel, surfing and classical music (I'm a frustrated pianist). 

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